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  • Should I delete my Facebook account?

    So I have a Facebook account for about 1 year but my mom won't let me because she doesn't want me talking to boys ! And then I think my parents are getting supecious ! They keep telling me that if I have a Facebook account ! I added my cousin because I though she was close to me and won't tell but I think she told her mom then her mom told my mom and now my mom is asking me questions ! Today I ask her if I could (cuz maybe if she says yes I don't have to be afraid and hide anymore ) anyways when I asked my mom she said only if you don't add boys than I said ok cuz then I will just make another account where I will add boys so two accounts but then she made me swear in her so I didn't do it . Now she is really supecious and she will probably never let me :(.so should I delete FB . If I do all my friends will keep asking questions why I deleted my account + I will lose my elementry friends that I still talk too please help me ;( should I delete it ? And what will I say to my friends ? I am gonna be so embarrassed :(

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  • How do I get rid of my bad habit?

    Ok so I am Muslim and I started watching sex videos and I have a cousin who start doing the same thing but the one day we made out and started making out ever since but our parents don't know because they would kill us and we are still very very young (by the way we are girls) we are not lesbians because we like boys I think we just like to make out because we like it and feel like . We would even make out with boys so we are not lesbians. Anyway we try not to do it but it is hard. Whenever we have a sleepover we start doing it.i wanna get rid of it. But I think when I don't do it I start watching sex vids (that's bad too) . So my question is will I go to hell ? How can I stop from going to hell? How can I get rid of this horrible habit ?please help me ;(. PS when me and my cousin are done making out , we feel guilty and start praying immediately for Allah to forgive us (but we do it all the time he can only forgive us once or twice ) . Now I think our Mona's are starting to get suspicious :((((!!!!!!

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  • I burnt my skin off cuz of hot wax?

    My mom was just mixing the very hot wax and it kinda splashed on our hands and it burnt our skin off ! Now is like pink eww ! Anyways we put turmeric powder and mostly honey . But it burns a lot what else should I do to make the pain and burning go away + get back my skin to normal . I heard to put cool water but they say that it burns more and it makes like pimples that has like water in (gross!) so what should I do to make it better fast !!!! Please help me !!! Thanks

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  • How can I tell my freind that I can't make it to her birthday ?

    So I have this friend who invited me a few days ago that If I could go to her birthday and it's in a amusement park. So I asked my mom and she said I will see (cuz we are kinda poor and it's really expensive).I told my friend I could because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. My mom found that it was a little selfish that I have to pay for my own ticket just to go to her birthday and make her happy + buy the gift and pay for eating (I found it a little selfish to because seriously they are rich and we are not). So my mom said no today (her birthday is tomorrow! yikes!) and I just don't know how to tell her I can't go after all these days I've been telling her I could.Can you guys help me find good excuses like: I need to go out of the city because one of my family member is sick. Something that she will understand but I don't want to tell her that it's because it's too expensive. What do I do !!!??? My heart is almost melting because she's been my friend for a long time and now I am leaving elementary and we are all taking our separate ways. I just don't want her to get mad. I Understand my parents they want me to go but we are just not that rich. So can you guys please help m fast!!! I have to tell he today that I can't go and I need a good excuse !!!! Please!!!!

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  • Anybody have some ideas?

    So well I need to write a text about me for my graduation album ( I am going to high school). Ex: how has my primary been, What experiences you liked, and how does it feel leaving :(. Anybody have any ideas . I want something touching in the end, something emotional but not too long I am only allowed to write 110 words and I write ALOT. Please help me!!!! I want to write some thing good and creative. how do I start and finish my text in a creative and SHORT way??? Thank you so much

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  • Should i post these videos ?

    So my friend and I love to sing and I think we sing pretty good. so we decided to post two videos but I am to scared because I don't want any mean comment and everyone will here my voice (everyone in my school). what about if they don't like it and they start saying nasty things about us. There are some parts where we look weird so should I do this please I am really scared it's our first time

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  • What size is right for me ?

    So well I am 13 and I am 6th grade and we are having this graduation party and I didn't pick out my dress yet!!!!! So I was looking online and I found two different dresses in two different sites Prom Girl and Ebay. I don't know if they will fit especially the figure....(chest). I am only 13! Anyways I usally wear a size 16 when I am buying clothes and I wear a medium.I was looking the prom dresses and it said 2-4-5-6 etc... but I am 16. I know that if I pick let's say 7 it will be way toooo big so which size should I pick. Here are the prom dresses tell me which size could be good for a 13 year old just to have an idea :)



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  • Any good sites for graduation dresses?

