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  • Who will lend me money?

    I'm not talking friends or family. 4 Years ago I was £5000 in debt, and for some reason I thought credit cards would help...dumb right, but I was desperate. over the past 4 years I have got the £5k down to £2k. but I need help clearing the last bit off, as any money I put towards it each month is barely touching the interest rates. I have looked on various websites and calculated from their APR's that if I was leant £2k by a bank, then I could clear all existing debts, and make one payment a month of £250.00. I know it sounds stupid to borrow money to clear debt, but I currently owe 4 different companies, all adding their own interest. the money I have after important bills then goes against these payments. but once interest hits I am only paying about £10 per month off the actual total owed. Where as one loan from one company would be easier and quicker to pay back.

    I know my credit rating has been improving over the months, so I do not want to just aimlessly apply for loans, for my credit report to be searched, for it to effect my score.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has applied for a loan with a bad credit rating and was accepted.

    I am not interested in pay day loans, or dodgy companies. I just want actual professional companies; mainly banks.

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  • Diet they really work?

    I am 14 stone (4 stone over the weight suggested by the NHS BMI test) I have been going to the gym for a few weeks now and eating very well. I have cut out all fast food, alcohol and fizzy drinks. I'm noticing a stamina difference but not a physical one.

    I've been reading up on these diet whey shakes and calorie burner tablets, many endorsed by celebrities. This made me very sceptical, as they are all toned anyway with personal trainers. Some website shows images of everyday before who have sent in before and after shots, and some of the results (if real) are pretty impressive.

    What I want to know is if they are damaging to your body in anyway, and once you finish taking them what will happen? I anticipate you will gain the lost weight, and I do not want to have to take shakes for my entire life.

    I want answers from people who have actually used these products, and let me know the brand so I can research. thank you :)

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  • Auntie Invested my Money without consent?

    My Grandma died 6 years ago, and left quite a bit of money; savings and the sale of two homes. Myself, two sisters and my two cousins all received access to our savings accounts which my grandma set up for us when we were all born. As my grandmas death was not sudden, she had made arrangements with my auntie and dad regarding the rest of the money. It was decided that both houses would be sold and all savings would be put into a pot and divided amongst us all. this would then be split into 2 parts, for my dad and auntie, who then divided as they wished between the children.

    problem- my auntie received all money as executor of the will and transferred a small lump sum to my dad for funeral fees and any outstanding bills my grandma had. anything left was then kept by my father to be taken off his share. My auntie and uncle then decided they wanted to purchase a vacation villa in Spain.

    she invested her share as well as both her sons. She then asked my mum and dad if we wished to do the same. As my older sister was 20, I was 16 and little sister was 15, my mum and dad knew we would want to use the money for cars, houses etc as my grandma intended, within the next few years so the investment was pointless in their eyes. Although we were young they asked and we agreed with them.

    a few months later my auntie told my mum and dad that our share was in a high interest account, and they all agreed to leave it there for a year to get the most out of it. by then both myself and younger sister would be looking into driving lessons and cars, and my older sister would be looking at a house. this made sense to us and all agreed.

    A few months on and my mother finds out there is not high interest account and she and my uncle invested the lot in the villa, every penny.

    to make it worse we have not spoken properly in over 5 years, we were once so close but not anymore and my grandma would be so disappointed, even she advised against the villa.

    my parents, myself and my sisters can not get over the fact my auntie had lied so easily to us and has never apologised for it.

    we do not know the exact amount that was there at the start, there was no written contract, we didn't think we needed one. my grandma was highly admired and trusted in our family and we thought my auntie would follow through on her wishes. she was my mums best friend and my cousin they barely smile if they see us, as if we are in the wrong.

    Is there anything we can do?

    my entire family has been torn apart by money. my family would be happy if my auntie admitted she did wrong and attempt to correct it, but she literally doesn't seem bothered at all.

    any advice?

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  • i need money ASAP anyone know where from?

    I had an extremly rubbish job and ended up getting payday loans and credit cards out to cover expenses. and these were basic...i'm talking rent, food etc never went out havent brought myself anything new in MONTHS!!! i'm literally working to survive.

    I have finally got a new and better paid job, but unfortunately i owe so much debt, which is increasing on a daily basis due to interest. I can afford to pay it all back, but only in monthly creditors want it now!!!

    i just need to know if anyone knows any loan companies/ banks that lend to people with EXTREMELY bad credit!!! I have a financial plan and i want to stick to it....i need to lend £2000 and repay around £150 - £200 a month...i know this seems ridiculous...borrowing more money to solve my problems...but the repayments to one lender will be alot less than to 4...not to mention saving money on interest rates...I am determined to get myself straight...i want my own house and car etc...i want that life i just need one last bit of help to get there....

    and before anyone suggests my bank, family or has already said HELL NO...well to that mum can barely cover her own expenses never mind my own...and my friends...well they aren't really the 'bags of money' type.

    any help really appreciated :)

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  • How to access other computers?

    I left my job 3 weeks ago because the boss treated us all ridiculously bad. I started a new job but realised the other day because I left in a hurry I didn't have Time to clear my personal files off my old work pc. Is there anyway I can remotely access them? I know the Internet username and password and I know they do no have any fire is not an option to go back Into my old job... Any help greatly appreciated xx

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  • can i get help with my University Fees UK?

    Can I get funding for a univeristy course even though i have previously had two years funding?