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  • Can I use a standard car battery to power my inverter?

    I bought a 400 watt power inverter that comes with 2 different leads. The first one has a 12v car lighter adapter and pushes up to 100 watts. It also comes with alligator clips that connect directly to the battery to push the full 400 watts, but I can t use it while the engine is running, so I was thinking of buying a separate battery, charging it with a battery charger and using that in the trunk of my car with the inverter hooked up for the sub I have.

    Would there be any reason why this wouldn t work properly? I ve tested the inverter hooked up to my car battery with the key in the Accessory position. The sub gets nice and loud and it doesn t reach anywhere near 400 watts, so I have plenty of juice to power it.

    What do you think? Can I safely use the inverter on a car battery until it dies, and recharge it overnight whenever I want to use it? Because if this won t work, I can still use the inverter on the 100w car plug. I just need some boom in the back; I don t necessarily need to be a full powered rolling bass machine lol.

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  • What do you think would be the best way to increase the resale value of this car?

    I have a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire coupe. It has a power sunroof and an automatic transmission. There s over 410,000kms on the engine, and it idles kind of weird after a few hours of driving, but I m going to try to get that fixed. The stereo is stock and the LCD display is dead, as well as the two 6x9s. I m going to put in an older set of Alpine 6x9s and buy a Pioneer head unit to install, along with some floor mats (which the car doesn t have at the moment) and maybe a matching steering wheel cover and/or seat covers.

    There s rust on the rocker panels, which I m also going to get fixed. I originally bought the car for 500 back in the winter. It ran solid even on the colder days, but I m not too sure how much I could sell it for after I do all of the work I listed above.

    What do you think?

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  • What happens when a SSD reaches its write limit?

    I'm planning on installing a SSD in my laptop, but before I buy one, I'm curious as to what happens when a SSD reaches its write limit?

    I'll be using the SSD as my primary drive with all of my programs installed on it, all of my music, my photos, my documents and everything else I'll be working with. I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing, and working with software such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live. The drive will constantly be accessed and the laptop will be on for several hours each day.

    How long would a Crucial M500 960GB SSD last under this kind of workload? And when the SSD reaches its write limit, would it be possible for me to clone the drive onto a new SSD to keep everything intact?

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  • Would a car subwoofer work or should I get a powered sub?

    I'm looking to get a powered sub for my bedroom setup. I have a 12" Klipsch Synergy sub that sounds great but is simply too big for my room, and I'm looking to get something smaller.

    I have a QSC Model 1400 amplifier that pushes 200w per channel or 600w in bridge mono (8 ohms). I have a cable that I can run from the subwoofer pre-out on the back of my receiver into the QSC amplifier (the crossover level can be adjusted from the receiver).

    I was thinking of picking up a cheap car subwoofer in a ported box that I can use, or to save some energy and make things easier, I can just find a powered sub. My biggest issue is that most subwoofers within my price range (up to $150 or so) don't really perform well with lower frequencies, whereas if I used a car sub, it will most likely drop down nice and low and I would be using an amplifier that would just be collecting dust otherwise. As an added bonus, I could have two subs with 200w per channel or one sub with 600w.

    What do you think I should do?

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  • Should I buy a Western Digital My Passport Wireless? Or is there something else that would suit my needs better?

    I was looking at a Western Digital My Passport Wireless external hard drive. It has wireless capabilities that allows up to 8 devices to access and stream files from the drive, on top of having a built-in battery that allows a person to copy files from an SD card on the go (great for photographers and videographers).

    Basically I'm looking for some sort of hard drive that I can set up in my bedroom and be able to access it wirelessly from my laptop, smartphone and PS3 or PS4 if possible. I figured this drive would be great for it.

    What do you think?

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  • What would be a good way to make some extra money on the side?

    I'm saving up to move to the city next year for school. I haven't gotten around to applying for funding just yet, but I'm working a full time job that pays me roughly 1600 a month. I've calculated my expenses, setting aside an extra $200 for any other expenses that may come up. From there, I can still afford to save $600 per month, which would get me around 6 grand by the end of August.

    I'm planning on moving into a 3 or 4 bedroom house with two of my friends, and the 6 grand would cover first month's rent and damage deposit (or at least the majority of it). My friends are also planning on saving up so we will have enough money to get by for the first month, and any money we have left over, we'll put into buying furniture and whatever else we may need for our place.

    I'm wondering if there's another way I can save some more cash or make a significant amount of money in a certain amount of time. I'm not looking for anything illegal or anything that would be too exhausting to keep up with (such as having 2 jobs) but anything along the lines of figuring out some sort of formula to win money from the lottery (up to about 10 or 20 grand at the most) or making some sort of profit off of something. Any ideas?

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  • Is there anything I need to know about installing an aftermarket deck in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE with a Theftlock deck?

    I have a Clarion CZ-201 deck that I pulled from my old 97 Grand Am SE. I read somewhere that there's something that needs to be done before you can replace a Theftlock deck with an aftermarket deck due to the car alarm system being integrated with it. I don't know if this is true or not, but as far as I know, Theftlock decks only work in the vehicles they came installed in, but replacing them with aftermarket decks should be no problem as long as the wiring diagrams are matched up (which I took the liberty of doing beforehand).

    Is there anything to these Theftlock decks, other than the fact that they won't work in other cars unless you reset the VIN or something? I just don't want to take the deck out and put my Clarion deck in there only to find that my car alarm no longer works, or something else stops working due to the change, if any.

    1 AnswerPontiac6 years ago
  • What could these feelings be, and is there a way I can overcome them to make my life easier?

