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  • Please help me i`m so worried i have a weird bumb on my eye !?

    I have a REALLY weird bumb on my right eyelid, and it`s been there for several months but i`ve never really thought much of it. it doesn`t hurt at all, but it`s there for sure...

    i`m SO WORRIED. what could this be???? any ideas?

    ALL answers are appreciated.. thanks so much.

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  • Please help me, should I text him or something?

    I'm 15 and nothing like this has ever happened to me before

    My boyfriend of about 4 months broke up with me about 1 and a half months ago. He called me saying that he didn't have the time for a girlfriend right now, but that after exams he'd really want to be with me again because he loves me and such. i was devastated because i really love, or loved him. but whatever,he'd come back

    we'd been texting etc etc. then i heard that he'd cheated on be several times. i called him about it and he said he was drunk, etc. that just made me plain mad. he had 2 other girls over at his house, no more than half an hour before i came to his house...

    even after i made it clear that i found out, he continued to say that he wanted to be with me, and cared about me, very soon, very, very soon. i felt like **** about him cheating on me, but whatever

    my best friend told me to check his relationship status last week. he has a new girlfriend

    worse, he deleted me as a friend on facebook so that i wouldn't see his new relationship status...

    last thing; we never made it "facebook official", because he didnt want the girls he was cheating on me with to know that he had a girlfriend.

    i texted him being like "you have a new girlfriend?" and he didnt reply.

    should i say anything more, saying how much he hurt me? he still has some of my stuff at his house.. should i tell him all the grief he's caused me? should i mention anything more to him? i really loved him, and he said he did too. i hate all boys. i can't even trust my dad i can't trust any boy.

    what should i do?

    thank you so much. im really rattled


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  • should i have sex with him?

    im 15 and so is he

    weve been together for almost 3 months now

    both virgins

    hes really sweet and we've spoken 1000 times about how he wont leave after we do it, and how we actually love each other, and how it would probably just further our relationship. i want to, but i kinda feel as if 'im only 15", and maybe were too young. i trust him and i think he actually means the stuff he says..

    do you think we should?

    please be sincere because im completely serious

    thank you, all answers are greatly appreciated:)

    -amyyy :)

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  • Why isn't he texting me?

    Last night I told my boyfriend to, "text me tomorrow? night :) <3", he said "will do night <3:)"

    usually he texts me right after school, so at about 3.30-4.00pm

    it's now 6.55 pm and still he hasn't texted me back. Why do you think this is??

    do you guys think maybe he's at another chicks house or something :s

    i ended up texting him at like 4.30 being like "hey". then i have to ask him something so i said "i kinda have to ask you something!"

    on a side note, if this is helpful, he can only text when he's at home because he uses a free texting app on his iTouch. please help me i feel so forgotten about :(

    please help, ALL answers are so so so so greatly appreciated!

    thanks again


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  • please help me, i'm desperate...!?

    I really really like this guy called austen. we're together btw. we're both fifteen. he's really the cool guy type. you know, popular and stuff but we don't go to the same school, he goes to public and i go to private school all girls. I SUCK at playing hard to get. like i suck at it, because im scared that i wont get chased back...

    how can i play more hard to get with a guy who's already my boyfriend?

    and also... we've been dating for a week and we've gone to second base.

    so im just really wondering how him and i can make things work ? i really like him, and i want him to feel the same way about me!

    thank you so much, every type of answer is very very very very appreciated :) thanks!!!!


    :) thanks again!

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  • where can i find the link to the souja boy crank that dance that display people dancing it all over the world?

    i think there's one with like a bunch of monks doing it, a bunch of guys, girls, etc etc. or are they are seperate videos? anything would be great! thanks if you could just give me the link, or tell me the name of the video :)

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  • What makes a lurkable facebook and an interesting formspring?

    like.. what makes someone want to stalk a facebook? what makes a profile interesting? and what makes a formspring that you just WANT to follow?


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  • what is the name of that guitar music during the leonardo dicaprio version of romeo and juliet?

    it plays several times in the movie. it`s really pleasant guitar music and i know this is a really broad question, but if someone could even find me the soundtrack for this 1997 movie, that would be GREAT.

    thank you so much guys! :)


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  • boyfriend troubles, please help!?

    so we met about a month ago at a dance... we hooked up/ danced etc etc

    we've basically been going out since.

    and we've been texting each other a lot, basically everyday.

    and he's been saying stuff like "i love you" and "best gf ever" and "i like u more then my other gfs" etc etc.

    he lives in a place called caledon a really small town and i live in the city, and sometimes he goes boarding and his connection is bad so he doesn't text me back


    (latly he's been acting a little less into the relationship... like he doesn't call me cute anymore and stuff like that.. idk i feel like im making up all of the conversation..)

    we were suppost to chill today in caledon and then yesterday he told me i couldn't come .. i had been looking forward to it, too..

    last night he went boading he he wasnt texting back and he didnt say brb so i said "this is getting pretty old.."

    and we almost broke up, because he felt like he rushed into the relationship too fast and we've only been together for a month now/ we've only seen each other 4 times and he feels that it's going too fast for him i guess. i kinda insisted that we stay together.

    after that he said "i shouldn't have said all of that" and we were cool, and still together..

    later he wanted me to show him my boobs on cam, which i refused

    anyways, today at about 1:50 i texted him saying hi

    no response

    i texted him at like 3:50

    no response

    what's going on?

    i know we couldn't chill today, because he was going up to his cottage... so is the connection bad, and is that why he's not responding?

    we had a little connection last time he was up at his cottage..

    by the way, we're both almost fifteen years old

    please help me, it's hogging my thoughts!

    sorry if this sounds foolish :3


    all answers are very appreciated!! any thoughts!

    thank you so much :)

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  • Do you think he'll text/message me?

