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Why do u ppl care? anyway, if you rally want to know: I'm 13... Female (obviously). They call me Megan (or Spaz which ever one) Lets look on the bright i'm not forever alone i'm forever available. Guess what? i'm a national f*cking champion in baton twirling! Stick that in your juice box and suck it! I hate most ppl on here. Don't be offended you could be a person who i like... but probably not. I don't really see any purpose in life and i'll stop saying that when someone tells me the reason to life. Byee have a nice life.... Btw if your ever having a bad day... just imagine a T-rex trying to masturbate.


    So here are the lyrics. The voice kind of reminds me of Jason Mraz or someone like that. but anyway the lyrics:

    you can count on me like 1, 2, 3 i'll be there. and when i need it i can count on you like 4, 3, 2 and you'll be there.

    So please help? i really like this song but i don't know what it's called or who its by.

    Thanks so much :) <3

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  • PLZZZ name the song of these lyrics?!?!?

    Ok so i'm having a major brain fart and i can't name this song... I'm pretty sure it's by Taylor Swift but correct me if i'm wrong.


    So don't you worry your little pretty mind.

    People through rocks at things that shine.

    Thats not a lot of lyrics but i think you can know it... I can't remember what it's called and i used to love it!! Again please correct me if i'm wrong about Taylor Swift.

    Thanks :)

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  • Make some baby names out of these?

    So i'm just bored but i've always loved these! so make as many names as you want but there must be at least one of each gender. There must be a first and middle but you can add multiple middle names if you would like. Also, Change the spelling but make sure it's still the name (EX. Chloe- Khloe/ Aiden-Ayden/ Amelia- Emilia). The one with the most creativity and detail will get BA.. Not that hard, right? ok go!


    Lydia, Annabelle, Andrea, Piper, London, Mackenzie, Giana, Ariana, Melanie, Michaela, Kayla, Lauren, Faith, Alexandra, Morgan, Kennedy, Naomi, Ellie, Jasmine, Eva, Skylar, Caroline, Bailey, Sydney, Trinity, Violet, Jocelyn, Aria, Kimberly, Molly, Madeline, Reagan, Emma, Ava, Emily, Madison, Chloe, Isabella, Sophia, Olivia, Elizabeth, Victoria, Brooklyn, Kaylee, Abigail, Mia, Ella, Avery, Addison, Aubrey, Lily, Natalie, Charlotte, Zoey, Grace, Amelia, Harper, Hannah, Lillian, Samantha, Evelyn, Layla, Hailey, Leah, Anna, Aaliyah, Ashley, Gabriella, Allison, Alexis, Audrey, Nevaeh, Savannah, Sarah, Alyssa, Claire, Taylor, Riley, Camila, Brianna, Sophie, Peyton, Bella, Alexa, Genesis, Serenity, Kylie, Scarlett, Stella, Maya, Katherine, Julia, Lucy, Autumn


    Jacob, Jonathan, Aiden, Dominic, Carter, Mason, Ethan, Luke, Blake, Jose, Noah, Owen, William, Brayden, Oliver, Justin, Gavin, Liam, Jayden, Wyatt, Jason, Isaiah, Bentley, Michael, Alexander, Henry, Chase, Eli, Ian, Daniel, Josiah, Hunter, Parker, Jack, Matthew, Elijah, Xavier, Evan, Adam, Jordan, James, Anthony, Nicholas, Cooper, Nathaniel, Tyler, Benjamin, Joshua, Aaron, Jace, Jeremiah, Andrew, Grayson, David, Julian, Carson, Nolan, Cameron, Joseph, Logan, Levi, Tristan, Luis, Brandon, Jackson, Christopher, Angel, Brody, Austin, Juan, Gabriel, Samuel, Connor, Bryson, Adrian, Hudson, Ryan, Lucas, Carlos, Easton, Robert, Charles, John, Nathan, Thomas, Damian, Alex, Sebastian, Isaac, Dylan, Colton, Kaden, Ryder, Caleb, Christian, Kevin, Zachary, Landon

    Have Fun!

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  • Are these all the ways to spell these names?

    So here are some names... Are there any other ways to spell them?

    Cayleigh/ Kayleigh/ Kaleigh/ Caleigh/ Caileigh/ Kaileigh/ Kaley/ Caley/ Cayley/ Kayley/ Kailey/ Cailey/ Cayly/ Kayly/ Caylie/ Kaylie/ Kailie/ Cailie/ Kaylee/ Caylee/ Cailee/ Kailee. Is that all?

