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  • Get well card?

    A friend is getting her wisdom teeth taken out, and I want to send her some flowers, because I know she'll be upset that she can't leave the house, and possibly in pain. What should I write on the card? It will be a get well card, but I don't know what to say.

    I don't want it to be overly dramatic, neither do I want something simple, I just want something that makes her smile and feel appreciated.Maybe something witty that'll make her laugh?

    Im at a loss as what to write, any help would be appreciated.


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  • Best song to play?

    Whats a very vulgar or violent song to play, has to be loud too?

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  • Suspension question?

    Hi, my car, 1994 honda accord, has a few worn suspension components. I already know im replacing the tie end rods, and sway bar linkage, but is there anything that generally wears over time that I should replace while its apart?

    Car has 136k miles on it, and also with the car jacked up, I can wiggle the front tires a bit, what causes that?


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  • Can zoro beat luffy? (for those who have watched the CP9 arc)?

    Can zoro beat luffy? I think he can, we havent really seen what zoro could do, but my reasoning is kaku was no match for asura, so zoro has to be a lot stronger than kaku, probally closer to luffys level.

    When he was using asura, he was able to block kakus strongest attack, and attack kaku so fast he couldnt react. Versus gear 2nd, he could probally keep up with luffy, and in gear 3rd, he could probally slide luffy, even though luffy is as strong as steel in that form.

    And from what we've seen from asura, it increases his strenght, presumably triples it, and his speed is increased. He only used it for maybe 10 seconds, but theres no telling if he could have gone longer, because he beat kaku in those 10 seconds, no reason to use it longer than you need to, right?

    What are your opinions? I think zoro could beat him once he gets a 3rd sword again, but I think a lot of people will root for luffy.

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  • Do I need to see the first three diehards before I see the new one?

    Hi, just as my question says, do I need to see the first three to know what is going on in the 4th one?

    And also how good was it?


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  • Nail regrowing hurts?

    Hi, a while ago I had my big toe nail removed by a doctor. It's growing back nice and fine, and infact it's almost all the way grown back, but it's starting to really hurt the past few days! Is this normal for a regrowing nail? Not really like a sharp pain, more like a discomfort if I put pressure anywhere on my toe.

    It looks fine, its not infected or anything, but is it redigging into my skin, or is discomfort normal? Reason I had it removed was for an ingrown toenail.


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  • Startup problem?

    Hi, my car is a 94 honda accord LX with 135,000 miles on it. I just bought this car, and i've noticed first thing in the morning, when I start the car up, it starts 3 cranks, the idle shoots up to around 800, but then it dies down and goes down to around 300, then goes back up and steadies itself. It starts 100% ok for the rest of the day.

    Basically it starts normal but for the first second it acts as if it wants to die. I have only had this car for a week, so I dont know its history. I tried leaving the key in the "on" position without turning the car on for a minute, but when I turned it on it didnt help, so does that rule out the fuel system not pressurising? Im thinking maybe a clogged fuel filter?


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  • Accident question?

    I just hit a curb very hard with my car, 94 corolla, and im talking HARD, got cut off on a highway ramp and hit the curb sideways at about 50mph. Both wheels are bent on the left side of my car, tires shredded ect.

    The back one looks OK, but the front wheel was definetly bent in and hard, positive camber. Cars definetly not drivable right now, but I managed to limp it into a parking lot nearby. I know for sure I need to replace the entire hub assembly, left front axle too probally. Body was never touched, engine is fine (except the windshield washer tank was knocked loose, from the shock im sure).

    Im just trying to give you a picture, I need to know could there be any additional damage im missing? Right now I know im going to be replacing quite a few things. ANY advice or suggestions would be appreciated, however simple (hopefully not stupid). I have a few mechanic buddies and I can do plenty, so if nothing too expencive pops up, i'll replace all the parts and have it aligned.

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  • Does anyone know the yellow light formula?

    I just got a ticket for running a red light. At least that's what the cop said, I definetly entered yellow, but he probally saw me in the intersection as it was red. I timed the light, it's 3 seconds from yellow to red.

    It's a left turn, 50mph zone, big intersection, 3 lanes,3 seconds seems short. So do you have any links that will point me in the right direction or a formla for it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Check it and see...?

    whats my fever at?

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  • Do your friends ever short change you?

    You ever get short changed by your friends? Like if you go to get coffee or food for everybody, you tell them theirs came out to $3.25, and they only give you $3, and they get upset when you call them out on the 25 cents.

