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  • What has a soul and what doesn’t?

    If people are essentially “chaotic systems” (that’s how the brain works if we don’t have free will) 

    If we don’t have free will do things other than humans have spirits or souls?

    Would an airplane have a soul? It can move on its own, process information, and react to external forces?

    Would a computer have a soul? It can be a causal agent, and can process information?

    Would a star or planet have a soul?

    Would a black hole have a soul?

    Would an atom have a soul?

    Is a soul essentially The bonding force that holds a chAotic system together (gravity and gravity like forces?

    Would say a “binary system” have a soul as well because the two parts share and transfer momentum and information between each other.

    For example a dancing pair pass momentum and mass between each other and would a binary black hole have a soul in addition to the souls the black holes have?

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  • Would a “x ray field” violate Geneva convention? Used to protect a secret base?

    Would directed x ray radiation from “radiation machines” placed in towers along the boundary of a secret base like Area 51 be a good defense method?

    Have a “x ray area in the 100 feet of the wall to irradiate those who attempted to climb over the wall?

    It could be set to cause radiation sickness after 5 minutes of exposure?

    X ray tubes could be used along the wall for defense so even those who were able to climb over would have painful radiation sickness?

    The zone could surround a base like Area 51 which would cause severe accute radiation sickness before they were able to reach the base?

    Would this violate Geneva convention?

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  • What do colleges think of “senior year superlative” awards?

    Do high school senior year superlative awards count for anything when on a college application.

    Awards like “most unforgettable” or other such awards. What do colleges think of these awards? Are such awards an outright popularity contest and lack any relevance or do scholarship judges consider such awards as reason to award a bursary or scholarship or grant?

    How much weight do such awards have in college application process ???

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  • Could two people stand on the minute hand of Big Ben?

    In the Peter Pan movie they take off from the minute hand of Big Ben when they go to neverland? If they each weighed 90 pounds could the minute hand have held them both at 180 pounds total?

    They stood at the very end of the minute hand increasing the torque? Can a person stand on the minute hand?

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  • If you caught a leprichaun and were given four options and could choose two, which would you take?

    1: a gold plated ceramic pot 2; have your eyelashes turned into 24kt gold 3; the ability to sing beautifully 4; magic beans that grow into a jelly bean stalk that grows jelly beans.

    Which option would you pick?

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  • Do realtors ever borrow stuff from client’s homes? If the home is unoccupied while it’s staged to sell?

    Do realtors ever raid the closets in homes that they are trying to sell.

    If they need a fancy dress when they are going to meet with a buyer will they ever sometimes borrow one that’s in a rich client’s closet, and then go meet with a buyer at another property and then return the dress to the client’s closet.

    Will they ever use clients bathrooms to freshen up, and sometimes use the curling iron and hair stuff in there, and maybe retouch using some of the cosmetics left in clients bathrooms?

    Will they ever borrow jewelry from clients homes and then return it.

    Do realtors ever do this?

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  • High school geography project, justify location for new Stanford campus? We?

    This geography project is about finding the best location for a second Stanford campus. The options are Las Vegas, Orlando, or Minneapolis

    I am leaning towards Orlando because of the opportunities available in the city with connections to both the entertainment and aerospace industry (30 miles from Kennedy space center). It could offer an unparalleled astronomy program, aerospace engineering, computer science, planetary sciences, physics and in the future when space launches get cheaper even offer opportunities for Stanford students to study in space,

    The other programs that could potentially do well in Orlando would be


    Mechanical Engineering - amusement parks, dosney imagoneering

    Animation- Disney

    Contemporary Vocal Music - one of a kind program offered by no other university, education for future pop stars

    Theatre Arts for Film - theatre arts degree taylored for future movie actors

    There is also a push for more tech industry along the I4 corridor and a new Stanford campus could fit well here? There are also no competing world class private universities in Orlando.

    A program in special effects design would also work well in Orlando as there are many shows in the area.

    It is also on the opposite side of the country as the main Stanford campus and would give Stanford teams the option of playing out of conference exhibition games against SEC or big East schools.

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  • Geography project, justify location for new second MIT campus?

    I was assigned a project to chose a city to build a new second mit campus in and come up with a justification for it the choices are St Paul Minnesota, Orlando Florida, or Las Vegas Nevada. I know that Orlando is near the Kennedy space center and near all the aerospace stuff on the space coast and is in a warm climate offering a different climate than the Boston campus?

    St. Paul is near the Mayo Clinic and is a major center for healthcare? Unfortunately it is frigid?

    Can’t think of any redeeming qualities for academics in Vegas?

  • I put a wish in the pool at the Coronado Springs Resort at DIsney World and it hasnt come true, why?

    I put a bunch of quarters and my necklace into Disney pool water, and said, “i wish I could sing beautifully”. This was hopefully going to get the magic of Disney to grant my wish? Disney world is supposed to be a magical place, but my wish still hasn’t come true?

    I don’t sing beautifully yet, and I am still waiting? Testing it every month, and nothing happens. What happens to wishes made at Disney, what happens to stuff thrown into Disney pools? Does magic flow through Disney water?