    Catelyn/ Katelyn/ Catelynn/ Katelynn/ Kaitlyn/ Caitlyn/ Kaitlynn/ Caitlynn/ Kaytlyn/ Kaytlynn/ Caytlyn/ Caytlynn/ Catelin/ Katelin/ Catelinn/ Katelinn/ Kaitlin/ Caitlin/ Kaitlinn/ Caitlinn/ Kaytlin/ Kaytlinn/ Caytlin/ Caytlinn. Is that all?

    Cailin/ Kailin/ Cailyn/ Kailyn/ Kaylyn/ Caylyn/ Caylin/ Kaylin/ Caelin/ Kaelin/ Caelyn/ Kaelyn. Is that all?

    Lindsay/ Lindsey/ Lyndsey/ Lyndsay/ Lindsee/ Lyndsee/ Lindsae/ Lyndsae. Is that all?

    Ashleigh/ Ashley/ Ashlie/ Ashlee/ Ashly. Is that all?

    Kristen/ Kristin/ Christen/ Christin. Is that all?

    BQ: Whats you favorite spelling for each?

    BQ2: Are there any other names that you can think of that have many multiple like Cayley?

    Thanks in advance :)

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  • What is this song called?!?! PLZ HELP!?

    Ok so i follow this anonymous girl on instagram and she said that this song meant so much to her but she never named the song... here are some lyrics do you know what this song is called?


    I know how to split my wrist to reveal a battlefield too, but the time has come for us to reclaim our bodies, our bodies deserve more than to be woretorn and callateral offering this f*cktum as a pathetic means to say i only know how to exist when i am wanted..

    So can you plz help me? i think this songs lyrics have alot of potential and i'm curious to hear the song now!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • This or that? Easy nicknames!?


    1. Abigail or Catherine

    2. Christine or Gwendolyn

    3. Elizabeth or Samantha

    4. Jillian or Margaret

    5. Josephine or Stephanie

    6. Nicole or Victoria

    7. Lillian or Jennifer


    1. Timothy or Anthony

    2. Matthew or Charles

    3. Jacob or Kenneth

    4. Andrew or William

    5. Nicholas or Nathaniel

    6. Michael or Peter

    7. Thomas or Benjamin
















    Enjoy (:

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  • This or that? place names!?


    1. Paris or Sydney

    2. Carolina or Asia

    3. China or Africa

    4. Holland or Regina

    5. Victoria or Cheyenne

    6. Savannah or Georgia

    7. Virginia or Kenya


    1. Austin or Dallas

    2. Dakota or Sydney

    3. London or Phoenix

    4. Orlando or Chad

    5. Boston or Indiana

    6. Denver or Kent

    7. Cleveland or Montreal
















    Enjoy (:

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  • This or that? nature names!?


    1. Amber or Hailey

    2. Savannah or Autumn

    3. Brooke or Heather

    4. Rain or Sierra

    5. Summer or Marina

    6. Skye or Willow

    7. Summer or Ivy


    1. Forest or Heath

    2. Ash or Dale

    3. Ridge or River

    4. Layk or Woody

    5. Storm or Eddy

    6. Canyon or Ford

    7. Cliff or Stone
















    Have fun (:

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  • This or that? Biblical names!?


    Deborah or Hannah

    Rebecca or Naomi

    Sarah or Rachel

    Judith or Eden

    Leah or Delilah

    Miriam or Ruth

    Eve or Esther


    Caleb or Jacob

    Noah or Isaac

    Isaiah or Ezra

    Daniel or Samuel

    Noah or Adam

    David or Joshua

    Eli or Jeremiah

    Enjoy :)

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  • what would you name 9 children?

    1. - Girl

    FN- Must start and end with the same letter (Ex. Azalea, Elise)

    MN- Must have to do with nature (Ex. Savannah, Hailey)

    2. - Girl

    FN- Must be a traditional Name (Ex. Elizabeth, Charlotte)

    MN- a person from dance moms (Ex. Brooke, Jill)

    3. - Boy

    FN- A country or city (Ex. Sydney, Dakota)

    MN- Biblical Name (Ex. Matthew, Samuel)

    4. - Girl

    FN- Your moms name (Ex. Mine is Susan)

    MN- Filler name (Ex. Grace, Marie)

    5. - Boy

    FN- a Person from One direction (Ex. Liam, Zayne)

    MN- Greek Mythology (Ex. Jason, Hector)

    6 and 7 - Twins! B/B

    FN- Names of Trades (Ex. Hunter, Tailor)

    MN- Starts with W (Ex. Wyatt, Wesley)

    8. - Girl

    FN- a person from pretty little liars (Ex. Aria, Spencer)

    MN- Your favorite actress (State the actress)

    9. - Boy

    FN- A name that has to do with water (Ex. Layk, Eddy)

    MN-The main boy character from your favorite movie(say the movie and the character/and the actor)

    For better chance at BA you can do nicknames, Last names, ages, birth... Not required though

    I'll post mine when i do BA

    Have fun :)

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  • Name 14 children with these names?

