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  • How do I make my son study?

    He has lost interest in studies. His grades are falling. What can I do?

    3 AnswersOther - Education5 years ago
  • Why did ISIS attack Yarmouk camp populated by Palestinians?

    Isis has beheaded many Palestinian men and gang raped many Palestinian women and children.

    Why is ISIS attacking Palestinian people? Why do they hate Palestinians and burn their flag?

    17 AnswersRamadan5 years ago
  • What does ISIS really want from you?

    YOUR PASSPORT that ISIS wants to steal.

    YOUR IDENTITY that they want their families to assume and live in the rich lands in your place.

    I heard that on the radio today. Now I understand why ISIS is willing to pay lots for their western recruits' flights. The passports are worth more than their air tickets. That makes sense to me.

    10 AnswersCurrent Events6 years ago
  • If Abu al-Baghdadi ever gets scandalised by strings of vices caught on video ....?

    How would you react?

    Will ISIS demand a new Caliph to replace their fallible one?

    7 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • Ramadan - Can you ever trust your friends who support ISIS?

    ILoveIslam quotes "One day condemning ISIS, the next supporting them.. - these people like Rosy whose opinions change and follow the latest "hype" will always betray you because their loyalty changes constantly. So they are not trustworthy."

    Well said, ILoveIslam. I have thought the same. She is a mind-poisoner and therefore, she can not be trusted.

    When I first saw Rosy's photo days ago, she immediately struck me as a reckless, frivolous woman who loves partying hard and flirting with drunks. Her pencil-outlined, plucked eyebrows say it all.

    I supposed her photo was taken before her conversion to Islam. In truth, women who party hard often go for the bad boys. The converts who had partied hard before will always go for the baddest boys like those in The ISIS. Rosy is among them and she can never be trusted. She is still reckless and frivolous as her long, red-painted talons in her poster suggest that. Extra long nails suggest laziness and leisured time. Rosy's only career is Internet. Look at the enormous amount of time she spends here in YA.

    Don't trust her. Her mind is polluted by Waswasa. As ILoveIslam had said, Rosy is not trustworthy. She is changeable with loyalties and can betray many friendships and even her own family. Beware, she is a wolf in a sheep's clothing, not your Scholar.

    21 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • Must I obey my husband over my father?


    My parents had years ago forced me to marry my cousin who hasn't never been a good Muslim from day one in our marriage.

    My local Imam still won't let me divorce even though my atheist husband is long absent from home and is now living with his non-Muslim girlfriend and their kids. He has hastily dismissed my side of story, because Imam is a close friend to my father who had asked him not to grant me divorce Islamically.

    In a condescending way, he reminded me of my duty and obedience to my husband.

    I remember my husband had formerly forbidden me to visit my parents. Now my father has fallen sick and I am thinking of using psychology there. I am thinking of obeying my husband's old command.

    I must obey my husband's command not to visit my sick father, unless I am divorced from him. Anyway, my husband despises both my parents and can't stand them. He still won't let me visit them, if he were full-time living with me. My parents and his parents are hoping that he will reform and come back to me.

    My obedience to husband takes precedence over that to my father's. Isn't that right, Islamically speaking? Yes?

    Am I right to cut out visiting my parents until I am divorced? Or will I be wrong in disobeying my husband?

    43 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Why is ISIS now enslaving Sunni Muslim women in Iraq and Syria?

    Assalamu alaykum

    Previously, I thought that ISIS were supposed to be Sunni, but now they have accused many innocent Iraqi and Syrian Sunni Muslims of Takfir. My Sunni friend from Iraq told me.

    ISIS have been raping and killing many Sunni Muslims. They even took their women as spoils and traded them as sex slaves.

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Are white converts more divorced and more marriageable than dark-skinned Muslimahs?

    How so and why?

    I have been trying to obtain a divorce at Sharia Court, but I have been unsuccessful, whereas a few minutes ago, I learned from one white Muslimah that she has been three times divorced Islamically and is soon getting married a fourth time. She got all her divorces at the very same Sharia Court that had refused me a divorce. I am gobsmacked at this. She got her divorces all too easily just because she was a GORI in great demand for marriages, whereas I am an insignificant desi with less chances of a second marriage.

    Mind you, she is very beautiful with flawless white skin and jewel-like blue eyes. She is tall and graceful, and blonde beneath her stylish hijab. No wonder she is marriageable.

    Why is it that white converts have white privileges even in Sharia court? It is grossly unfair that they can obtain divorces quickly just because they are WHITE in great demand for marriages.

    Assalamu Alaikum

    2 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • How do I discipline my unruly son?

    Assalamu Alaikum

    My son refuses to read Quran and won't pray. At 12, he is already mocking Islam to my face, saying that Allah (SWT) doesn't exist and saying all too horrible things about Muhammad (pbuh) - things that are all too unmentionable. He has even threatened to burn the Quran. This is all too horrible.

    What punishments can I use to really make my son learn Islam?

    I tried hitting and that is not working. I tried taking away TV. That too is not working. I made home do extra chores and that is not working.

    Where am I going wrong?

    14 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • My son is becoming an apostate?

    Assalamu Alaikum

    My son is only 12. He just told me that Allah (SWT) does not exist. I am shocked and horrified. But he is my son and I love him. What can I do?

    23 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • My son refuses to read Quran and pray?