    I danced and madeout with this guy called Ben last night at a dance, and he was like, "i need a break, i'll be back"

    and then he ACTUALLY came back :)

    and he smiled and i did too and then we danced and hooked up and we got each other's numbers :)

    and i told him he was really hot and he said "so are you".

    and we were texting each other tofind each other at the dance when we were actualy right next to each other haha..and then we danced and hooked up; he asked me if i wanted to go sit down, but i had to go:(

    and then we kissed goodbye

    and i added him on facebook, because only i had his last name, and he didnt.

    and a few hourslater, he accepted!:)

    but ...he'sbeen online today.. and you think he'll message me? inhow long? should i message him?

    this dance was last night. I'm fourteen,grade nine; and so is he.




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  • Where can I buy a beanie in canada that looks like this?

    like an oversized slouch rimmed beanie...

    that looks like this!

    this is so totally my style lol. im a freestyle skier and i love this. aha.

    so where could i find one, i live in canada!

    (sorry you can't click the link)

    thanks so much guys this is so helpful i haven't found one anywhere!!

    xoxo :)

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  • where can i buy a beanie in canada that looks like this?

    like an oversized slouch rimmed beanie...

    that looks like this!

    this is so totally my style lol. im a freestyle skier and i love this. aha.

    so where could i find one, i live in canada!

    (sorry you can't click the link)

    thanks so much guys this is so helpful i haven't found one anywhere!!

    xoxo :)

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  • What influence did Maurice Richard have on children and adults?

    how did he influnce people/ what was his influence

    Thanks so much!

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  • Is it OK to eat skittles for lunch?

    I mean i'm trying to lose weight.

    and skittles have like 210 calories in one pack, plus they last long.

    So is it OK to eat skittles for lunch? instead of like 400 calories worth of a sandwich.



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  • Why don't boys check me out?

    I'm 14, turning 15 in october.

    i have medium-length hair

    i guess my legs are kinda short?

    i'm 5'4''

    i have hazel eyes

    defined facial feature (see reese witherspoon?)

    slight freckles

    i'm really athletic

    boobs not too big, not to small

    im white.

    long eyelashes

    no smoking, no drinking, no drugs.

    i'm not a ****, but i do wear like tight shirts and stuff

    i usually wear TNA pants and boots

    not too fat, no too thin

    my goods: nice, calm, generous, smiles a lot, i guess i can look good when i want to

    my bads: somewhat shy, shortish/ musclish legs:S

    i mean, i guess i could consider myself to be attractive, however i would not consider myself to be a narcissist.

    but.. i recently went on a ski trip, i'd walk around the village where there are PLENTY of hot guys my age. ive started making my prettiest face (lol) and looking nice and stuff, and checking THEM out, but they never look at me! can someone tell me why please?

    boys: why? and; what is it about a girl that makes her stand out from a crowd, that makes you check her out?

    thank you so much

    :) xoxo

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  • Will I lose weight with this lifestyle?

    I am currently: 120 pounds, 125 if i'm unlucky.


    i know this may not sound heavy at all, but trust me when you look at my legs, its pretty ewww :S

    so im trying to lose like one to three pounds.. would this be possible for me?

    here is what i have done today, and i have an intention on keeping this type of lifestyle up.


    -Special K Satisfaction (280 calories/cup, but i had a little more so 300 calories)


    -Jamaican Beef Patty: patty king (320 calories ---> yes i know, not healthy, bad for me, etc etc but i usually dont eat these things!!! so take in consideration id usually have a sandwich )

    -veggies (dont know how many calories)


    - penne whole grain (200 calories)

    - + meat sauce ( 80 calories )

    Plus a snack of maybe an apple in this day.

    Today, I :

    -ran for 25 minutes

    -4 sets of 15 suitcase sit-ups

    -4 sets of 20 push-ups

    -4 sets of 15 one-legged squats (one leg on a chair)

    - 3 sets of 15 hip-bridges.

    -twice a week, and soon to be three times, i run track for one hour.

    - this friday, i'm going to vail, colorado, to do some skiing for 5 days (i ski moguls real intense (from like 9- 4) )

    - i'll go out for a run the days where i dont have track, maybe 2 times a week

    - in the summer, all this + tennis twice a week (lol minus going out for runs ).

    so yea i do a lot of stuff, as you can see, plus i walk a kilometer, there and back, to and from school every day.

    i have a lot of muscle. it bothers me, on my legs, so im trying to figure out a way to make it go away. WILL THIS MAKE ME HAVE LESS MUSCLES ON MY LEGS?



    thank you so so so so much. no, i am not a tub of lard. i am a 14, soon to be 15 year old female, and looking to just look better. idk, im not looking to be like nicole ritchie/paris hilton ******* or anything i just want to have a thinner frame, especially my legs. i dont have a lot of fat on me though.

    thank you so much, again, for reading this and helping me out.

    thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.



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  • What are some clues that the Germans began to lose power during the war?

    im going to have an oral presentation on this tomorrow and i have no idea. i know i know, youre probably thinking "do your homework".. and i am. its just that there's no one to ask these questions because i never see my parents anyways.

    Im just wondering about the clues and the way that you could see that the German began to lose their power during the war. My oral is on France.

    Thanks a lot

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  • Why was Maurice Richard so respected?

    Appart for the fact that he made records and was very influencial???

    Thank you so much! This would help me so much oh my God you have NO idea :(

    please please answer!



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  • Question about "in the time of the butteflies"?

    how are the girls' personalities reflected on their choice of husband?

    thank you, i assure you that ANYTHING will be appreciated!!

    please, and thanks!

    xx :)

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