    THe disney princesses all sing beautifully, presumaby the blue fairy has come and given them the ability to sing well? Why hant the blue fairy visited me? Why hasnt the genie found me, genie enabled aladdin to sing beautifullly?

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  • would what be the economic affect of a comet hitting the panama canal?

    How would the average american's life be affected if a comet that was a half mile across slammed into the panama canal at 50,000 miles per hour, blowing out the locks on both sides and igniting massive jungle fires.

    How would shipping change without the canal, would american manufacturing be growing to replace costly imports that must now travel the long way.

    Would prices of everyday goods skyrocket? Would the hot crater affect weather patterns and spawn hurricanes? Would it be a year of weird weather? Rain when it shouldnt and no rain whan it should? Freak snowstorms in may? Balmy days in december? Christmas time pool days? Blizzards in august?

    How would unseasonal weather affect the economy?

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  • When people refer to a place called “the green” or “whistlers green” where is it?

    Jane and Justin was a vocal duet act that used to perform at Fitzgerald’s which had a good Sunday brunch. They then stopped performing there, and I Asked the restaurant management what happened, and they said that Jane and Justin were best friends since childhood and they recently had a parting of the ways.

    I then overheard people saying that it looks like that duet will now be singing in fiddlers green. Someone else said, it looks like that pair just went to fiddlers green. Someone else commented it a real shame that they went across the rainbow bridge to whistlers green.

    I then heard someone ask if they had died, and someone answered that they were still alive, but they had gone their separate ways and won’t perform together here anymore.

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  • What matters on a seeking arrangement profile to attract sugar mommies?

    I am studying liberal arts and lost my scholarship and am facing 39k a year tuition and rather than taking out student loans i decided to give seeking arrangement a try, i was wondering what has the most impact on my profile when trying to attract a sugar mommy

    I considered taking voice lessons and then recording a rendition of a whole new world from Aladdin with my friend Jane and then posting this on my profile for the whole disney prince vibe

    I also am considering taking ballroom dance lessons and winning a few national competitions so i can list this on the profile with some videos to prove it,

    I am also considering publishing romance novels and learning to sing like Michael buble and posting samples on my profile?

    What will give me the best leg up on seeking arrangement? My gpa is not stellar at 2.8 and I hope that doesn't cause issues on seeking arrangent, will I need a verified iq to post to possibly impress sugar mommies?

    what should i do? I certainly can't earn enough from a summer job to pay my tuition?

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  • How do i repair a 3 inch tear in suit pants?

    I had a really expensive suit and on the way back from a job interview someone turned right on red into my path and I couldn't stop and i hit at speed, and my cars front end was totally destroyed, and the airbags deployed .

    I couldn't get the door open so I had to kick the widow out and climb through, I left the jacket in the smoke filled car, and the pants got really damaged with little tears from the car window?

    Will they sew up all the little tears in the pants? Can heavy smoke and soot from a gas tank fire be removed from the suit jacket by the dry cleaners)

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  • Would the impact of mass student loan forgiveness on inflation by the government just printing money be like adding a bucket to the ocean?

    If the governement forgave all federal student loans and did not tax or borrow, but instead congress ordered the US Mint to manufacture the necessary bills and coins to cover the cost of loan forgiveness. Wouldn't a trillion dollars be like pouring a five gallon bucket of water into the ocean. A five gallon bucket would raise sea levels but not to a measurable level.

    Would it cause a few billionths of a cent of inflation and would the impact be spread throughout the whole world that the inflation is fealt universally ve holders of US dollars, and it would be progressive in the rich would lose more fractions of a penny than the poor because they have more pennies.

    How many billionths of a cent would a trillion dollars minted have on the total money supply and the economy in general.

    Wouldn't they help the stock market of prices rose even by a few fractions of a cent. Our incomes rise as well and wouldn't the whole effect be zero.

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  • Why can't the government revoke mylan's epipen patent to make life saving medicine affordable?

    Even though the patent Revokation would require paying mylan a just compensation of a few billions the congress can just authorize the bureau of engraving and printing to fire up its presses for a few billion. What's a few billion in the grand scheme of the money supply.

    Any inflation causes would be a few like billionyhs of a penny added to prices and besides income rises as well as prices. The impact of the inflation caused by printing a few billion would be so negligible that no one would care.

    Congress does have the power to overrule the central bank to do that and effectively has unlimited power to print money, and if done in moderation it can theoretically be done with no harm.

    Does congress have that power and what would happen if they used that power?

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  • why is american rail transport better than northern canadian transport? Should I go to Nunavut or Alaska? Is Nunavut worth it?

