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  • My baby is 19 months old, since he was a year old he has been having fits of rage, hitting, screaming.?

    His dad and I seperated when he was 4 months old. He was living with his parents until he moved in with his girlfriend about the same time the hitting had started. I have brought this up with them and they laugh it off and say its how he is. Well now that he is talking he tells me that his girlfriend amy hits and smacks him. He always has bruises and sometimes odd cuts on him that look like someone dug their nails into him. I am concerened for my son, and just tried to talk to dad again, who again laughs it off and says sometimes he spanks him but he is not being abused. All people around me who see his behaviour feel the same way as I do that he is being abused. I told him if it doesnt stop the county will be getting involved. What should I do, and what do you think? Is this normal behavior for a child under two and to start so early?

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  • Do you like cheese?

    I love every cheese except blue. Cheese rocks.

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  • Who likes cheese?

    Cheese rules.

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  • Did you know the moon was made out of cheese?

    Behold the power of cheese...................

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  • Do you like spray cheese in the can?

    I love it, with crackers or without. yUMMM

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  • Is is normal to get moody when you stop breastfeeding?

    Last question! I stopped breastfeeding and I am so moody the last few days, worse than PMS. Is this normal and what if anything can be done to alleviate it? I am going to try breastfeeding again but if that doesn't work then what?

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  • Constipated baby? What to do? Almost 5 weeks old?

    My baby will be 5 weeks old on Monday and for about the past week or so, around 11 pm he will get extremely fussy, and this lasts for about 3 hours. He seems to be constipated. He pushes and grunts and will generally end up going after a while and then he will go throughout the night, but he is so miserable for a few hours. I have baby-lax and have used it once and it worked great, but I can't imagine it's good to be using this stuff all the time! I don't know what to do for him. Any ideas?

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  • Can I start breastfeeding again? Crabby! Hormones a mess!?

    I have been breastfeeding my almost 5 week old baby up until about 4 days ago, not exclusively but with formula after about 15-20 min of nursing. He seems to be having digestion problems now that he wasn't when I was breastfeeding and my mood has taken a huge plunge, I am feeling like PMS and it is awful! I wonder if I can try to start again? I am still leaking, but it is just the tiniest amount now and I don't know if I can get it going again, but it seems like it was really best for both of us and if I can start again I want to. Is this possible? It's been 4 almost 5 days since I last did it.

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  • Taping 3 week old babys ears? Has anyone had experience?

    My son had rested on his ear in utero and it is slightly bent. He is three weeks old today and I asked the pediatrition about this when he was born and she said that we could tape it and it would go back to normal. I decided to wait to see if it straightened out by itself and it did somewhat, but is still a little bent. Has anyone had experience with this? What sort of tape do you use and how do you do it? Thanks!

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  • Can it hurt to take my 12 day old baby for a walk in a stroller or other?

    I was wondering if it is too soon to take my 12 day old baby for a walk outside in a stroller, or one of those strap on body carriers? I would be on a slightly bumpy sidewalk, nothing out of the ordinary and I was thinking like 30 minutes? I don't know if he is too tiny yet, or if it would shake him up too much. He just seems so fragile! Thanks for your help.

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  • Can you bottle feed and breast feed at the same time?

    I hope this isn't a silly question, but my baby is 5 days old. He has been bottle fed exclusively until today. My breasts hurt so bad and out of curiousity I gave breast feeding a shot today and it worked ultra well, much more so than I would have expected. For some crazy reason, the father of the baby who I am not with, is extremely AGAINST breast feeding, so I know he will continue to bottle feed, but could the baby be fed both ways? Is that bad to do? To part time formula feed and part time breast feed? Can it work? Thanks for any info you can share!

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  • Are you going into labor? My recent experience!!?