    Hi I wanna know if they are any good but cheap sites for graduation dresses. I am in 6th grade and next year going to high school so we are having a finishing ball (party kinda) and I have nothing to wear! I am more of a size 16 so the dresses doesn't need to be for kids. But it's a 6th graders party not a high school (it kinda like a prom but junior) So I don't wanna be too over but simple and pretty :). So is there any cheap and good sites for prom dresses.Thanks

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  • Did I said the right thing?

    So one of my crushes friends asked me if I I liked _____ (my crush) and I said yes because he keeps asking me if I like him and I always say I don"t know but finally I said yes. The thing is that I don't really know if I like him because sometimes I think he does like me (his friends tell me that sometimes) but other times it seems like he hates me . I hear rumours that he doesn't like sometimes too. so I am confused but I said yes anyway. I thought that next year we are going to high school and there's only 2 months left, I don't think I am ever gonna see him again either so he might as well know (but he already does because last year I wrote him a love letter). Is just that I don't know if he likes me back. I make it so much easier for him ! I told his friend YES! when he I don't even know if he likes me but I am scared cuz what about if he doesn't like me and he knows that I like him. I will just look like a loser in front of him. So did I do the right thing by saying yes.

    P.S Sometimes I like him and sometimes no, It's because I am not sure how he feels about me. Also it makes me wonder because if his friends keep asking me (why do they care so much) . Is it because my crush wants to know ? anyway sometimes I think he doesn't care (but maybe he's pretending)

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  • My crush thinks my laugh is weird !?

    Ok so my crushes friends started making fun of me by coping how I laugh. At first I asked them why do they keep making weird sounds and then they told be it was me by making fun of me. My crush didn't even care that they were making fun of me , he even told me that I laugh like a fool (that really hurt my feelings especially conning from the person I like). I just wanna know what do I say back to them when they start making fun of me (my crush too) . I want to say something to get back at them , something that they won't have a answer to. But I don't wanna be to rude maybe if I say something funny but mean at the same time . Anyway I am really naive (ok I don't even know why I said that ) anyway thank you so much :)

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  • words we can make with only I,D,W,S,T,H,Y,O,E,I,N?

    Can you give me lots of words that has all of these letters in it. they could repeat in the same word and not all of the letters have to be there. Here are the ones I found (you can't use these ones)

































    So here they are.

    Who ever gets the most words (without using my words that I wrote) has the best answer and if you can find a long word with about 13 and up with these letters. I will answer one of your open question.


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  • "Would kids be more intressested in sciences if they knew what happens behind magic tricks ? and Why?

    So I have this writing production to do about illusions and magic tricks and the question I have to answer and find good reasons about is "Will kids be more interested in science if they knew the secrets to magic tricks ? and Why ?. So Magic tricks are kinda like science because magic tricks are actually illusions.So I need to know if kids would appreciate (like) science more if they knew that magic tricks works with the methods of science. So can you please answer the question and also tell why they would like science more (what good will happen) .Thanks

    P.S my question can sound complicated but I still hope you understand :) Thank you again

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  • Can you help me find some sites ?

    My computer just got a virus and all the pictures and videos (memories) were inside it and now they are gone. So I was thinking if there were some sites where I can save all my stuff like pictures,music,videos and documents just incase something happens again. Something like an email address (witch has a password) because an email address is something that we can see on any computer ex: if something happens to our computers, the stuff in our email won't be gone. So I just wanna know is there are some good Internet sites where we could save our stuff (memories) . Thank you very much

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  • How do I ask my dad to buy me a cell phone?

    So I have this trip to New York with my class and I think it's the perfect opportunity to ask him. He asked me yesterday or i wanted something Luke shoes or clothes That i Would want to Bring with me (but no sign of a cell phone) and i said no it's ok because i just got kinda sceard (hé already payed alot for this trip) That i was asking for too much. But anyway How do i ask Him Like "hey dad CAN you buy me cell phone?" And if hé ask me why what do i say because How Will i be able to talk to you ? So can you give me some good examples That i could use as à question and some good answers if hé ask why please. Thank you so much

  • Does he still like me?

    I liked this guy for about 2 years and a half now and he knows that i like him because i wrote him a love letter last year. this year his Friends tell me he likes me and sometimes it looks like it too.Since I came from my vacation. it has been a month i didn't see him and since then he doesn't really look at me that much like he use to (sometimes he use to smile at me too) and it seems like he doesn't care anymore. His Friends tell me that he likes me everytime we are at dinner (he and his Friends sit together near my table) and he always blushes and tell them too stop but it not the same anymore. HFriendsnds don't bother me that much like they use to (but i like it when i heard he liked me). and he also changed tables, now he sits with some othFriendsnds. He doesn't really look at me alot like he use to (sometimes he use to smile at me too). Now we look at each other less even me I don;t know why. we do catch each others eyes but rarely.It kinda seems like everything disappearinging.Anyways does he still like me ? Did he ever like me? or it's over.