    Assalamu Alaikum

    He is only 12. His father is no help to him. He won't read the Quran and won't pray either.

    What can I do?

    11 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • More questions on Zakat?

    Does my Zakat become invalid, if I am a non-Syed donor and that the recipient is Syed?

    I am recently told that ONLY SYEDS can give Zakat to needy Syeds, whereas non-Syeds must not.

    4 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • Zakat, can it be given to non-Muslims?

    Today I had an argument with somebody about what Zakat is supposed to be. I thought that Zakat is for Muslims only, but I was told that if no needy Muslim can be found, then Zakat money can be given to non-Muslims. How is this so?

    If true, on what conditions does a Muslim give Zakat to non-Muslims?

    If Zakat can be given to non-Muslims, then what is exactly Sadaqa?

    12 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • Imam is coming to our house to talk matters?

    He is coming to discuss our marital difficulties.

    My estranged husband Saheed will be here and our parents too. Because Saheed and I are cousins, everybody in family still wants us to stay married, no matter how bad Saheed's behaviour has been.

    I need to know what foods or refreshments can I serve to Imam.

    What are your suggestions? What food do your parents normally serve to your local visiting Imams?

    8 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • How do I convince Imams that a divorce is necessary?

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I really want a divorce.

    My husband is not getting any better, NOT EVER! Sharia courts are not sufficiently helpful. I have already been to 10 Imams and every one of them tells me to stay with my husband, no matter how bad his vices.

    I have done EVERYTHING to convince Imams but hell, they are coolly disinterested. After 10 times failures, I have enough of all this Imam shopping.

    By the way, I had last week apologised to an Imam for my foul temper, if some of you remember and that you are going to ask. In response, the Imam coolly accepted my apology.

    8 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • Need help - my daughter is turning an APOSTATE?

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Some of you know that I am separated from my estranged husband, though not divorced.

    In recent times, I have allowed my kids to spend time with their father, just few hours a week. In reality, my husband is not too involved in my kids' life: our Imam has pushed him to exercise his paternal responsibilities.

    On Imam's suggestion, my husband was to spend time bonding with kids. I thought it was BAD idea, but all my arguments fell on deaf ears.

    As result, my kids returned home with unislamic manners that they had picked up from their father.

    My youngest daughter, only 5, is now cussing Allah (SWT). She hates Him and I am taken aback by this. She repeats everything what her father tells her. For example, he tells her that Allah hates all Muslims and that He curses them with always misery. Also, my husband has told her that there is no such as hellfire.

    My remaining kids are halfway losing their interest in Islam. They much rather play with Minecraft than read Quran. I am very concerned for their spiritual welfare.

    I called our local Imam for help, but he dismissed my concerns all too hastily. He cut short my time and said that he was currently too busy to deal with me and would call back later, but he never did.

    What should I do? Should I curtail children's visits to their father or would that be haram?

    11 AnswersRamadan6 years ago
  • How do I apologise to an Imam?

    I am trying to find courage to apologise to our local Imam after I had told him to f*ck off. Now I feel bad and rotten inside. Guilt is eating my conscience.

    During hearing in Sharia court last week, as I was seeking divorce, this Imam kept siding too much with my husband. UPTEEN TIMES, I kept on asking for a divorce while this Imam kept up his resistence to grant me divorce.

    I had already given him the account of my husband's years of unbridled vices like hard-partying, drinking, gambling, drugs, domestic abuse, etc. I even told him that my husband used to bring home prostitutes to sleep with - now, he is co-habiting with a non-Muslim mistress.

    But this empty-headed Imam appeared indifferent and no at all shocked by my husband's vices. He was not listening. He wholly dismissed my side of story. He kept on and on about my wifely duty to my husband and reminded me that I owed him my obedience, no matter how badly he treated me.

    Finally, I lost temper and told the Imam "F*CK OFF! F*** the duties, f*** the obedience and f*** you!!!"

    I stormed out of room.

    Now I am feeling guilty. I feel rotten inside.

    I feel I owe Imam my apology for my outburst of foul language.

    Now, I am trying to think of ways to apologise. What should I say to Imam? Where do I start? Should I first write him an apology letter?

    12 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • Forced to stay married to cousin?


    I want a DIVORCE right now. I am currently married to a good-for-nothing cousin who has too much fondness for drinking, gambling, womanising, etc. Most times, he is never at home, never here to support me and his family, financially or emotionally. I am the one who is working and supporting my kids financially, while my husband is co-habiting with a non-Muslim mistress and supporting her kids with drug money.

    Families on both sides are pressuring us to stay married, as they want to save face in community.

    Moreover, Imams are unhelpful. They are useless with their crappiest advice. Whatever they tell my husband, all their words all go in his one ear and out the other. Hours in their absence, my husband laughs at their gullibility and makes mockery of them all.

    Imams keep reminding me of my duty to my husband. No matter what I say or do, Imams and Sharia judges all side with him: they are all fooled by his gifted articulation which gives him too much credibility.

    I asked this question yesterday.

    10 AnswersRamadan7 years ago
  • How do I go about getting a divorce?

    Asaalamu alaikum

    How easy or difficult is it to get a divorce in Islam?

    I want a divorce from my husband who has never been good to me from day 1.

    How do I go about getting a divorce?

    10 AnswersRamadan7 years ago