    Every time I interact with certain people or I do something for someone, I always get this feeling that can be described as some sort of anxiety and/or fear of making mistakes or fearing that somebody may be dissatisfied with my work or something I've done for them, especially if I do end up making a mistake. Maybe it's a lack of self-confidence? It's strange because a part of me knows that I'm doing a good job and that I have nothing to worry about, but another part of me feels otherwise.

    What do you think I should do?

    1 AnswerPsychology6 years ago
  • What's the best way for me to whiten my teeth?

    I drink a lot of coffee, and I've noticed my teeth are starting to turn brown. I use Colgate whitening toothpaste and I use Scope mouthwash (I don't floss because it tends to make my gums bleed for some reason).

    I heard that baking soda and/or peroxide every few days or once or twice per week will work, but I haven't actually tried it.

    What do you think the best thing would be, aside from not drinking coffee anymore?

    4 AnswersDental6 years ago
  • What do these dreams mean?

    I keep having dreams that take place in my hometown where I grew up. My dreams usually consist of me visiting different houses on my street but all the houses are empty. I also have dreams of living in the old house where I used to live, even though it's in desperate need of renovations. It's almost like I'm visiting an alternate version of my hometown because the atmosphere feels different. I get the same type of "feeling" whenever I have dreams that take place around my hometown and in areas surrounding it.

    Does anybody know what these dreams may mean?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • What song is this?

    I'm looking for a song with an intro that sounds similar to the guitar at 1:45 in this song:

    Youtube thumbnail


    It's an older song from the 90s, might be a dance song. The guitar at the beginning of it has some reverb/echo to it as well.

    Does anybody know which song I'm talking about?

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  • Why do I have recurring dreams at specific locations?

    I have dreams every few nights or so that take place at my old elementary school where my mom used to work. Sometimes my dreams take place at our old house, in the same town where my school was. They would also take place in the trailer that we lived in after it was moved into our yard, beside our old house. The events in my dreams aren't really anything worth noting, but the locations are peculiar.

    I also have dreams that take place in strangely familiar towns, houses, buildings and areas that almost seem like alternate versions of the town I grew up in and the town that I'm currently living in. It's hard to explain, but the appearance of these locations seem like they're either "inspired" by these two towns, or these locations are "alternate" (other planet, different location in the world, different dimension, etc.)

    I did a bit of research and it seems like it's common to have dreams that take place at certain locations that bring back good memories or places that I may miss being at, which describes the school and two houses. I'm unsure about the "alternate" towns/locations, but they almost seem to be part of some sort of happy and upbeat type of world that I've imagined in my subconscious mind.

    What do you think about these dreams?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • Is it possible to mount the internal storage on my Android phone using Odin?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2X (SGH-T989D) running Jelly Bean. It won't boot up anymore for some reason and I need to gain access to the internal storage to back up the voice memos and notes I saved on there. Is there any way I can access everything through Odin or possibly Samsung Kies?

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • Would it be safe to use a 250v 8A fuse for this?

    I have a PA crossover with a blown fuse. The crossover turns on, but no sound comes out of it due to the blown fuse. It's a 250v 0.5A fuse, and I have a 250v 8A fuse I can replace it with, but I'm not sure if it would be safe to use. What do you think I should do? There are three fuses inside of the crossover and a fourth one that's accessible on the back, they're all 250v 0.5A. I tried swapping places with the three inside the crossover, but the crossover won't turn on unless the two are in place, so I'm assuming the blown one is responsible for the audio output.

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics6 years ago
  • Would melted lard mixed with salt taste good over popcorn?

    I want to make some popcorn but I don't have any butter to put on it. I have some lard, and I was wondering if it would taste good if I melted some and mixed in some salt?

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink6 years ago
  • Do I need to buy a new wireless router?

    I have a D-Link WBR-1310 wireless router and Eastlink DSL internet. The internet has been running very slow (0.01Mbps download speed) so I called a technician from Eastlink to come out and test my line. We've concluded that there's nothing wrong with the modem, and the problem may be with the router. The technician reset it to its default settings, re-configured the PPPoE settings for the modem and still it's running very slow. It runs slow on all of my wireless devices (2nd gen Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, HP Envy dv6-7250ca laptop and PlayStation 3) but when I connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem into my laptop, my Apple TV and my PS3, the connection runs at top speed.

    Do you think I need a new router? It was working fine a couple of months before my service got cut off. It's been unplugged since then, so I don't really know what could cause it to stop working.

    5 AnswersComputer Networking6 years ago
  • What kind of DSLR should I get?

    I'm looking to invest in a decent DSLR that isn't too expensive but will allow me to change lenses and take good quality photos and videos. I have used a Canon EOS 7D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II in the past, and they're both very good cameras. The 5D is way out of my price range, so I was thinking maybe the 7D would be a good starter camera. I don't want to get into professional photography, but I'd like to have a good DSLR to replace my smartphone camera and my Canon Vixia HFR300, which takes decent video if the lighting is good, but it ends up being grainy most of the time.

    I have a few friends who own a Rebel T3i and a Rebel T5i. I hear they are good cameras as well, and I was wondering if one of those would be good to start off with as well? Because I kind of have my mind set on the 7D, but if the T3i and T5i are still good, I'd probably get one of those instead because they're cheaper.

    5 AnswersCameras6 years ago
  • How can I get Adobe Premiere Pro to work on my NVIDIA graphics card?

    I have a HP Envy dv6-7250ca laptop running Windows 8 with an Intel Core i7 processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630m 2GB graphics card. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, and every time I try to run the program through my NVIDIA card, the program monitor remains black and I can't see any video. However, it works fine if I run it on the regular Intel card. The only problem is that I can't play videos without having to render them first, and the main reason why I bought this laptop is because it has a Core i7 processor an an NVIDIA graphics card.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is this graphics card still too weak to be able to edit 1080p video without having to render so the playback won't freeze or be very choppy?

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago