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A regular guy who likes to give the world the benefit of his experience! I live in Sydney, Australia and come from Britain originally, so if you have any questions about either, give me a shout!

  • Have you ever accidentally...?

    emailed someone pictures of your genitals?

    I mean, it must happen a lot, right?

    I've just checked my iPhone and not only has it taken photos of my genitals without my knowledge, but it's also emailed them to this random guy I met on the bus yesterday who I'm not having an affair with.

    I think Apple should address this flaw pretty quickly...

    But I did once email a picture that I shouldn't have to an email address that I thought was the right one and it turned out it wasn't and it was very awkward...

  • Why are followers of the Church of Latter Day Saints known as Mormons?

    I lived near a church/temple/meeting house of the Latter Day Saints for many years and never realised it was actually the Mormons. So, why do Mormons have these two ways of referring to them?

    By the way, this is just for interest's sake. I'm an atheist, grew up in the UK and live in Australia and have no interest in becoming a Mormon as I disagree with their stance on many things. Although of all the respondents on the R&S section, they do seem to be among the most patient and polite and not tied up in the vitriol that other christians spout.

    Just intrigued... that's all.

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  • Q for UK folk: I've heard via a contact in London that Maggie Thatcher has died... ?

    ... but that it hasn't hit the news agencies yet for some reason or other. Has anyone else heard anything or can confirm it?

    I'm in Australia and about to go to bed, and it would be nice to know before I do...


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  • Do you have any ideas that can help me for an LGBT party.?

    I'm going to a Halloween party / birthday party on Friday. I'm not a big costume / dressing up person, neither is my partner. In fact, I have never dressed up in a costume come to think of it...

    Everyone is going to be in fancy dress. Like *everyone* as it's an annual thing and seeing the photos from last year, they make a big effort. There's going to be lots of LGBT people there, which is awkward as there'll be some outrageous costumes which we'll never be able to compete with. But we feel like we should make a *bit* of an effort. :o)

    So - suggestions for two guys in their (ahem) late thirties-ish for Halloween costumes which aren't going to involve:

    -excessive creativity

    -excessive time

    -cross-dressing (I can't face the thought of fake boobs or willy-between-the-legs undies)

    -fancy makeup

    ... but still might pass as "halloween" costumes. We're the same height (almost) and build, so could potentially pass as a double act of something if that helps with your creative juices (we regularly get the "are you brothers?" question).

    So, advice please on a costume, that we may be able to put together using stuff that we might have lying around the house or in our wardrobes already, rather than going to a fancy dress / costume shop. Or stuff that's cheap and easy to obtain.

  • Do you think your sexuality has influenced your choice in music? ?

    For example, as a lesbian, do you think that you listen to waaaay more kd lang / Melissa Etheridge / Indigo Girls etc. than you would have done otherwise?

    Or as a gay man, have you dedicated your life to Barbra, Whitney and Celine since coming out, or are you Miss ShowTunes 2008 these days?

    Just interested - I recently "discovered" Barbra after fleeing in the opposite direction for many years because I didn't want to be stereotyped!

  • French: what are these lyrics (spoken in French)?

    Way back in the early 80s, Visage released a song called "Fade To Grey", and there are some lyrics spoken in French.

    Right at the beginning, the first thing that is said by a woman (between 00:12 and 00:30) is the French equivalent of "fade to grey" - I've looked it up on the web and have found many different versions:

    dèvènir à gris

    dèvenions à gris

    deperir a gris

    dèvènir gris

    Most of which translate to "becoming" grey, "deperir" translating as "withering".

    It sounds to me like:

    dèvènir en gris

    but I can't make my mind up what she is saying. Can someone tell me what is the correct French for this lyric? It's driving me mad!

    Many thanks

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