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  • OScommerce vs Zen Cart?

    I am preparing to open a fish and aquarium supply store. Initially, it will be Internet-only (I plan on adding retail and franchise locations starting in about six months after my Web site goes live). I am in the process of deciding if I should use OScommerce or ZenCart. I myself do not know PHP, but will be hiring a programmer to design the Web site, and will maintain the products list/Web site content myself. I am looking for the ability to add custom modules as my business grows, so I am leaning toward OScommerce. That said, however, I am also looking for a solution that will allow me to maintain products, pictures, content, etc without taking the time to ascertain more than a very basic understanding of PHP. With this in mind, should I go with ZenCart? Something else? I appreciate everyone's input!

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  • Moving to Chicago. Suggestions for a safe neighborhood?

    I will be moving to Chicago the first week in October. What are some of the safer neighborhoods to live in? My office is on North Wabash, so I need to be close to the train/bus system.

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