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  • i need a good name for a dystopian school?

    I am writing a short story of a dystopian world and need a good name for the school the characters attend. The story itself will revolve around ideas of racism and classism. Any ideas are appreciated. Think 1984 meets Walden Two meets Fahrenheit 451 meets Slaughter House Five...

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  • Anthropology undergrad with no clue about career options?

    So backstory: I am officially half way through my junior year as an anthro undergrad. I currently have an associates in social science and a "certificate" (not entirely sure what it is) in international studies from a 2 year communtiy college. I have worked in the medical field for the past 6 years and have extensive training and knowledge in medical administration/ insurance company dealings... I also have taught english as a second language before. I DO NOT want to be an administrative assistant anymore (hence why I went back in the first place) and I know I have the option to teach english abroad after graduation but I don't want to pigeonhole my career choices. I am fully aware I most likely will not work within my field with just the bachelor's degree and anthropology is such a broad field with training in a ton of of areas that I am having trouble narrowing down my career search. I would like to have some ideas before scheduling an appointment with my advisors/ career center at school. I also have a book about careers for anthropology majors but haven't had a chance to really read it yet. Also I would like to do an internship as well and again not sure even what kind of internship I am looking for but any information regarding this would also be extremely useful... Or any websites that offer career help other than monster and career builder?

    soooooooo any advice is greatly appreciated, especially if you majored in anthropology and have a job... thank you

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  • anthropology program?

    So I am currently finishing up an associates in social sciences with an emphasis in history. I will be officially finished in August, however in the meantime I need to decide on which school to attend in the fall. My choices are between Drexel University, Temple University and Arcadia University. I am completely aware that to properly answer this question you need to know what my ultimate career goals are; honestly I am as lost today as when I resolved to go back to school. At any rate I have chosen anthropology as a major as I would like the opportunity to travel and do my photography on the side (I know photographers are a dime a dozen these days) I am leaning toward a possible career within journalism, maybe education or possibly marketing; it covers a range of disciplines which will provide training in each area. I like the idea of Temple's general anthropology program with a minor in visual anthropology. I love the idea of Drexel's co-op and internship for the networking and its ranking as a school. But Arcadia offers a specific cultural anthropology program with a focus on ethnography which is the area of anthropology that interests me the most. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Also side notes Temple is the cheapest tuition wise, Arcadia second, then Drexel- I have not yet received my financial aid package estimate from Drexel so I am not certain of its final costs. Also side note again, as far as internships and study abroad I this two things are my top priority all three offer opportunities, Temple's seem more interesting, Drexel's seem more career oriented which may be just what I need this late in the game.

    In the end if you were going to hire a recent anthropology graduate which school would most grab your attention from the three?

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  • Currently in school for anthropology...?

    So I am currently in school for anthropology with an associates in social sciences. I have a pretty good idea of the type of work I would like to do, and I do not want to shut any doors. I would like to do some type of photoethnography I know HIGHLY competitive, most likely not lucrative, but that is neither here nor there as I am well aware I will have to pay my dues ect and am quite comfortable earning a low income at first or using this field as a second job for a while if need be. So with practicality in mind I am looking into masters programs that are not exactly strictly anthropology related so I am more marketable to non-anthropology jobs as well as anthropology jobs. I was considering sociology, but figured I would pose the question here to get some advice for my path. Ultimately I would like to do something more in the journalistic field (mainly photojournalism) in respect to cultures/photoethnography (like National Geographic- who recommends a degree in various disciplines none of which are journalism or photography) I have two years left to figure out what masters program will be right for me so I have time to think about it, but I would like to use this time to make myself a more desirable candidate for the program as well as test the waters out a bit by taking a class or two... other info: I currently have a GPA of 3.65 (may go up after fall grades go in) an associates in social sciences, and some photography courses- planning on taking a couple more... Any insight is greatly appreciated...


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  • 26 and thinking about breast augmentation?

    So I have smaller than an A cup breasts, and one is noticeably smaller than the other. I have struggled with this since puberty, and have always been uncomfortable about it. That said I have made the decision to start putting money toward the surgery and have not scheduled any consults for it yet. I was wondering what some women's views were who have already had the surgery. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and please only women who have had this done. Also rough estimations on how much the average cost is currently and recovery time is appreciated.

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  • Haitian Recipes Needed?