    I delivered a beautiful baby boy 6/25/07 at 37W4D, 6lbs 4oz. very exciting finally! I combed these pages for weeks looking for labor signs and symptoms, are you in labor? I don't know but here is my experience...I woke up crampier than usual, I had some spotting, about 2 TBS.(no mucus) at noon, got crampier throughout the day, had ctx but they weren't regular until about 8 pm, I had loose stools, but not quite diahreah about 6X, I felt jittery and just weird all day. I went to the hospital around midnight, they said I was in labor and since I was scheduled for a c-section on 6/28 they were just going to keep me and do it at 6 am, at 4:30 am my water broke and they had to rush me in for surgery then as I was dilating in a hurry and in lots of pain. My ctx weren't painful until after my water broke, so I was in labor for hours and not really even sure because it just wasn't so painful as they say it should be. Hope this helps someone determine if it's labor for them? Good luck!

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  • Bloody Show, Nausea, and Contractions............?

    I had the "bloody show" this morning shortly before noon, its now 4, I have been 4 dilated and 80% effaced for weeks with lots and lots of false labor(lost the plug weeks ago). I am having contractions, but they aren't overly painful and about 5-8 minutes apart still. I don't know if I can still have days left, so I don't know if I need to go to the hospital, I have been in and out so many times in the past weeks I am sick of it. How long after the show does this usually take before it kicks into high gear? I don't want to go in to be sent home again.

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  • Anyone had any luck with these labor inducers in late pregnancy?

    Black and Blue Cohosh? Evening Primrose Oil? Red Raspberry Tea? Do any of these things work?

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  • What were you doing when you went into labor?

    Just curious what you were doing when you realized you were in labor?

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  • Custody and Visitation of a Newborn? Please Help?

    Okay so my ex left me 8 months pregnant, didn't like the lifestyle change, my moods, have a girlfriend(at least not me)and just wants to party. He moved back into his parents basement, he goes out all the time, and he works a really crappy schedule. I am afraid his parents are going to be watching the baby more than he is. He wants "joint" custody, I think this has more to do with child support than anything. I am scheduled to have this baby next Thursday and I have no idea how this is going to work. I don't want to keep him from his baby but I don't want to have to see him all the time either, I pretty much hate him right now. I think I am going to be on a lot of medication afterwards and I don't think breastfeeding is an option for me. How is this supposed to work? How do you share a newborn baby? This all seems so wrong and messed up to me and is causing me a ton of stress. Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. I feel so bad for this baby!

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  • I keep going into labor....Help! Don't want to have baby on the floor...?

    Twice this week I've gone into labor...first time they stopped it, this time they didn't but after 12 hours it sort of stopped on its own, they put me in bed and kept me there, I'm 36 weeks, I'm 4cm, 70-80% effaced, baby at 0 station, doctor told me when it happens it's going to be fast and that in the meanwhile I might have to come back to the hospital a couple of more times to be monitered...I don't want to do that! My contractions this time were very painful 2-3 min apart, baby felt like he was going to fall out, shooting pains down the legs and I ended up spending all night and all day in the hospital for nothing. I don't know how to avoid this scenerio, or when I should go in....if I was mobile instead of being in bed I would likely have had him...they are not going to stop it from now on, I just don't know when I should really go in, but I don't want to end up having him at home either???

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  • ? about pre-term labor, stopping it, will it start again?

    I went into pre-term labor last night at about 6:30, 35W3D went into hospital around 9, dilated between 3-4, 80% effaced, -1 station, and contracting every 2-3 minutes. First they told me I was staying to have the baby, then they told me they were going to give me shots to try to stop it,(because I was a few days shy of 36 weeks) after the first round the contractions came back pretty quick, they let me go after the second around midnight, still contracting but not nearly as bad, today I'm only having them every now and then, but I am wondering will this start again? Has anyone been through this that can answer? I was supposed to move to my dads today, but I don't know if I should try to leave just yet, my hospital will be almost an hour away if I do. The doc couldn't give me a satisfactory answer, she said maybe, maybe not. Has anyone had these shots and no problems after? Or should I be watching for it to start again? I am so confused......

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