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    Physic question someone help please ?

    I attached a photo of the question 

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    Anyone good at symbolic logic (determining the main operator) easy but just want to double check ?

    Circle the main operator in each of the following statements. For any statements that do not have a main operator, write “undetermined” next to the statement. 

    (Some symbols I couldn’t paste so I wrote them instead and attached a photo of what they look like.) 2) [(D • Q) Horseshoe H] v ~[A horseshoe (G triple bar Y)] triple bar ~Q5) ~~(~E Horseshoe ~~E)

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  • Symbolic logic help please anything will help ?

    For the following set of statements, symbolize the statements using the scheme of abbreviations provided, construct a truth table for the statements, and then write whether the set is consistent or inconsistent.

    W: There will be war.A: Arms production continues.18) [1] There will be war only if arms production continues. [2] There will be war only if arms production does not continue. [3] Arms production will continue, but there will be no war.

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  • Probability hw help math ?

    (I’ve attached the photo example of the cards)

    Consider the card deck pictured to the right. What is the number of possible

    5-card hands that would be classified as a “two-pair?” A two-pair is a hand with 2 cards

    of one denomination, 2 cards of another denomination (that is different than

    the first denomination), and 1 card that is of a different denomination than both of the

    pairs. For example, the hand pictured here is a two-pair.

    The order of the cards doesn’t matter when making a hand

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