    So I have a project for my cultures class and I have to prepare a traditional Haitian meal and need some recipes. Specifically I need a vegetable dish, a desert, and a drink if anyone knows of one. I am already using Groits, Ti malice, and Diri Kole... Any other suggestions are much appreciated... Cheers!

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  • what type of role did the gods play in the epic of gilgamesh?

    I have read certain excerpts for my Western Civilizations class. This is what I think the gods roles were:

    They favored Gilgamesh, others however listened to the prayers of the girls of Uruk who complained that Gilgamesh mistreated them. As a result the goddess Aruru under the direction of Anu gives birth to the Enkidu who at first is a wild person living on the steppe with the beasts but is later Gilgamesh's beloved friend whose death spirals Gilgamesh into grief. So he seeks out eternal life and meets Utanapishtan who not only tells him he cannot live forever if he cannot stay awake for seven days (which he cannot) but also tells him where to find the plant of rejuvenation (which he loses). He is sent back to Uruk with Urshanabi the boatman never to return to Utanapishtan again.

    It seems to me that the gods mostly intervene with Gilgamesh to ensure that he is a good and proper ruler to his people. When he goes on his rampage Anu tells Aruru to give birth to Enkiduso that Gilgamesh will have a friend (and I assume stop his rampages- this particular part is not complete in my text book so I am not entirely sure) and after visiting with Utanapishtan he is given the location of the plant to help with his grief and I assume to give him longevity despite the fact that his grief was unseemly because of his favor from the gods. He was also commanded to return with the boatman Urshanabi and at the end he is showing him around Uruk much in the same was Enkidu was shown Uruk, so I believe this is another instance where the gods had bestowed on him a friend. I believe his mother was some type of divine cow and he is in such good shape that he most resembles the first perfect human produced by the gods.

    If I am missing anything or the point of the gods role entirely please let me know. Thank you.

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  • dr suess costume question?

    ok this will sound a little weird.... i need ideas for my thing one and two ZOMBIE costumes.... i have the red out fits and blue hair (and even thing one and two chuck taylors!) but i have to figure out how they became zombies... best idea we have so far is choking on either green eggs and ham or roast beast... i want it to be a bit more detailed tho so i look to you guys for ideas (even if you can think of other random OBJECTS- not characters- in the books please add a description of it as best you can--- this is probably the weirdest question about dr suess and i apologize for ruining anyones childhood but its for a costume contest that i am hell bent on winning.... cheers peoples!!!!!!!

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  • locals or people who have done this: driving along the blue ridge mountain parkway to memphis?

    hello- i am driving from philadelphia to memphis via the blue ridge mountain parkway and was wondering if anyone knew of any places to eat, stay, check out, ect... also if you know of any local ledgend type things along this route let me know as well... ty for the tips... cheers

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  • in need of a camera bag, one that has me written all over it any suggestions?

    sooo what i am actually looking for is a camera bag that is not noticeably a camera bag, preferably canvas that has a good amount of padding/protection for my gear and can carry a laptop a dslr (canon 40d) a 70-300mm, a 50mm prime, a bounce flash, and extra memory card and batteries... also i would prefer a some what stylish one... i like messenger style bags but am not completely opposed to backpack.. i really like the billingham ones but they are a bit pricy.. any suggestions?

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  • opera music question?

    so i know nothing about opera but i caught an episode of americas got talent and that little girl has peaked my interest in it... i would like to download some music that sounds similar to time to say good bye and o mio babbino caro... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. cheers y!a crowd

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  • applying for an art program- need portfolio pointers?

    i am considering switching my major to fine art and subsequently i will need a portfolio... i mostly draw using pencils, charcoal, and (of all things) sharpies, as well as photography.. i am more versed in the latter but a novice at both.. i have the talent and creative drive, but no formal training. that said i need to make a portfolio and am lost as how to go about it (like should i include both my photos and drawings, how many should i use, should i include other media like paints... any advice (especially from art students or teachers) will be greatly appreciated...

