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  • Tired of the threats...advice please!?

    I have been married for three years to a man I truly adore. We do not argue very frequently and actually get along great for the most part. However when we do argue it is BAD. He has threatend to leave before when we have argued in the past. We had an arguement last night and he said that he wanted out of the blew my mind. I didnt know what to say so I told him to go ahead and leave. We did not speak this morning and went our seperate ways to work. I cannot concentrate on anything and all I have done is cry. Should I just let him go this time? I usually am the one that tries to mend things between us but I dont feel I should have to concede this time. I am tired of the threats. I love him but is it worth always wondering when he is going to make good on his threat? We have two kids and they heard him say he was leaving and they are petrified as well. What should I do?

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  • Need business advice...please help?

    My husband and I went into business with a guy 3 years ago. He had already had a similar business established and we rubbed off from that and he was the one who put up the money to get us up and running. My husband and I have done most of the work to make our new company what is today, which it is thriving very well. Here's my dilema...The person that we are in business with is very controling and states to us all the time that "he is the boss". He does have controlling shares but we are all in this together. I had a doctors appointment the other day and he was upset that I had to leave the office and told me that I should not feel that I can come and go as I please...excuse me but as part owner of the company I feel that if I want to go to an appt. or come in 15 minutes late I should not get my butt chewed out..he comes and goes as he pleases and some days does not come in at all and does not tell us where he is...I have discussed this with him but he says it ok for him! Advice?

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