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  • Can I Charge My NiMH Batteries With Any Charger?

    So basically I bought a charger, this charger came with some batteries but not many, I ended losing the batteries and I need new ones. I really can't find the same batteries that I had in store or online. So, I was wondering, could I buy a NiMH battery from another brand and put them in my old charger

    Any help is appreciated

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics5 years ago
  • Joints Hurt?

    Can anyone help me. I muscle in the bottom of my thigh hurts badly. Also the joints in my legs hurt. It hurts by my knee and the bottom of my foot. I find this weird because I'm only 13 years old. Help me quickly, I have a soccer tournament tomorrow and if we are finalists we go to the cities. I'm really worried and I need a fast solution, thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersInjuries6 years ago
  • Black Marks On My Nikes?

    Hi guys, I just recently (6 hours ago) bought a pair of Nike JR Mercurial IV's and I just been playing with them around my house (ex just tapping the ball around, kicking the ball at a wall), nothing serious, but in just one hour I already have a black/greenish scuff/mark on my boots. What bothers me is the I only bought these 6 hours ago and I worry there might be more scuffs to come. I really don't wan't to return these because I live 2 hours away from where I bought them and I'm going to have to take the bus which means even longer. I already tried wiping them with a damp cloth and a old toothbrush so please don't suggest those, but if anyone has another way to takes these scuffs of I'll be happy to listen

    1 AnswerOther - Soccer7 years ago
  • Ideas for a Drawing for my quote?

    Ok guys, please answer me quick, we have this project where we a supposed to draw something related to our quote, my quote is "It's what you do with your life that determines who you are" and I need help drawing something related to this quote, oh and it has to be monochromatic, please help QUICK

    3 AnswersDrawing & Illustration7 years ago
  • Examples Of Perseverance?

    I'm doing a speech on perseverance and I want to explain some prime examples of perseverance and I need some examples

    Words & Wordplay7 years ago