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  • Could I be pregnant ?

    I just had a stillborn baby on October 1st. My boyfriend and I had sex a week after giving birth and at least twice a week since then. And now I'm feel sick like I did while pregnant and I've barley been bleeding at all. I don't know when to take a test or if I should just wait for my six week postpartum appointment

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  • What are my chances of being pregnant?

    I'm 20, I've always had an irregular period. I've been on birth control (the pill) for five months but not as consistently as they said to. My boyfriend has a daughter already, and we have sex everyday at least 2 times a day and at least 3 days during my period...

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  • Is it possible to start a college?

    In the movie accepted, they started their own college. Could someone really do this like they did, or possibly something similar like an online college.

    I realize that its just a movie but Im just curious.

    By some chance if it is possible how would some go about doing it.?

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  • How long should I wait till I take a pregnancy test?

    Me and my boyfriend have sex nearly everday, sometimes twice a day. I don't take birth control because we both agreed that its not good to put extra chemicals in your body that aren't 100% needed. And we don't use condoms either. The only birth controll method we use is the pull out method, and sometimes we don't even both to pull out.

    I have never had a regular period and the past few months I have been getting in the beginning of the month, and where from the 2-8 and so far I have not got it. Although my period is not regular the only part of it that is the same everytime it the terrible cramps week before the period.

    We moved about 3-4 weeks ago and my last period was ended in the middle of the first week in the new house. And the past week or so I've been having more headaches, nausea, and much more sleepy, and I've been having more orgasams and been more horny.

    So could someone please help me. Does it sound like Im pregnant and need a test or should I wait longer to see if I get it?

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  • How can I get pregnant?

    I was wonder how easy is it to get pregnant, I've never been on birth control, we don't use condoms the only birth control we use is the pull out method, which I hear is not very effective. We have sex nearly everyday, and he finishes in me at least 3 times a month. And yesterday we did it 3 times. I'm just wondering if we keep this up how long before we notice, because now nothing has changed and we've been doing this for 6-7 months.

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  • How do I know if I'm clingy?

    I was told to be careful not to be clingy, but what is the difference between caring, loving, and being clingy?

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  • What does it mean if someone says they love you enough?

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now and tonight he I was sitting on his lap, being silly and playing and I said 'I love you' he said he loves me too. Then I gave him an eskimo kiss and asked him how much he loves me. He answered back enough?!?

    What does that mean.?

    He loves me enough?! He loves me enough to stay with me? Or enough till some piece of *** comes along that's better?

    Should I be worried? We live together, We've tried to have a baby together, we've vacationed together, But he only loves me enough?

    It makes me feel like he will only he here till something better comes along, like we are falling apart? Like what we had isn't there anymore? I know I'm probably over thinking this, but after that I feel like he doesn't love me like I love him...?

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  • My vigina is slimmy and goopy?

    My vigina never used to be like that and now it is, is this normal for pregnant women or should I be concered?

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  • Do pregnant womens viginas smell?

    Is this normal for the odor to change or should I be concerned

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  • If my period is shorter than normal could I be pregnant?

    My period is normally very long, and this past time it was very short only 3-4 days and very light flow, and last time I had a yeast infection after, and now its been and a week since my 'period' and about a month 1/2 -2 months since the yeast infection. My stomach has been bloated and I've been feeling rather sickly for about a week.?

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  • What does it mean if he doesn't close him eye when we kiss?

    He says he loves me and we've been together a long time, but how come I find he sometimes has his eyes open when we kiss, its just a turn off

  • Is it possible that I can't have children?

    My boyfriend and I never use protection and he either the pull out method or he just finishs inside me, and we have sex almost everyday some times twice a day,in many positions and I'm yet to be pregnant?! Everytime he finishes in me, a go pee after, but when we use the pull out method I don't, Not that were trying we are just curious for the future and whatnot.? We also are worried that bc I used to have a eating disorder(over exercising, od-ing on diet pills, binging and purging, fasting) and still doesn't eat normal and in a healthy way, we are concerned that this may have something to do with it?

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  • Could I be pregnant, if I got my period after sex?

    My boyfriend and I had sex last night and I let him finish in me and about 30 min. later I got my period, I told him and he started freaking out bc he said that ment I was preggers, iver never heard that before is that true? Or is he just a stupid guy that doesn't know what he's talking about?

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  • How can I make my period shorter?

    I'm going to the beach with my tomorrow and I got my period last night, Its never regular. Sometimes it 7-9 day and sometimes its only 3 days. And normally I don't care. But its my first time going to the beach and I was wondering if there is any way of making it shorter so I wouldn't have it for the whole trip???

    Thank you :)

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  • How would I know if I had miscarrage?

    My period was 6days late going on 7 when i had my period, but with my period i had some of the worst cramps i had ever had in my life, i was hot and cold at the same time, i was sweating pretty bad, i was dizzy, i was breathing hard (it was almost hard to breathe) and i threw up too. I scared the sh*t outta my boyfriend, we thoughr that i was pregnant we didnt take a test we were waiting for at least a week, but then i got what i thought was my period so we didnt bother taking a test.

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  • Should I take a pregnacy test?

    I think i might be pregnant because ive been feeling sick more the smell of food makes me not wanna eat, my breast have been more tender, ive had bloating, haeadaches, constipation, feeling way more tired too, normally i can very easily sta up till 1-2 in the morning but latly ive been falling asleep at 9-10 and not waking up till 8-9 the next moring and i thinki missed my period....i say think because normally my period is really heavy and for 5-7 days with bad cramps the whole nine yards, but last month i had spotting for about 4 days and on the second day it was heavy, not heavy enough to be considered my normal period, but not spotting either, it would have been a light day, and it was not the normal color at all during the 4 days....

    Should i take a pregancy test or should i wait to see if i miss this months period, if i do take a test when should i take it in the morning or is that just a myth

    Thank you very much :)

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  • Could I be (4-5 weeks) pregnant?

    Me and my boyfriend had sex without using a condom about 4 weeks ago, since then we have done it nearly everyday since then and somedays we would do it up to 3 times a day.We also did it during my period toward the end when it was more like spotting then a normal period. He has only came in me twice tho, but i have been feeling nausea nearly all the time(past two weeks) , ive had cramps like period cramps, terrible terrible headaches,(I never get headaches), My feet are slightly puffy(the past week), ive been very bloated, im much more hungry than usual and my abdomen is also slightly more harder than usual as well, ive been very very tired.

    Can I get pregnant off precum? Could their be a chance that i am pregnant? When should i take a test?

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  • Whats the names of that song that talks about twilight?

    it talks about meeting at the window at twilight? I heard it a while ago, like when twilight first came out and was really popular? I dont know its just I cant remeber tthe name of it for the life of me! Someone please help.! Please and thank you :D

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  • How can I lose weight fast?

    If I dont eat, take diet pills, and exersize at least 1-2 hours every day for a week, how much weight will I lose.? I go to see the doctor once a week, and from last week I gained 3 pounds ad now I weigh 133 and im freakinng out, my ultimite goal is to get to 100lb or less.


    Height- 5'

    Age- 18 (gonna be 19)

    Jean size- 2-4 (looking to be a 1-00)

    Please will someone help me, I know this isnt the healthy way to lose weight but I really dont care, I just NEED to get to at least 130 or 128 by next weeks appointment?!!

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  • How can I help my Anxiety ?

    I have been battling a eating disorder since the seventh grade (I'm now a senior). I have been seeing and talking to many doctors and therapists and they recently told me that I have developed anxiety, I get bad panic attacks and all that stuff.

    Are there any trick to help with this?

    Its like I worry about things all the time and some of the things I worry about I know are totally crazy stupid things to worry about, like their these crazy irrational fears, but I cant help panicking and freaking out over them.??


    Thank you very much! :)

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