    So you can pick the genders but you have to have at least 1 of each gender so they can't be all girls and all boys.

    Girls FN: Megan, Kristen, Jara, Stephanie, Sophie, Vanessa, Jilene, Alex, Bridget, Cabrini, Marisa, Alexis, Sarah, Brooke, Glenna, Joy, Lyndsee, Nicole, Lexi, Hanna, Kaylee, Maggie

    MN: Catherine, Elizabeth, Marie, Nicole, Samantha, Michelle, Anne, Frances, Drusilla, Paisley, Olivia Wisteria, Victoria, Isabella, Katriel, Mackenzie, Deanna, Cailin

    Boys FN: Mitchell, Matthew, Scott, Gavin, Kevin, Steven, Sean, Adam, Chad, Luke, Keith, Eric, Donny, Spencer, Jeremy, Jake, Michael, Chet, Edgar, Nolan, Nicholas, Hayden

    MN: Lucas, Victor, Curtis, Elijah, Blake, Steven, Michael, Wesley, Keaton, Ryan, Braxton, Marshall, Quentin, Preston, Patrick, Joseph, Edward, David, Xavier, Zachary, Christopher, Christian, Griffin

    For more of a chance at BA add nicknames and last names. They can be a family or they don't have to be.

    Enjoy :)

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  • How do you spell each of these names?

    1- Cayleigh, Kayleigh, Caylie, Kaylie, Kaylee, Caylee, Kayley, Cayley, or another way?

    2- Hailey, Haley, Hayley, Haylee, Haylie, Hailee, Hailie, or another way?

    3- Ashleigh, Ashley, Ashlie, Ashlee, or another way?

    4- Meghan, Megan, Meagan, Meaghan, or another way?

    5- Cailin, Kailynn, Kaylyn, Caylinn, Caylyn, Kaylin, or another way?

    6- Kaitlyn, Catelynn, Katelin, Caitlin, Caytlyn, or another way?

    7- Lyndsee, Lindsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsey, Lindsey, or another way?

    8- Kristen, Christin, Christen, Kristin, or another way?

    9- Cydney, Sidney, Sydnee, Sydney, or another way?

    10- Catherine, Kathryn, Katherine, Cathryn, Katheryn, or another way?

    11- Emily, Emmaleigh, Emmalee, Emilee, or another way?

    12- Cassandra, Kasandra, Kassandra, Casandra, or another way?

    13- Jasmine, Jazmin, Jazmine, Jasmin, or another way?

    14- Madison, Maddisen, Madisen, Maddison, or another way?

    15- Karissa, Caressa, Karessa, Carissa,or another way?

    16- Savannah, Savanah, Savanna, Savana, or another way?

    17- Cheslea, Chelsey, Chelsee, or another way?

    18- Stephanie, Stefanie, Stephany, Stefany, or another way?

    19- Catie, Katy, Caty, Katie, Cady, Kady, or another way?

    20- Kacie, Casey, Kasey, Caycee, Kaycee, or another way?

    21- Rylie, Riley, Ryleigh, Rylee, or another way?

    22- Kelsi, Kelsey, Kelsie, Kelsee, or another way?

    23- Sierra, Cierra, Ciara, Siera, or another way?

    24- Sammie, Sammi, Samie, Sammie, or another way?

    25- Tatiana, Tatianna, Taytiana, or another way?

    26- Tracie, Traci, Tracey, Tracy, or another way?

    Have fun!

    And just wondering :)

    I'll do mine when i post BA

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  • What is the best way to spell these names?

    How do you like to spell these names? just curious

    Cayleigh/Kaylee/Cayley/Kaylie/ etc





























    Etc means if you know any more and like them better... I know most of these are girls names too but they were all i could think of.... anyway i'll post mine when i choose best answer!


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  • Make a family using these initials from my family? fun!?

    Ok so these are some of the initials in my family... You can pick out of these:


    Pick the same last name too if that isn't obvious

    ok so here are the initials:







    DW(M)C (M is the maiden name)



    You can add their personalities too! just to see what it would be like for my family would be kind of funny ^.^


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  • Which 3 names do you hate most out of this list?(Girls names)?

    Ok pick which three names you hate most out of this list. If you hate more than 3 the most you can go up to is 6!!!! plz follow this rule!




































