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  • What are the pros and cons of being an international adoption consultant?

    I have recently fallen in love with the idea of becoming an international adoption consultant. It has a lot of things im interested in. Cultures, traveling, languages and children. It allows me to give a family a child and a child a family. It also only takes about four years of college which is my limit as i not want to spend my 20s in colleges. Now my worries are it won t meet my expectations. I m worried ill complete college and go to my job only t find that im just a social worker who is stuck in an office all day just with the job of telling couples their adoption has been denied. I often find that I am naive to this sort of stuff. Is there anyone who is an international adoption consultant or has been? What was your experience like?

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  • What to do about this friend?

    So i have this friend who is very self conscious. She talks constantly about how fat she is but hates if any of us say the same. She will comment on peoples Instagram pics "wish i could take pictures like that" or she will tell us at lunch "wish i could eat like that. At first I was sympathetic and tried to tell her constantly she wasn't fat but it did nothing. Now it has been a couple months of this and i'm starting to stop feeling so sympathetic. She also gets ticked off if we say anything about these youtubers she is obsessed with. See I'm in a "group" of five girls including her but she just kinda shoved her way into the group. We are all sarcastic and "mean" to each other but she doesn't get it so we have to watch what we say. She also gets mad if we say anything bad about another friend even if we're joking. See two of the girls in the group are best friends and im good friends with another but we all join together due to our similiar personalities. The problem with this other girl is she is left out a lot because of this. Sometimes me and my friend will hang out and then the other two will leaving her alone. We don't do it on purpose it just happens. I feel bad but she has so few similiar interests its hard to do things with her. For example we might want to see a PG13 action film but she'll either want a PG Disney/Pixar one or a too cheesy romance. I don't like that she is left out but there is just so helping it. What should i do

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  • How do I handle this?

    So I got new glasses yesterday. They're plain Jane black Ray bans which are different for me cause I usually get tortoise shell. Anyways today I noticed one of my friends who wears glasses has the same pair. I had no clue when I picked them out but I know she won't be happy. Should I just come up with an excuse?

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  • How do I handle this?

    So my guy cousin, who's a year younger than me, has started to text this girl in my grade that I'm "friends" with. Problem is, I know how she is with guys. She leads them on, makes them feel good but then laughs at them when she's through. She's done it with many guys and even from them. She lies to guys a lot to get there attention and will do anything to get a guy. Now this girl is a "friend" but she tends to go after guys I'm close to. She's gone after two guys I mentioned I crushed on but when I didn't react she is going after my cousin. I have no idea what to do because I feel silly but also don't want him to be hurt. It would be his first relationship and he is a very proud guy, so it'd bother him. What really bothers me is she's making it public knowledge. She put one of their conversations on her snapchat story. That bothers me a whole lot. What would you do in my spot? Should I tell him what she's done? Or let him right out himself?

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  • How do I not get so worried about this?

    I've been wearing the same glasses frames for almost 2 years. But they're starting to look bad so I went to look at some new ones. Only problem isn't hard for me to tell how I look because of how close I have to get to the mirror. So there isn't a good way to get the full picture. Because of this I picked out a pair of plain black ones that I thought would work but aren't for sure on. My big concern is I'll get them, try them on and hate how I look. That's what I'm worried about. Now the people I get my glasses from are a good friend of mines mom and gramma. So I'm sure they'd let me switch I would just feel awful.

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  • What can I do about my parents wanting to move houses?

    I am a person who doesn't like big change. It stresses me out. Now I can deal with the mild stuff like moving to the high school or something like that. But my parents want to move out of the only house I've known. I am 15 so there's a lot happening in my life right now. I'm a new freshman, I've gained and lost friends, I'll be driving soon and more. This is a lot of change for me to deal with and I'm already overwhelmed. Then my parents throw on the fact that I might be moving to a new house. I had a panic/crying attack that night. So far I've had 2 panic attacks and been having a hard time falling asleep. I have tried multiple times to help my parents see it from my view but they won't. What's worse is my younger either is all for it. He is a very restless person so moving is fun to me. Now it's 3 against 1. They say that I'll be fine. That we aren't moving schools just houses. To me id rather move to a totally new area because our house is on a road we'd frequently drive on meaning I'd have to see people moving in. I just don't know what to do. I know that the final decision is up to them but I don't feel like they're considering moving. The reasons they're moving is because 1. They want something new and 2. They want more land. Reasons that for me wouldn't be enough.

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  • How would my cats handle being moved?

    So my parents are considering moving. I have two cats who have been with us for almost 6 years. They're outside cats so they roam free but always come home. I'm worried that if we move to another place they'll get lost or eaten by an animal. Where we currently live there isn't a chance they'll be eaten but my parents want to move to a more rural area so they're would be coyotes and raccoons and such.

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  • How would my cats handle being moved?

    So my parents are considering moving. I have two cats who have been with us for almost 6 years. They're outside cats so they roam free but always come home. I'm worried that if we move to another place they'll get lost or eaten by an animal. Where we currently live there isn't a chance they'll be eaten but my parents want to move to a more rural area so they're would be coyotes and raccoons and such.

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  • How do YOU say this?

    When someone looks at your snapchat or dm and it says "read", do you say they left you on "red" or "reed". I say it like "red" because it's past tense but some friend of mine say that "reed" makes way more sense.

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  • What do I do about my parents wanting to move houses?

    We've lived in our house for almost 13 years and it's been awesome. It's a farely big house with an upstairs and a large backyard. The only downside of it is it's right next to a busy highway road but living there so long as meant we hardly notice it. Most of our family lives only minutes away if that which is amazing. Now before this year my parents didn't consider moving because it seemed we had everything! But my younger brother has taken hunting and riding motor vehicles as hobbies. So that means he needs more land than we have. Which I thought was handled because my dad just recently became a co-owner of a farm with lots of land. They said they want something new but I'm a person who hates new. So should I talk to them? Or just see what happens?

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  • What should I do?

    So we're starting a new semester in about two weeks and with that comes some of our classes changing. One of my classes that's changing is my first hour. Usually it would be in the high school building but now it will be be in another building a good 2-3 minute walk away. Now it doesn't seem like that would be a problem but for me it is. See my mom is a elementary school teacher at the same school I go to so she has to get to school a while before the bell rings. Our school starts at 8:25 she has to get there by 8 or better, before. So if I do what I normally do which is just walk to my class, I'll have to walk across 3 small parking lots and a semi-busy road. I mean I could have my dad take me but his schedule changes a lot like so some days he'd be able to take me later and some days he wouldn't. I'm just not sure what I should do because it seems like there isn't a good solution for it. What would you do?

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  • What do I do about a really touchy feely friend?

    So I have this friend that I've known for a long time and am actually related to, who's extremely clingy and wants to hug on me all the time. I absolutely hate physical contact. Idk why but it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Now this girl (this is going to sound awful) is a little on the big side. She's not obese or anything she's just got a big and tall body frame. Large shoulders and such. So she's kind strong. Me on the other hand am vey petite. I'm short and I have little to none muscle mass on me. So when she tries to hug me I'm awkwardly stuck with my face in her chest or just really uncomfortable. I've tried on multiple occasions to ask her to you know lay off but it's offended her every time. She's also really sentimental and thinks we're the best of friends. She tells me when she's on her period or how she cried the night before. Stuff that makes me uncomfortable because I don't share that with anyone. Anyone. She'll also try to touch me constantly. Grabbing my hands or arms. And she will randomly be like "you're my best friend" and I never know what to say because she isn't mine! So what do I do about her? Let her be or say something?

    PS: she's also younger than me. For example right now I'm 15 and she's 14. When she turns 15 we'll be the same age only for about a month and a half then I turn 16. Hope that isn't confusing.

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  • Is it bad that I don't have a best friend?

    So I have about four or five people I consider to be really good friends. But I don't want to say one of them is my best friend nor do I wanna consider them all to be my best friend. That's mainly because to me a best friend is this one person you can confide in and understands you better than your parents. None of those girls are like that. Don't get me wrong I love them and they are the greatest friends I could ever ask for but they aren't my "best friends". Now three of them would be totally ok with that but one of the girls is really really really sentimental and would get extremely offended by this. She always like hugs me and says I'm her best friend which makes me uncomfortable because I don't feel that much for her.

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  • Are we too old to see a Disney movie?

    So me and my friend are 15 and we are going to see the new Disney princess movie. I m worried we re gonna look really stupid watching it. Do you consider 15 too old to watch Disney movies in theaters?

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  • What is your opinion?

    In my house it's my parents, me and my brother. I'm 15 and he's almost 13 which means our food disappears quickly. More so with him because with a bag of chips, he eats right out of the bag and won't come up for air until it's gone. So to sortve even it out I started picking foods for me and for him. Hoping it would be fair. But no once his food was gone he'd start eating mine. When I told my parents about this they said in our house we don't regulate what the other can eat. I'm just wondering if it's totally crazy for me to ask if we can both get stuff we like and expect the other to not eat them.

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  • What name can Remi be a nickname for?

    I love the name Remi for a little girl. I think it's unique and will work for all ages. But I don't want it to be a full name. I think it's a cute nickname. I don't like Remington or Rosemary (I don't understand how Remi comes from that but it's one of the names that popped up). Are there anymore girl names that Remi can be a nickname for?

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