    Just wondering if anyone else has to experience this type of stuff on a weekly basis like I do? Any solutions or something you can say to them besides the standard "you still owe me $$$"? I usually get called stingy or cheap, even tho I went out of my way.

    If someone is getting food for me, I usually just round off whatever I owe them to the dollar, since they are doing me a favor.

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  • Question about dell and vista?

    Ok, im asking again because im not sure the other group of answerers understood my question fully.

    I just ordered an inspiron e1705 laptop from dell, with windows vista home premium. I understand it comes with the vista reinstall disk.

    Now my question is, if I were to swap out the hard drive that came with the system for a new one off of newegg, can I install vista onto that new hard drive? Same computer registered for vista, just a different hard drive.

    Some people say there are hidden partitions on the hard drive that enable the reinstall disk to work only on that system, don't know if that's true or not.

    Also don't hold back answers, im not a novice to computers, just to dell. If it was possible to buy a laptop shell and build one yourself, i'd be doing that instead.

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  • Question about dell vista?

    Just ordered a dell inspiron e1705 last night, comes with vista premium, and 80 gig 5400 rpm drive. I planned on buying more memory and a new hard drive elsewhere, as it'd be cheaper and i'd have spare parts. Ordered a 7200rpm 100 gig drive.

    My question is, can you transfer a OS over from one hard drive to another on these computers?

    Also, does it come with a vista disk? Or do I have to call them and ask for it seperatly? I'm 100% positive it doesn't ask anywhere when configuring it if I want one included.

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  • Can I swap a 5400 for a 7200 on an HP dv6000t?

    It doesn't list a 7200 rpm drive as an option, so i'd like to switch it out Can this be done? SATA interface. Is it a good idea? Between vista and 2 gigs of memory I doubt a faster hard drive will make the system overheat.

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  • Do laptops get any better than this?

    Windows XP media center, free upgrade to vista ---1.83 ghz core 2 duo processor --- 2048 mb of DDR2 ram 667 ----- TV tuner card and remote ----- 80 gig 5400 HD ---- 256 mb gefore go 7400 video card ---- 15.4 widescreen WXGA 1280x800 ---- DVD/CD burner ----

    All for a mere $1,265 from HP. Is there anything faster with the same price?? This is the best i've seen so far, and also can I switch the HD out if I want a 7200rpm drive, I have no experience with laptops but plenty with PCs

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  • What is the heaviest todd rundgren song you know?

    Heard him the other day, not my favorite artist, but the song was pretty heavy for him, and had a lot of guitar.

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  • Radiator question?

    In my car the radiator hose that runs from the engine to the radiator(upper), is very hot and flows with coolant. The hose that runs from the radiator to the engine (lower) is actually cold to the touch. I can feel coolant flowing through the upper one, that is when the engine is hot, but not through the lower one. However, when the engine is off and I squeeze on either hose the other one inflates , so I can assume the passage is clear.

    My car runs fine, the temperature gauge reads in the middle after warming up, and stays there. I was just wondering because the other day my engine felt HOT, temperature read the same, but it was just plain hot to the touch, like even the oil cap was too hot for me to touch. I was running it for several hours before that, however.

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  • Anything to know for for negotiating a lease?

    I'm going with my mom today to buy her leased car at the dealership. She had a 3 year lease on a 2003 toyota camry that's coming to an end, and she's going to buy/finance it. Anything I need to know? Or is it straightforward? My dad told her to get gap insurance if they offer that, but I think it's a waste. Car is going to cost her around $9000 to buy, and it's worth something ridiculous like $14,000 KBB.

    Basically all she's going there to do is work out how many months she wants to pay and her APR, right? Or is there something im missing?

    Thank you

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  • Does a clutch need freeplay?

    My dad just adjusted his clutch, 94 toyota corolla, hydraulic clutch. He set it so as soon as you press the pedal it makes contact immediately. I always thought you need a little freeplay, because in the manual it says freeplay should be within something like 1/4th of an inch and 3/4 of an inch?

    Can anyone clear this up for me?

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  • How do you repressurize the clutch after draining the fluid?

    My dad drained the clutch fluid on my sisters 5-speed 1994 toyota corolla DX today. He had trouble draining it, but eventually got it all out. Only problem is he's feeding it back through the line he drained it from, filled the master cylinder, but cant figure out how to pressurize it.

    The clutch pedal travels to the floor with no resistance, anybody know how to put the pressure back in correctly?

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