    Have fun :)

    BQ: Which 4 names do you like most?

    BQ2: What would you name a twin girls from this list?

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  • What will you name your kids? version 2?

    Please no spelling changes unless you ABSOLUTELY hate that spelling. Also if you pick other could you pick what you do like for example…. In girl 2 for first name if you pick other could you say like braid or half up half down…. Thank you ☺ oh and I’m not having a baby I just like names if you can tell

    Girl 1- FN: Your favorite kind of shirt?

    Tank top- Zoey

    Tee shirt- Darcy

    Long sleeves- Carrie

    Fancy/ Dress shirt- Elizabeth

    Other- Samantha

    MN: Favorite part of body?

    Arm/Hand- Quinn

    Stomach- Hayden

    Head/Face- Valerie

    Back/Butt- Emily

    Other- Sarah

    Girl 2- FN: Favorite hair style for a girl?

    Straight- Jessica

    Curly- Veronica

    Ponytail- Mackenzie

    Pig tails- Michelle

    Other- Nicole

    MN: Color of hair you are most likely attracted to?

    Blonde- Megan

    Dirty blonde- Kristen

    Redhead- Kathryn

    Doesn’t matter- Hannah

    Other- Delilah

    Boy 1- FN: Favorite room in house?

    Bed room- Justin

    Kitchen- Carter

    Bathroom- Matthew

    Family room- Tristan

    Other- Steven

    MN: How many kids do you want?

    No Children- Andrew

    1 Child- Gavin

    2 Children- Keaton

    3 Children- Patrick

    Other- Samuel

    Boy 2- FN: Favorite finger?

    Pinky- Donald

    Ring Finger- Adam

    Pointer Finger- Lucas

    Middle Finger- Finley

    Thumb- Michael

    MN: Favorite Disney Princess?

    Cinderella- Samson

    Sleeping Beauty- Alexander

    Snow White- Derek

    Ariel- Braxton

    Other- Oliver

    Girl 3- FN: Favorite Sport?

    Baseball- Susan

    Golf- Olivia

    Baton Twirling- Cayleigh

    Cheerleading- Giana

    Other- Isobel

    MN: Favorite color for eyes?

    Brown- Xenia

    Hazel- Havana

    Green- Lindsay

    Blue- Ashleigh

    Other- Kaitlyn

    Boy 3- FN: Favorite Symbol?

    !- Kevin

    %- Irving

    #- Nathaniel


    Other- Scott

    MN: Favorite TV Channel?

    Lifetime- Frank

    USA- Nicholas

    Kids channels- Logan

    Syfy- Connor

    Other- Thomas

    BQ: Is there anything I can change about this?

    BQ2: Do you like the combinations?

    BQ3: Do you have any suggestions for questions that you would like me to do?

    Have fun ☺

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  • What will you name your kids?

    NO SPELLING CHANGES PLZ!!!!!! thank you :)

    Girl 1-

    FN- What color shirt are you wearing right now?

    Purple- Megan

    Black- Kristen

    Blue- Nicole

    Orange- Brooklyn

    Yellow- Cayleigh

    Other- Sophia

    MN- What color hair do you have?

    Blonde- Andrea

    Brunette- Veronica

    Redhead- Theresa

    Dirty Blonde- Olivia

    Strawberry Blonde- Kaitlyn

    Other- Jasmine

    Boy 1-

    FN- Your favorite kind of dessert?

    Cake- Andrew

    Ice Cream- Mitchell

    Brownies- Henri

    Chocolate- Garrett

    Rice pudding- Justin

    Other- Nathaniel

    MN- The continent you live on?

    North America- Aaron

    South America- Keaton

    Europe- Oliver

    Asia- Evan

    Australia- Derek

    Other- Frank

    Boy 2-

    FN- How old are you?

    10 to14- Nicholas

    15 to 20- Jared

    21 to 26- Bradley

    27 to 31- Carter

    31 to 39- Lucas

    Older- Patrick

    MN- Your favorite letter?

    Between A and E- Christopher

    Between F and J- Graylan

    Between K and O- Matthew

    Between P and T- Ryan

    Between U and Y- Vince

    Z name- Zachary

    Girl 2-

    MN- Your favorite beverage?

    Soda- Hannah

    Milk- Janelle

    Orange Juice- Gabriella

    Coffee- Bethany

    Water- Samantha

    Other- Madison

    MN- Do you have any children?

    0 Children- Elizabeth

    1 Child- Sabella

    2 Children- Michelle

    3 Children- Caprice

    4 Children- Hailey

    More- Cailin

    Boy 3-

    FN- Your favorite pattern?