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  • random question about tarot images?

    i am looking for a very specific image of the death card, i believe it was either an engraved or woodcut image and was black and white similar to the death card of the rider waite deck but more simplistic... i cannot seem to find an image of it on google and i need to look at it for an art project i am working on... if you know what i am talking about any help would be greatly appreciated (either the name of the deck, or a link to the image on a website would be extremely helpful)

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  • looking for classic punk bands (like 1970s and 1980s)?

    the ones that started the punk movement... i already have the clash, the sex pistols, and iggy and the stooges... cannot for the life of me think of any others so i leave it in your hands... cheers people

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  • looking for the must have songs of classic rock?

    songs i already have:

    black sabbath: fairies wear boots, war pigs, paranoid, see you on the otherside, sweet leaf

    blue oyster cult: don't fear the reaper, im burning for you

    ccr: fortunate son, bad moon rising, susie q

    cream: born under a bad sign, strange brew, crossroads

    the doors: hello i love you, the end, la woman, riders on the storm, roadhouse blues, whiskey bar

    the eagles: hotel california

    janis joplin: cry baby, leavinf on a jet plane, mercedes benz, take another little piece of my heart, me and bobby mcgee

    kansas: come sail away, dust in the wind, carry on wayward son

    led zeppelin: over the hills and far away, dazed and confused, ramble on, stairway to heaven

    lynard skynard: sweet home, simple man, free bird

    molly hatchet: flirting with disaster, whiskey man, mississippi moon dog

    mountain: mississippi queen

    pink floyd: brick in the wall, hey you, run like hell, house of the rising sun, breathe, comfortably numb, dark side of the moon

    rolling stones: sweet virginia, painted black, you can't always get what you want, gimme shelter, sympathy for the devil

    rush: tom sawyer

    if you can add either bands and songs or songs by the bands listed it will be much appreciated, also i do have other bands like jefferson star ship, acdc, journey, joan jett and some 80s bands like foreigner, bon jovi, warrant... so yeah any classic rock (like 1960-1970s preferably but i also like 80s too) cheers people!

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  • my purse was stolen and i have to get on a plane with no id what can i do?

    so i am in hawaii and my purse was stolen from the sheraton hotel on waikiki beach (don't give me any nonsense about leaving bags unattended the purse was literally right next to me.. and i know i am oblivious to my surroundings and need to work on that) so i now am in hawaii in the middle of the pacific with no id, no cash, no credit cards- nothing that says who i am... that said i filed a police report and the cop gave me a HANDWRITTEN form about the incident and told me that it was all i needed to get on my plane... i just cannot believe that all i need will be a handwritten piece of paper especially with all of the new tsa regulations.... so that said what can i do, if i request a new id from harrisburg they said it will be 6-8 weeks before i will receive it and i asked if i could send a family member to pick it up for me and they said no... any tsa workers that know about this or has this happened to anyone please help... serious responses only please

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  • looking for a pop punk band that was on fuse (it may have still been mmusa) a lot in 2003 or 2004?

    so give me your list of top pop punk bands from those years (it may have even been 2002)- it is definitely not new found glory, good charlotte, simple plan, all american rejects, blink 182, box car racer, dashboard confessional, sum 41, unwritten law, or yellow card

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  • need new music to download open to all suggestions?

    i mostly listen to punk, emo, indie, and pop punk but like pretty much all types of music most recent downloads are: the thermals, the tossers, the levellers, we are scientists, bayside, and elliott smith, mazzy star, the young dubliners, and blood or whisky (yes i was digging the irish vibe that day) dont limit your selves tho i listen to ALL types of GOOD music... however kinda in an islandy mood today so bonus points if your song choice has a reggae vibe or ukaleles in it... cheers

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  • three cheers for five years?

    so the past 4 nights i have had dreams about my ex... they were actually pretty mundane to tell you the truth, nothing about getting back together or anything like that nothing even having to do with our relationship at all really just he would be in the dream i want to say as a lead character throughout the dream... so sure our break up was the hardest one i have ever been through because we were high school sweethearts, that being said its been 5 years, and i am in love with the same man i have been with for the past 4 years. we are not having any relationship problems other than the fact that i am in hawaii until september and he is home in philadelphia so there is the long distance thing, we never fight, we are very open with eachother and talk constantly and when i am home relationship is perfect... i just think its weird i am dreaming of my ex so vivdly, like really vividly.. any thoughts on the matter?

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  • advice on surfing lessons oahu- best surf schools on the cheap?

    aloha... i am relocating to oahu to help my family living out there with some bills and such for the summer and my one and only goal during my stay out there is to over come my fear of fish and other sea life and learn to surf (i suppose thats two goals really) that being said, i am a strong swimmer and semi comfortable in the ocean (although when i see fish swimming to close to me i freak and have to get out) soooo with that information in mind i was wondering what the best tips are and also what school out there would be my best bet for lessons also price is an issue as i would like to take several lessons over the course of the summer (i am thinking maybe 2 a week for at least the first month) any advice would be much appreciated.. thanks and mahalo

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