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  • Is he right for me? Is it worth it?

    I have major crush on this guy for about 2 years and a half. He knows that I like him from last year cuz I wrote him a love letter.Anyway I want to ask him out but I am not sure if I should. Well the thing is right 4 me because every time I want to do something in school, I am sceard of hijudgementnt on me.What I mean is that, example: sometimes when I in gym class and I have to do something I can't doCUXuz I stink and he is really good) it feels like he will make fun of me instead of encouraging me. Another example is that I kinda wanted to participate in the talent show this year,I was gonna sing cuz I love singing and I think I am pretty good but I didn't because I was screard if he might not like my singing and maybe think that I am weird if I like to sing. The last example is that like If I have some presentations (witch I hate) to din frontnt of the whole class including him, I will get scearCUXuz I won't know how he is thinking of me. The point is that he doesn't really encourage me? Is it because he's shy ? Or he just doesn't care? Anyway please help me thanks

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  • How will I ask my crush to sign my yearbook?

    Hey so my school year is almost ending and I really want my long time 3 year crush to sign my yearbook cuz it will actually be the last time I will ever see him FOREVER ( He is going to another high school and i will probably move out of the city too soo it's will really be the last time i will ever see his face ) :( ! Anyway so how will i ask him and if he gives me his yearbook to sign :) what do i write.I want to write something that he will always remember.Should I write my phone number (it's not gonna be awkward though right ?).Should I make a heart ? or that's awkward too. By the way we don't talk that much but we do look at each other a lot (well not anymore ). His friends do tell me alot the he likes me but sometimes it looks like it's true and the other times no.So he does know i like him though cuz i wrote him a love letter at St-Valentin's with some hints to find me (they were really easy and naturally he knowed it was me) since that day there's been alot of confusion and everything has been awkwardd and between us. So please please help me!! Thank you

    BTW I am in 6th

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  • How would you tell a girl you like her for boys ?


    guys if a girl liked you at first and you had no idea lets say she wrote you a love letter on st-valentines day. would you tell her you liked her and if you would how ?

    ok so what about if you didn't like the girl : whould you tell her ? if yes how ?

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  • Should I move on ? Pleaase help. Please please please please !!! :( :( :(?

    Before I start I just wanna say thank you very much for taking the time to read my long story and who ever answers each question that i ask for ( i will make a small list of questions) I will rate them 5 stars and will try to answer one of your questions too) thanks again.

    So there's this guy that i've liked for 2 years and less then a half and i don't know if i should like him anymore.Well here's the story: I wrote him a letter on st-valentine's day with some easy hints well..he knew it was me( that was last year by the way). Now his Friends are telling me he likes me and it looks like it too because the way he looks at me,acts around me and smile's at me kinda does but since i've went on vacation to see my grandma i didn't saw him for about a month and i was really nervous cuz i though he would probably forget about me or not like me anymore. And I think that he did (maybe).Because one of my Friends asked him if he likes me back and she told me that he said "what i never even liked her like i swear" and than one time she told me that he pointed to me in front of one of his Friends and said he didn't liked me. Is just that my friend who told me that can't be really trusted sometimes like she's not my Best Friend just a Friend (she supports and help me alot but sometimes when it comes to keeping secrets or telling the truth she's.....euu..:I :( ).Anyway is just that i've been waiting for soo long till he tells me if he likes me back or not by the he is pretty shy when it come's to liking people but on other things no at all.He really drives me crazy like he likes me then he doesn't is just so confusing.Sometimes i think that i just liked him for his looks and i didn't even took the time to know him. Other times i also start to say to myself that why doesn't He tell me because sometimes i am hearing from his Friends that he like 's me and other times from my Friends that he doesn't i mean which one is it. I am sure he told his Friends that he likes me or something like that probably why they are telling me.Anyway I think that if ever one of his Friends ask me if i like him i will just say that "what i never liked him"( like he said if he did) and if they ask than why did you even wrote him the love letter than i'll just say " what letter i never wrote him any letter" and if they ask to many questions than i'll just walk away saying "whatever".

    Anyway I just have no idea what to do please help me I really need it thank you so much .

    here's the list of my questions:

    1- Should I move on and show him that i am tired of playing games?

    2- Should i tell his Friends what i just wrote (if they ask me if i like him), i mean is it the right thing to do?

    3-Should wait till this valentin's day, I mean MAYBE i am wrong , MAYBE he has a letter waiting for me to or MAYBE he will realize the day i wrote him i like and MAYBE he will tell me about his feelings? I MEAN I DON'T WANNA MOVE ON AND THAN END UP KNOWING HE LIKES ME BACK.


    pleaaaaaase HEEEEELP !!!!!!! :(

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