    Polka dots- Steven

    Stripes- Michael

    Splatter paint- Xavier

    Flowers- James

    Sparkles- Braxton

    MN- You favorite flower?

    Rose- Emmett

    Lilac- Adam

    Amaryllis- Quentin

    Azalea- Wyatt

    Lavender- Cameron

    Other- Victor

    Girl 3-

    FN- The color of your eyes?

    Light Blue- Danielle

    Green- Grace

    Hazel- Ophelia

    Brown- Amanda

    Dark Blue- Felicity

    Other- Victoria

    MN- You favorite seat?

    Couch- Katriel

    Chair- Elaine

    Bean bag- Marisol

    Bed- Lindsay

    Floor- Valerie

    Other- Cassandra

    Girl 4-

    FN- Your favorite boys S name?

    Samuel- Jeanette

    Samson- Beatrice

    Steven- Indira

    Shiloh- Zoey

    Skyler- Kirsten

    Other- Halaina

    MN- Your favorite Social Network?

    Facebook- Udaya

    Twitter- Xenia

    Instagram- Sarah

    Tumblr- Barbara

    MySpace- Yasmin

    Boy 4-

    FN- Your favorite positive number?

    0 to 23- Ryland

    24 to 39- Tyler

    40 to 52- Noah

    53 to 60- Deemer

    61 to 70- August

    Other- Vance

    MN- Your favorite school subject/

    English- Dustin

    Foreign Language- Layk

    Science- Peter

    Math- David

    Art- Preston

    Other- Memphis

    Girl 5-

    FN- Favorite Color?

    White- Ashleigh

    Purple- Susan

    Blue- Jilene

    Green- Darcy


    Other- Cassidy

    Have fun ☺ This was just something to do…..

    BQ: Do you like the combinations and questions?

    BQ2: What would you change about this?

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  • Twin names??? This or that?

    Ok so tell me which one you like better..... I'm not pregnant! i'm only 13 that would be bad... Just like names......


    Matthew & Megan or Kevin & Kristen

    Logan & Sophie or Tess & Jack

    Liam & Claire or Henri & Ellie

    Tommy & Louisa or Ryan and Taylor

    Justin & Samantha or Nicholas & Alexandra

    Deemer & Cabrini or Colton & Isabella

    Nathan & Hannah or Claire & Max

    Michael & Karly or Austin & Ellen


    Sophie & Eliana or Maddison & Alexandra

    Marisa & Ava or Stephanie & Kristen

    Kristen & Megan or Emma & Hanna

    Victoria & Madalena or Caroline & Annie

    Maisie & McKay or Kaylee & Emma

    Olivia & Lila or Erin & Keri

    Lauren & Emmy or Samantha and Carlie


    Destin & Layk or Benjamin o Hamilton

    Scott & Drew or Bryce & Barry

    Carson & Blake or Frank & Dominic

    Mitchell & William or Peter & Nicholas

    Alex & Max or Ethan & Stuart

    Aaron & Duncan or Charlie & Jordan

    Griffin & Chirstian or Oliver & Harrison

    Have fun :)

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  • What are the worst names off each list? (Girl and Boy)?

    Pick three names you hate most from EACH list. NO spelling changes.

    Girls lists:

    List 1- Megan, Madison, Madeline, Meredith, Mercedes, Melissa, Mackenzie, Mallory

    List 2- Kristen, Kylie, Katriel, Kaitlyn, Kaylee, Kassidy, Kamille, Kayla

    List 3- Gace, Rose, Mary, Elizabeth, Michelle, Nicole, Anne, Lily

    List 4- Asia, Dakota, India, Syndey, Brooklyn, Madison, Victoria, Regina

    List 5- Abigail, Stephanie, Jennifer, Katherine, Rebecca, Jessica, Samantha, Caroline

    Boys Lists:

    List 1- Matthew, Mitchell, Marshall, Marcus, Michael, Moses, Memphis, Miles

    List 2- Daniel, Jacob, Noah, Jeremiah, Samuel, Caleb, Ezekiel, Adam

    List 3- Andrew, Nicholas, Gregory, William, Anthony, Benjamin, Christopher, Walter

    List 4- Payton, Parker, Patrick, Paxton, Paul, Peter, Preston, Phelan

    List 5- Jaylie, Bentley, Hadley, Harley, Henley, Huxley, Kelly, Colby

    Have fun :) i like most of these names :)

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  • whats your favorite letter of the alphabet?

    Mine is Q. Because it can't go without U and thats like me and my boyfriend :) we can't be without each other.

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