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I do adult work such as posing for calandars, Hustler Magazine, and work for an adult site. I also love selling things on Ebay and Ebanned.

  • Guys what things would Humiliate you if you had to go and buy?

    Girls sometimes need tampons and some guys feel humiliated to have to purchase them. What are some other things you feel are humiliating to have to buy at a store? Does it bother you to buy porn? Please tell me some things that are humiliating to have to buy?

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  • Is Answers just for woman or what I was going to have my husband ask and answer about fishing.?

    My husband loves to fish for a sport. I thought this would be a great place for him to help others understand the sport, and ask questions about fishing in other places. Is there somewhere to go to leave yahoo a comment to possibley add this catagory under sports?

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  • Can they get you on this?

    My cousin was staying witha boyfriend and there house was raided for growing pot. She was not on the search warrent. 2-3 days later the task force put a warrent out for her and she is now facing felony drug charges. She is being charged with manufacturing, delivery, possesion, drug tax stamp, running a drug house, and more. The house is not in her name she doesnt pay rent so can she be charged with running a drug house? Also she was not a drug dealer and never sold, can she be charged with delivery? They didn't even have evidence she stayed there untill they searched the house. They arrested her and nothing was found on her, but the room her and her boyfriend slept in had parphenlia, and some plants I believe. Can they really charge her with any of this? We live in Iowa. I think once they go and find no evedience of her doing this they will have to drop all charges, but also feel they should have to pay the lawyer fees, and pain and suffering. She lost her job, has a po and curfew.

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  • Would you want you wife?

    What would turn you on more..if you wife acted like a prostitute, babysitter, girlfriend, prinicipal or teacher of your kids during sex. Or would you just want her to be your wife with no pretending. Would it turn you on for your wife to say don't tell your wife you are doing the babysitter or I will loose my job or etc? Is there something eles you would like to pretend she is if it is not listed. I am wanting to pretend I am not the wife and say things we wouldn't normally say. Is this wierd? I just thought he would enjoy that, and I might more too.

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  • ovarian cyst?

    I was told I have ovarian cyst but was pregnant. If they haden't gone away after I gave birth then at my 6 week check up she may talk about surgery. She said if they still looked the same or got bigger she would use a laser surgery to remove them. I don't see anything on this page about laser surgery. Is that done?

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