    I was planning on a trip across north america from the Panama canal to the arctic islands and found excellent transportation by bus in Central America and Mexico and decent rail service up From San Antonio to Grand Forks. A Decent bus from Grand forks to Winnipeg (jefferson lines $10). Canada's VIA rail is also pretty good up to Thompson and Gillam. The tracks from Gillam going up to Churchill they say are so bad theat no trains run on them, and no mention of any rail lines or roads up along the hudson bay coast. I am left with like 400 POUND FLIGHTS for the short trip north just to get to churchill, and I cant see any roads to get from Gillam to the busy port of Port Nelson to catch like a Cunard royal mail ocean liner up to Churchill which is certainly cheaper than the 400 POUND FLIGHT.

    I plan to spend some time in Cancun, Monterrey, Mexico City, San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Grand Forks, Winnipeg, The Pas, Thompson, Churchill, Arviat, Whale Cove, Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove, Repulse Bay, Arctic Bay, Resolute, Griese Fjord, Eureka, Alert and then end at Cape Columbia

    I want to see northern canada for the Department 56 Christmas village like towns, and want to see polar bears in Churchill.

    What is the fare for a steamboat from Gillam to Port Nelson on the Nelson River. How often do Cunard RMS liners stop in hudson bay coast towns. Do the liners make stop in the arctic islands?

    Alaska has better ferry system than nunavut.

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  • Are my neighbors crafting activities possibly endangering us? Strange odors? Frequent chemical/materials deliveries? Weird electrical buzz?

    My neighbor is unemployed and his wife makes a living selling jewelry at a flea market that she says she makes jewelry and fancywork.

    He doesnt really do much but hang out in his sheds which are heavily locked, and he also goes online alot and is all tied up in some sort of computer related activity while she is doing embroidery or something.

    When he is talkative he gripes about how america is going to hell, and how judgement will fall on all the heathen devil worshiping establishments here in america.

    He says common things like, "Scientists, Dancers, Rock Musicians, Medical Establishment, Universities, Public Schools, and the Devil's Government are doing things contrary to the bible and will face judgement.

    He does come out to accept deliveries from some sort of van that stops by at 2 am, which look to be chemicals and other materials which might or might not be used in jewelry making.

    I am getting concerned because of an unusual odor that was recently emanating from the shed is it a chemical spill of chemicals used in crafting?

    One of the sheds has strange electrical and computer equipment in it and a weird electrical buzz emitting from it?

    What is all this about? Is he just bored? I know he got fired a while back but this activity is concerning me? Should I call code enforcement to report an unsafe condition?

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  • what are the consequences of a marriage of convenience to get independent status for fafsa?

    I am a free thinker, and I defected from my parents fundamentalist faith, and they stopped funding my college. Un fortunately the government still expects them to pay and they wont give me more pell grants and such until I turn 24.

    I was wondering if since marriage automatically grants independent status, If me and my best friend could make a pact to marry and divorce on the same day or within a weeks time or such so that we could both get independent status.

    We are both in the situation that our parents stopped paying for our college when we came out about our beliefs. Would there be any consequences of this, is there any catch that surviving descendents of either party could have a legal claim on either of our estates?

    We are both girls who are freshmen in college, 19 years old and we do not plan on consummation, it is merely a marriage on paper for this resion to be annulled within a weeks time, would this work?

    What would be the consequences?

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  • do we own items left behind when we bought the house?

    When our family was looking athomes, we finally decided to buy from a house from a young couple, they had all sorts of vases full of flowers in the family room, and a workshop in the basement where the wife of the former owner was assembling prom corsages. She said she was a florist and that she would clean up all the floristry materials when she left.

    Her husband was a writer and a musical composer. He said that they would be leaving behind some items including the handmade lace curtains on the windows.

    We were bunking a room in the basement while our rooms were being remodeled. In the night we woke up to a deafening bang from beneath the basement floor. We felt like the floor shook, and we noticed a spot in the carpet that sounded different when hit. We then pulled back the freshly laid carpet and revealed a metal hatch door. Beneath the hatch was a ladder going down to some sort of circular pipe like rooms. "possible old bunker".

    One of the rooms had mirrors on one wall and a wood floor with a metal rail on one wall. There was also a room full of junk down there and there was broken glass showered all over the room. It was apparent that one of several jars full of match heads had fallen off the shelf, as there were many such jars down there.

    We found a bunch of stashed books, including unpublished musical scores and what appear to be scores for ballet and other dance choreography. We also found books and videos on all sorts of different forms of dance aswell as music

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  • why doesn't the government just print money and solve all its problems devalue the dollar and replace it with dollar 2.0?

    It the government would do the things it needed to do, it would just fire up those presses at the mint, and pay the national debt, fund research to the tune of trillions for AIDS and such. and buy back older copyrights to expand the public domain and shorten copyright term while providing a just compensation to owners of copyrights, nationalize Monsanto, and other megacorps by buying up stock.

    Then after the month of hyperinflation they could introduce a new dollar 2.0 or an amero that would look distinctly different from the dollar, being that it nwould be red white and blue instead of green.this could be done by decree and the hyperinflation would stop.

    the new economy with all savings and debts erased could then start growing again and economic growth would return without debt ceilings, and inequality would be solved with nationalized corporations and a national dividend given to people to spend their share of income from capital in addition to earned income.

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