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I am a moderate Republican. I don't enjoy extremists. Currently studying Veterinary Science.

  • Is Breed Specific Legislation only targeting a symptom of an overarching problem?

    Here's the question posted in the Politics Section; here Pets folk, go for it!;_ylt=Ans.D...

    My question is, if Breed Specific Legislation is enacted, would it work to decrease dog attacks in the long term, or merely push people to use other breeds as guards/fighting dogs, and thus create new dangerous breeds? Would that turn into a snowball effect?

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  • Could the refusal of aid lead to possible military action?

    With the refusal of aid by the junta in Myanmar, it is thought that maybe as many as 100,000 could die from disease, infection, and other maladies.

    Would a military intervention be justified if the government continues to deny aid? (In order to bring aid to those in need, not to get rid of the government)

    Or would this be a violation of the nation's right to run itself how it wishes?

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  • Which would you prefer and why?

    As far as leading the United States of America (from year 2008 and on), which would you prefer and why?

    A Democrat as President, with a Republican controlled Congress...

    A Republican as President, with a Democrat controlled Congress...

    Or have one party control both?

    Please no speculation about the 'electability' or feasibility of said occurrence.

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  • Concerning Coca-Cola and their Colombian activites?

    I've been hearing about how Coca-Cola has been associated with some unscrupulous dealings with their Colombian plants. It seems this news has been around some time; is it true and not getting aired, or is it an over-reaction?

    A website for boycotting Coca-Cola:

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  • What were alternatives to the use of nuclear weapons during WWII?

    Since WMDs are pretty much the hot topic these days, people call the nuclear bombs dropped on the cities of Japan 'terror attacks.'

    Others say that the use of nuclear weapons saved hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of lives on both sides.

    What alternatives were open to the US at the time the choices to drop the bombs were decided?

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  • Magic in dreams?

    I have been reading about magic in dreams. Of course, dreams in their own right have a magical property about them, giving the dreamer the ability to live things far different from normal life.

    However, I am curious as to what people think magic (in its various types) can symbolize.

    Black magic (necromancy, summoning, etc.) generally is associated with evil, but in certain situations, can be used in the dream out of a desire to do good. Thus, is the use of evil to accomplish good a will to do good even though one may see themself as inherently bad?

    White magic (healing touches, combatting demons, etc.) is almost always associated with good. Is using this magic in a dream the want of the dreamer to be able to save people they can't at the moment?

    Elemental magic is the one I am most curious about. I've read articles that say it is a 'push to look at things differently,' or maybe it's for giving optimism to the dreamer.

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  • Concerning thermal energy...?

    Does potential energy have an associated thermal energy like kinetic energy?

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  • How is Russia threatened by the deployment of missile interceptors/radar in Eastern Europe?

    "If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory, we have to give ourselves new targets in Europe," Mr. Putin was quoted as saying by Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper that took part in the interview.

    "It is up to our military to define these targets, in addition to defining the choice between ballistic and cruise missiles. But this is just a technical aspect."

    Asked whether the American plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe would force Moscow to direct its own missiles against cities or American military targets in Europe, Mr. Putin replied, "Naturally, yes," according to the newspaper.

    Would the deployment of a radar site in the Czech Republic and 10 missile interceptors in Poland have that much effect upon Russian nuclear potential? Is Putin warranted in his concerns, or is he using especially harsh terms on a whim?

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  • What do you think of my solution to the Iraq War and Global Warming?

    3 Easy Steps!

    1: Pull our troops and anyone else we really like out of Iraq.

    2: Nuke Iraq. A lot. Heck, let's test those bunker busters!

    3: The ensuing Nuclear Winter will counteract the effects of Global Warming. If we use enough nukes, we might even get colder!

    Okay, so maybe the third one isn't really a step, but a '3 Step Path to Success' sounds cooler than 2.

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  • What do dates mean in dreams?

    I've had a dream where I dream something occurs in 2033.

    Both times, I've used a small, dice-like crystal. It is rounded on one end, a point on the other (like a cone with the base sticking out). I throw it, and I see the wall nearby turn into a date, "Ma (March? May? I can't remember), (13? 17?), 2033. I see war machines near the dates, but I know something extremely bad was going on. At that time, I will be 46 or 45, depending on the month, but in the dream I think of how I will be 50.

    If other dates (in dreams) are seen in the future, are they signs of possible prophecy, or are they unconcious turning points that I already expect, and am concerned with?

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  • VHS to digital converting problems?

    I am in the process of digitizing Veterinary Ultrasound scans that were deemed interesting and saved for later examples of what different conditions look like.

    They were recorded on Sony 6hr tapes, but I am not sure of the setting.

    I originally tried to connect my Sony VCR to a Dazzle DV Bridge straight into my computer, but iMovie, which I am using to add some titles and organization to the scans, said it cannot accept the input because it is sending half-frames.

    I then used my Canon Elura 60 instead of the computer, playing the VCR and recording that output onto the camera. At first, it worked and I showed one of the techs what I could do, editing and all. I got the go ahead, and tried to convert more. However now, the camera will stop recording and say that it cannot record, as dubbing is restricted. First it was intermittent, now it is whenever I try to record.

    I am trying other set-ups, but so far no avail. I do not have another video editor. I am using a 1.83 Ghz Intel iMac.

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  • What does Tony Snow mean by this?

    “As far as public opinion, the president will not shape policy according to public opinion,” - Tony Snow

    New York Times, 'Fissures Grow on Eve of Bush Speech on Iraq' Jan 9, 2007. Written by David Stout.

    Does this mean that President Bush will not lead the country as the people want? Isn't this the basis of representative democracy, that the president leads the country how the people see fit, working with them or convincing them when they disagree?

    Or is it something that I am not understanding about government?

    Or did Tony Snow make a boo-boo?

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