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  • im getting paranoid if i have some sort of infection, can you help?

    So I've been noticing a rash in my scrotum on the right side. At times it may itch but nothing too crazy. I notice if i scratch it it gets really red and irritated. In one spot it almost looks like an open cut as if i broke the skin when i scratched down there. I've looked up herpes symptoms showing multiple bumps with clear heads that burst then scab over and I have not seen that. I religiously use condoms so im getting anxious what is going on. I saw a dermatologist a week ago and she said it didn't look like herpes but we would have a follow up soon. Any idea what this could be? it's like a small rash it's really sensitive and irritated then goes away after a few days. I'm stumped. I've NEVER had unprotected sex, and with my luck i rarely get sex as it is. I'm hoping it isn't anything related in that area but im not sure what else could be going on.

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  • Why does she never take initiative to make a first move?

    So me and this girl have been going out on dates recently, we used to hang out but stopped talking but started back again recently. One thing that really gets under my skin is i'll text/call her majorty of the time. I swear if I don't text her first it could be days passed she literally won't text me first. We've gone out for food, drinks, we've held hands and kissed a few times. Things seem to be moving slow but I feel she doesn't put forth much effort into making a move. I know the old school way of thinking the guy does the work which I don't mind but a relationship is a two way street. What does this mean ? also I don't want to bring it up I'd want the feeling to be mutual versus her doing it just because I bring it up. Anyone have advice on what to do in this situation?

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  • is she putting her guard up even if it seems like she's interested in me?

    a while back I was dating this lady, we have a lot in common so we mesh pretty well. At a point it felt like I had to put forth most if not all the effort (calling, setting up plans/dates) it felt one sided so I stopped talking to her but we're talking again recently. The other night I was straight forward with her & asked her why she seemed so hot & cold at times she seems into me & other times she seems unsure. So she asked if i wanted to go grab a drink the next night. So we went out had a nice date, ended with a kiss, held hands so the attraction is there. When I was talking to her last night i was asking her what her plans were the next day & it feels she doesn't invite me in them (like lets grab food or whatever). I never invite myself either so I'm wondering if I shouldnt text/call her for a day or so to see if she hits me up in return? what do you all think?

    p.s. - im not into playing games but maybe give it a few days and see if she reaches out to me

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  • is she really into me or not?

    I met this girl through a dating site, and I'm not even a fan of them because it's hard to assume genuine people are on there. We matched this was months back. We talked a lot had a ton of hobbies in common. We exchanged numbers & went on some dates. She said she had got out of a 2yr relationship so maybe wasn't ready to just jump into anything right away. At times it felt I had to do all of the work (making plans, who calls who, etc.) so at a point i stopped trying. Recently we started talking again & we went out for drinks, at times she just stares at me like she's gazing into my eyes or something. So i assume she's attracted to me. By the end of the night we held hands a few times and walked her to her car and we kissed. That hadn't happened before so I'm wondering if she's finally coming around now? anyone else have an explanation to this

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  • why is this a constant in my relationship life?

    Ok so for some reason there seems to be a constant and not so much in a positive way. I've been wanting a good relationship for as long as I can remember. It seems like I start talking to someone, they seem interested then things just fizzle out and that's that. Also it seems like later down the line of these people after being flaky or just lying to me say hi and make small convo when they see me and I almost take offense to that thinking "if you were so fake to me why the hell would I want to talk to you now?". On top of that if someone is interested in me it's like they say they like me, we may go out a few times, have sex a few times then they're on to the next dude. So over the course of years of this b/s I seem to have grown bitter & jaded nowdays. I may come off as passive agressive at times and maybe it's from being burned so many times that I don't know how else to express how i feel anymore. I have a lot of hobbies, work hard, well travelled but I feel like either something is wrong with me or I was born in the wrong era. I have some ladies tell me how nice and sweet they think I and im like damn if that's the case why the hell am I always single then? I'd like to get out of this funk but I'm not sure what to do anymore I just continue to feel jaded every time something fails. Any advice?

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  • what do I do in this situation?

    So basically I been single for quite some time. I work a lot and travel a lot but needless to say I been wanting to find a good lady to be with. In my group of friends I hangout with, one girl was dating someone that also would hangout in this group, they dated for some time but broke up and things didn't work out. The guy is with another girl now and the girl he was with is single and trying to date. Thing is she's genuinely a good girl and it's hard to find that nowdays. She's been dating dudes here and there but they are all douchebags guys and she seems upset when the s*** hits the fan. I do wish her the best but this partially made me have a crush on her, the fact i know she's a good girl and I'd treat her right. Only problem is we hang in the same group so I'm not sure if she only sees me as a friend and nothing more or if there's a possibility. We've never flirted but I do find her attractive, I'm trying to think of what to do in this situation. I would like to date her maybe it could work out. Any advice ladies and gents?

