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  • What is a good dating/social site for American Indians?

    Seems like we are disappearing...And as being one, i would like to interact more with other indians.

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  • Dating maybe Friend-Ship?

    I'm attracted to Indian, African Decent, Middle eastern men. I'm trying to get back into the dating scene. I'm from NY. I am a Shinnecock (indian)/ African woman. I guess i'm hesitant because they won't like my culture Easterners have this stereotype about us...So i've heard. What should i do, to attract them?

    I have facebook also ^_^

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  • I need help...My best friend needs it!?

    My friend has a problem with his penis. When he gets hard it burns and turns red, like plum red. And he went to the doctor they told him its a fungal infection, but that was a year ago. They gave him meds all the time, and they still don't work. I told him maybe he has STD but he got check for everything. So now he thinks he has AIDS even though the docs say he doesn't. His penis itches from the insides sometimes but mostly the burning issue. Last year the doc gave him a shot, it stopped then its back again. He tried the shot once more and it doesnt work. No cream work nor pills. PLEASE GUYS try to help me. He's my baby and i really care about him? My questions are: What can his issue be? And What can i do/suggest to him to do to get rid of it? because he wakes up and wants to die now because it's ruining his life mentally...

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  • If Life is so great, why do roses have thorns?

    Elmo said it awhile ago and i thought it was really deep...

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  • Is it possible that i Could i be pregnant?

    Ok two weeks ago my bf came to my school (i'm in college) and cut to the chase, we had sex. I did not want to but w/e. So i never had a guy **** in me before so i don't know what it feels like. Obviously i was pouring wet, then not suprisingly his dumb behind was "finished" but he came out looking scared and then he ran to the bathroom scared-ish like. Came out then said is it wet down there, i'm like duh you bloke. Kind of question is that, d'yknow what i mean? So i'm scared that i maybe pregnant. My tummy has been feeling funny ever since. I don't know if i helped much but, what do you guys think? I think if i am it's his fault, he should know when he is about to "release" himself or not.

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