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  • Puppy adoption question?

    My husband and I went to a rescue to adopt a puppy 2 weeks ago,when we got there we had 3 litters to choose from, Shepard mix, pitbull mix and lab mixes. Since we are moving into a new apartment in Sept. and they have breed restrictions we didn’t want to have any issues moving in.

    we called our apartment manager to ask what we should be looking at and she said the lab mixes were our only option. We fell in love with a 14 week old black and brown puppy but we were concerned she may have some shepherd in her and when we asked the “rescue helper” she reassured us her mom was a lab and all her paper work would say “lab mix” so we left feeling like we made a good choice. we had to wait 2 weeks to be able to pick her up until she was able to be spayed and when he got home and looked at her paper work .... it says “ROTTWEILER MIX”. Incredibly frustrated I emailed the rescue and told them the situation of how we were under the impression that she was a lab mix and all they could tell me was “we’re sorry you were given the incorrect information but her mom is a Rottweiler and most definitely NOT a lab so we can’t change the paperwork ” why was she put in the lab mix litter then? Why was I told she was a lab multiple times? my new puppy does not look like a full blooded Rottweiler and neither does her mom - they have Rottweiler colors but lab bodies and faces, even if she is mixed with Rottweiler why can’t they just change the paper work to lab mix for me? Is there anything I can do?

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  • Does anyone remember this 2000s mtv commercial? ?

    I have a very vivid memory of a commercial on mtv in the 2000s, let me know if you remember this too. I remember it being on mtv but it might have been another channel I don’t know. 

    It’s in a foreign language but has subtitles, there’s this young white boy who is laying on the grass outside staring at the sun and his friend goes up to him and tells him that if he stares too long he can go blind and he responds with “it’s like a big floating balloon....” and continues to stare into the sun. then it cuts to a different clip where the boys eyes are binded up and his friend says something along the lines of i told you so. It’s very creepy and eerie, I don’t even think there was any music playing. I’ve been searching for this for such a long time but I can’t find it anywhere. it’s a long shot but let me know if anyone knows where this is from.

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