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  • a group of chicks i know deleted me on fb? is there a reason?

    I'm sorry this might sound dumb, and im not in high school i keep my fb to keep in touch with friends and family. I was on fb the other day and i noticed four ladies i know that also know each other, literally all deleted me. I'm not sure when it was since i don't talk to them every day but every once in a while i'll make convo. So I msg'd one and asked if i had offended them in any way and she read the message and never replied. I'm completely stumped and honestly as i get older i've become a bit jaded almost like f it when things happen. It does bother me to think someone hates me and i'm oblivous why. Any idea what this could be about? also i mean I can't cry over spilled milk so not much i can do i suppose.

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  • is she ignoring me or just busy?

    been talking to this girl for about 2 weeks or a little more than that. A friend introduced me and we hit it off, she told me the girl had a crush on me. Fast foward, the other day I was off of work and she gets out of work early so i texted her asking her what her plans were. She said not much just relaxing at home and asked what my plans were. I had went out to play basketball and texted her we should do something later on. She never replied but she's posted a few things on facebook, i'd imagine she has her phone with her. So now I'm thinking I can't text her without her replying to my last text it'd make me look needy. But what do i do? not text her for a few days or just wait for her to get back to me? it's kinda bugging me just a little bit because I would like to spend time with her but i don't know what to do.

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  • what should I do in this situation?

    So me and this girl been talking for a few weeks. we get along pretty well, the attraction is there we've already had sex, make out here and there. Our work schedules are different so it's hard to hang out. Today I had time and asked her what she was going to do and she said she probably chill, and i was out playing baseball but said we should do something later on. She never replied but I saw her post something on fb so was she ignoring me? and even if so do I just not text her for a while or something? i definitely don't want to come off as desperate or too available. What do I do now?

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  • how to know she thinks i was good or not in bed?

    we've been talking for about a week and ended up having sex the other night. The attraction was mutual needless to say, I wasn't sure what she was looking for like a relationship or a fling. I don't have sex too often to be honest I don't think i'm bad though. The sex lasted about an hour and afterwards she asked me if i thought we were going to have sex and i said i honestly didn't know what to expect but didn't mind lol. Anyway I had work early in the morning and i had to leave but before I left we made out for 10-15 minutes at the door before i finally left. Is it safe to assume she enjoyed the sex? sorry if it seems like a dumb question, ladies care to give me your feedback?

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  • weak ankle, is there anything I can do to strenthen it?

    So i've always ben athletic, played soccer a lot, been skateboarding since i was a kid and still do. With skating you move your ankle a lot with the way you flick the board and what not. I've been noticing lately when I go to skate if i land on my foot a certain way I get a sharp pain in my ankle even if i haven't actually fallen on it. It feels like it's forever been sore and weak. Is there anything I can do to fix that? my other ankle doesn't feel that bad but my right one bugs me quite a bit. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated

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  • did i do good? (sex related)?

    So I'm not a virgin i just don't get to have sex as often as i'd like. Anyway been hanging out with this girl for a week or two and we went back to her place, had a few drinks and listened to music. I kinda felt she wanted me to kiss her but i hate to make a move and get rejected so i waited until it was really obvious. We ended up having sex and the whole time she kept saying oh fu*k and i wasn't sure if she came or not but every 10-15mins she would push me back and kept saying oh fu*k!, then afterwards i had to leave had work early we made out for 20mins or so at the door before i left. Did i do good? i'm hoping so at least

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  • was she just wasting my time from the begining?

    So I met this girl through a dating app, I wasn't sure what to expect i suppose wishful thinking to expect to find anything serious out of it. We seemed to have a lot in common from movies to music, etc. The issue I have with it was that she had no follow up, I'd try to say "hey lets go grab some food, coffee, go to a park" etc just something to go out and get to know someone. She would say she was up for it but never really follow through. We did hang out a few times that wasn't too bad but I felt I had to put forth all the effort. Yesturday I asked her what she was looking for and she said she finds me very interesting, loves that i have so many different hobbies but she isn't looking for a boyfriend but if something happens it happens but she still wants to continue to hang out with me. So does that mean she just wants to string me along then?? I definitely am not trying to just be friends at my age, i mean if the whole reason we're talking is to date and get to know each other and that isn't happening I feel like she's just b/s'ing me quite a bit. Any opinions?

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  • should I just ask her what she's looking for now or wait it out? i don't want to be too blunt?

    ask me if i want to go do something but then at other times it's like if they don't she's perfectly fine. I basically want to know if she's actually trying to talk to me with interest like she's looking for something or if she's just dragging me along for her ride. What do you all think? and if so how should I ask her? I just want to know now so i'm not wasting any more time

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  • stomach pains in my mid/left side, what could this be?

    So for the past 2 weeks maybe I've noticed a feeling in my stomach area the mid and left side. I was at the gym one day doing crunches towards the end of my workout and shortly after the crunches i got the worse pain possible in my abs it wasn't the normal soreness pain it was more like a sharp pain. If im just doing my daily routine at work and not being too active i don't feel it much. Also the other day i was at the bar and I literally had 2 beers and towards the end of the second beer i noticed a small pain in my stomach again, also if i sleep on my side or stomach i can feel it a bit. What could this be? I'm very active, i workout, i'm a vegetarian so i eat very healthy, what in the world is going on?

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  • question about sex, can anyone inform me on this?

    So i'm not new to sex, i'm in my mid 20's, have had sex here and there but not hundreds of times. Last night i had pretty drunk sex but i definitely used protection that's very important for me. I was fingering her and she was getting VERY wet and of course went to penetration, and it seemed to go on for 20-30minutes and towards the end she was pushing my penis out, i've felt that before after long sex but this pushing out was really intense, does this mean she was having multiple orgasms? i've heard that but wasn't sure, my ex said i gave her a lot of orgasms but since i was so drunk this time i honestly wasn't sure. Not trolling i really wanted to know what the intense pushing out meant that's all

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  • where should i take her on a date?

    ok so me and this girl have been talking a lot mainly through msgs and text after exchanging numbers. We seem to have a lot in common, she seems to like helping people in need (works with the elderly and is a nurse) i definitely respect those qualities about her and we like a lot of the same music and sports. She said this sunday she'd be free and now im trying to think where should i take her. Coffee and movies sound nice to me but maybe something more active? i can't make my mind up. Any suggestions? she told me she is up for anything really

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  • what exactly does this girl want? getting mixed signals?

    So i met this lady at a bar about two weeks ago, she was with a group of some friends had never met her before, she seemed pretty nice we all hung out, had drinks. After the bar a few of them were hanging out and invited me, the girl i just met said she wasn't going if i wasn't going so that's almost telling me she's interested. So i go we sit on the couch and talk a bit she was nice, we exchanged numbers and texted for a few days. Then she stopped replying so i just said f it. I ran into her the other night and she was all under me like wouldn't leave my side. So later the next day i asked her what she was looking for and she said she thought i was a really interesting guy and this and that and she said to text her but i replied well i have been a few times and no reply so i won't keep texting if it isn't mutual. So what does that even mean? she thinks im interesting in a friend kind of way? or more than that? definitely confusing at least if she was interested she'd reply back and conversate more

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  • should I ask her to hang out again?

    So i been talking to this girl through a dating app and we seem to have quite a bit in common. I asked her to if she wanted to meet up twice last week once in the begining of the week and the second time that weekend. The first time she said she had plans with her friend, the second time she said she was at a bar not far from where I was and when I got there she said she wasn't feeling too good i guess she got drunk and her friend took her home. I don't want to look desperate constantly asking her to hang out with no reciprocation but obviously to get to know someone you have to go out in person and feel each other out. So I was thinking maybe set a day where we agree on and attempt to try this one more time. I don't want to give up too early but i'm not sure how much she wants to. Any advice?

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  • in a bit of an awkward situation, any advice?

    so i have a good friend who is dating this girl whom i know as well they're both cool people. We for the most part all hang out in the same group of friends throughout the week, grab drinks, food etc. For some reason she flirts with me a lot and she's pretty good looking as well. Now here's my gripe. If she likes me and is attracted to me over him then why the hell did she start dating him??? i mean he's a good friend and im not trying to step on any toes, i actually won't act on it or make a move because i respect friends and that's not my nature to intervene. So whenever I see her she gives me real big hugs like she hasn't seen me in ages and always says how much better her day is when im around. I appreciate it but before she was with him why didn't she say all of that then? completely confusing. I also don't want him to feel im moving in on her or anything which im not at all i just hang out and she follows me everywhere. Any advice? should i tell him something or just try to avoid her flirting with me?

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