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  • How do I tell my boyfriend I have feelings for somebody else?

    I’ve been with my boyfriend 3 months. I still have feelings for my friend who is away at the moment and is due to be coming back in a month. We’ve stayed in contact and both said we have feelings for each other. We’ve both said we want to see each other when he’s back in town. He knows about my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to lie to my boyfriend or go behind his back. I don’t want to ruin what I have with my boyfriend now for things to not work out with my friend if we decide to give it a go. I’m in love with my friend and I just don’t know how to be sure he feels the same before I make any hasty decisions.  Even tho he tells me he has a lot of love for me how do I believe him.  

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  • Why has he stopped talking to me?

    So I was dating this guy but we'd only been on one date which went really well and we texted each other every day. Things were going great we made each other laugh and we had serious conversations, we spoke about being together and our future.

    Then I went on holiday and I see a picture of him and he's got a lovebite on his neck? Then some girl on Facebook is saying he's been asking her for sex. Then he posts how he doesn't want to be seeing anyone he wants to focus on himself.

    We both said about seeing each other when I'm back. I've been back for almost a week and he hasn't messaged me once. I know he's been disloyal to me and I'm hurt but I'm hurt even more by the fact he hasn't even bothered to get in contact and I miss talking to him I don't know what to do

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  • confused about this guy, if he asks to go to a hotel surely that only means one thing?

    the first time we spoke he said he wanted to take me out, treat me like a queen and make me his, told me I was beautiful and I thought he was really sweet

    I got the impression he was maybe shy because he asked me what I was doing a couple times but never asked me to do anything

    then out of the blue I get a message saying 'wanna go hotel' I said no and he didnt reply so now I'm confused about what he wants I resll liked him

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  • why do I want his attention so bad?

    so I've been single for a while and there's this guy who I think likes me, he's messaged me online and told me he thinks I'm beautiful and he would treat me like a queen and we had a little conversation but since then I've heard nothing from him? I'm really attracted to him and I don't know what to do, I don't know why he dont message again and ask for my number like everyone else does

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  • he said he was gonna call and he hasn't I wanna message him but dunno what to say?

    we met on nye and we spoke a couple times over the next few days and he said he was gonna call and that I better answer when he does but he never called?

    it's really bothering me and I wanna message him but I don't know what to say

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  • Meeting guys in clubs?

    So I'm 18 (from the UK) and have just started going out to clubs and I always get guys approaching me and asking for my number.

    A lot of time they are older or just too pushy and I don't give them my number but this nye I gave this 19 year old my number and he's really cute and first impressions I really like him

    He messaged me yesterday and we had one conversation he asked if he's gonna see me again and I said maybe and that's where it ended

    I wanna message him again but I don't know what to say I just want to talk to him and I know it's silly but I hate messaging people first

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  • Help I never want to speak to boys on the phone cos I find it awkward?

    Whenever I give my number out to boys I don't mind texting them because I can pretend I'm busy and reply when I like but they always want to call me and I find phone conversations with people I don't really know so awkward.

    So last night I was texting some guy I gave my number too and he asked to call me and I ignored the message! Now what do I say to him if he texts again? Should I say sorry? I don't know what to do I've made things more awkward. We use to go school together but we never spoke at school. Now we are both 18

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  • Why do I feel sick everyday?

    Every day for the past few weeks I've been feeling sick. Nothing seems to help! I feel fine when I wake up and fine when I have breakfast but a short while after I eat I feel sick and this feeling stays with me for the whole day until I go to sleep.

    Sometimes it passes but never for long. It makes me not want to eat and when I do eat I either feel ok whilst eating then feel sick shortly after or I'll just continue to feel sick throughout eating.

    This is starting to effect my daily life because it makes me not want to face the day and it's draining me and making me not want to go to college or work or socialise because I know I'm just going to feel sick.

    Please help me

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  • first time messaging each other and he's desperate to facetime?

    we were talking for the first time last night and I told him when he first asked I couldn't FaceTime cos I was with family and everyone was sleeping etc and several times he still tries calling me on FaceTime

    then this morning he asked me to FaceTime him again! I'm genuinely sick and I told him that and he thinks I'm making excuses! I'm scared to face time him, any advice for when I do?

    and he's already asking to meet me? I'm so nervous I know nothing about him but from talking to him I really like him

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  • does he like me as more than a friend?

    I'm speaking to this guy who's a few years older than me (he's 26 I'm 18) we met at my work (I was a waitress and he came into my cafe every day) he always made conversation and effort to talk to me even when there was a massive line behind him and I could never really tell if he was flirting or just being friendly

    anyway I told him I was leaving and he asked for my number and so we started texting and when he found out my age he said he thought I was older and he didn't try anything but 6 months later he still texts me asks how I'm doing sends kisses tells me I look sexy in my photos? but he's also asked me to set him up with my older cousin?

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  • what's wrong with him?

    this guy I was seeing a few months ago who I stopped seeing cos he changed and I haven't seen in months pulled up next to me at the petrol station with his sister in law

    I smiled at him even though I didn't even want to look at him and he smiled back it was so fake then I went in to pay as he was still filling up and then he comes matching in slams his cash on the counter as I'm paying by card and walks out without saying a word to me acting like I wasn't there

    then when I went back out to the car he was still there and we awkwardly smiled at each other then he started laughing at me and drove off?

    why did he act so strange?

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  • feels like he's playing mind games?

    after several months of not talking to each other this boy readded me on Facebook and we had a phone call and cleared the air, he told me to text him so I did and the conversation was basically him saying some girl was ******* with his head but they're over and he wants me to know that he doesn't dislike me because I'm 'a friend' I replied saying okay I think we're on the same page then

    basically he use to fancy me and he wanted a relationship but I didn't and still don't but he's only recently broke up with his girlfriend

    anyway he never replied to my message after saying he wanted to start talking again? why has he ignored me

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  • should I message him again? I'm going insane?

    basically this boy I was speaking to like 6 months ago re added me on Facebook and messaged me saying 'oi' last night and I replied 'what' this morning and it's been like almost 24 hours and he's seen the message and not replied?

    I know he recently broke up with his girlfriend but I really miss him and I would love to talk to him again I treat him quite badly last time round and I'd love to show him that I'm not a heartless *****

    should I message again or leave it?

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  • advice on starting college and making new friends?

    I live in the UK and I'm starting college in September I'm 17 and my class is gonna have mainly 19 year olds in it.

    My course is Beauty and Holistic Therapies.

    I'm not very good at meeting new people and making new friends. Any advice?

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  • I fancy this older guy at work and I don't know what to do?

    Sorry it's long, a lot of bottled up thoughts and feelings!:(

    We work in a really big really busy store with lots of employees (about 40-50).

    I'm a cashier and I'm new (only been there a month) and I don't know his title but he is higher up than me because he wears a different uniform and works in the offices rather than the shop floor.

    I think he might fancy me too as whenever he see's me he makes elongated eye contact and smiles and I'm always the first to look away cos I get shy.

    I've only had a couple conversations with him and he's been so nice! But each time I embarrassed myself because the conversations were either about something I didn't know or a mistake I made.

    I only work weekends and he's only worked the same day as me a couple times before. The last time we were both working after closing and we were cleaning up and he I went in the isles he wasn't in because I got shy because he kept looking at me, even though he was only smiling.

    And he was waiting at the door for everyone to leave so I took ages to come out the cloakroom because I was too nervous incase he tried to talk to me.

    I feel embarrassed to like him because I'm only 17 and I'm pretty sure he's in his early 20's and if we were to start talking I'm sure he'd reject me once he found out how old I was but I really want to talk to him

    What should I do?

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  • I friendzoned him because I was scared to be in a relationship and now he's got a girlfriend but I don't think he loves her?

    so I'm 17 and he's just turned 18 but when we were talking I was 16/17 and he was 17

    he fancied me and told me things like how I'm perfect and he really likes me and feels like he has known me for ages and he trusts me and he even said he loved me and he kissed me when I was drunk and he always made the effort to see me or speak to me and I never made an effort

    I didn't find him attractive but I did really like him and loved him in a half friend half not kind of way but I have a lot going on in my life that he doesn't know about and I could no way be in a relationship which is what I think he wanted and once I said that he stopped making effort and stopped talking to me completely after I said I didn't want to be more than friends

    we went from speaking daily to speaking once a week to not speaking at all

    and only a month after we stopped speaking he has gone and got himself a girlfriend

    he posts pics on Instagram of them and he used to send me snapchats of them so I deleted him off snapchat

    he seemed so into me that I think she is just a rebound but I'm slightly jealous cos she's really pretty, she's my age

    I feel like he must of been talking to her whilst he was talking to me because you can't get with someone that quick can you?

    advice on what you think his game is? and we have a mutual friend who is gonna be having a party this summer, so advice for when I see him?

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  • we are supposedly just friends, is she trying to change that?

    so cut a long story short, this guy had a thing for me and I liked him back a bit too, we flirted a bit and we kissed this one time and went on one 'date' but that was all over like a 6+ month period

    anyway it wasn't going anywhere and he seemed to be going off of me so I asked what was going on are we just friends and he said yes and I asked if he's ok with that and he avoided answering

    we've gone from speaking daily to speaking once a week, his effort is minimal

    and then today I get a text saying 'oh I was checking out this girl in town and thinking she had a proper nice body and that, then I realised it was you, awkward xx'

    I replied a couple hours later 'haha, thanks' and then he called me to tell me exactly what he has told me by text and then he was just making conversation, telling me what he was up to and asking about my plans for the night, it felt like he was hinting that he wanted to do something but I'm not sure cos he said he was going to his mates house so

    he ended the call by saying he was gonna text me soon and i' be surprised if he does because it's been months (excluding today) that he text me first

    from that text and phone call, what impression have you got? do you think he still likes me as more than a friend?

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  • what should I say to him? I struggle to express my feelings?

    Okay so cut a long story short...

    I'm pretty sure this guy still likes me (he told me he did a couple months ago) I think I put him off a bit when I bailed on him (we're both super busy and don't really have time for each other) I think he's trying to play it cool now as he was the one who made all the effort and now it's kind if turning around

    I wasn't sure if he liked me at all but this weekend he came and picked me and my 3 friends up from a party at 1 in the morning even though I had no money for him and my mum ran into his parents at the supermarket (who don't know each other) and they introduced themselves to my mum and have my mum the impression that he talks about me a lot and that they think something is going on between us

    So I wanna give him some money for giving me a lift and I might need a lift again in this Saturday night and if I do I wanna get him to pull over so we can have a proper talk, I wanna tell him I like him and see how he feels

    What should I say?

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