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  • My friend ran over her bf with a car he was on a bike. I believe he's OK.?

    She dropped her car off at her Parents house. I think the cops were called as they took pics.of her car at her parents place. Hopefully her parents don't get into trouble for her stupidity. She's in Minnesota what charges could she face. She's 31 with 2 kids and on Dr drugs. No normal person would do this

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  • Was the 4th amendment violated here.?

    "An arrest warrant founded on probable cause implicitly carries with it the limited authority to enter a dwelling in which the suspect lives when there is reason to believe the suspect is within." (Payton v. New York) An arrest warrant does not allow entry into a third party's home to arrest someone who may be inside but does not reside there. (Steagald v. U.S.)

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  • Is a felony warrant enough probable cause to break a door down? Phoenix arizona?

    I'm dumb I know. I let a friend live here for a few months. He had a felony warrant. He had a dangerous drug charge. I bailed him out back in Jan 2019. I knew he had the warrant. This was first time they knocked. His name wasn't on the lease but my address was down as I bailed him out.

    Cops came looking for him here. They knocked didn't know they were cops. They didn't say police open up. We oped the door. Unfortunately we said he was here. What would of happened if we didn't open the door? Could they bust it down? Could the manager of my complex give them the key to get in?

    They didn't know he was here? They asked 3 times if he was here. We didn't want to lie. This is in Arizona.

    Yes I looked up hiding a fugitive it's a felony 5 in Arizona. Thankfully we didn't do that all 4 of us would of went in.

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  • I m renting out a hotel in my name for a friend.?

    Let s say they rob a bank, a car, have warrants ect.. Go back to the hotel. I m at home in my comfy apartment.same state. Is their any way possible for me to get into trouble just by having my name on the hotel? These things didn t really happen I m just double checking. They also have 4 dogs as well.

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  • Got car loan. Lost job. Stopped paying on loan. Running from repossesion guy. What can happen?

    My friend is in Minnesota. She got a car loan. Lost her job stopped paying insurance & stopped paying for the loan. The loan place is calling her mom to have her return the car. She s refusing to return it. The car place don t have her updated address as she s moved. She still lives in Minnesota but like 30 miles away. I don t know if she plans on turning it over or not. She s already on felony probation for a theft of a credit card 1,000. I m scared they will charge her with theft of the car & I m sure that s a felony. I am currently in Arizona. I m going to try to knock some sense into her before she gets into some serious trouble. What are your opinions on this subject. I don t know allot about this subject that s y I m asking here.

    I m not sure if she s the signer or the co signer. I don t think it matters. Her bf is one of the people that did the signing as well.

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  • Assult in Minnesota the cops weren't called but he was arrested?

    An assault happened between a couple. She didn't call the cops. She went to the hospital. She didn't report to the hospital who hit her. She told her brother. He called the guys probation officer. The assult happened 2 days ago. The probation officer told the brother he couldn't do anything as she didn't report it to the cop. Today now 2 days later he was arrested for assult. And a probation violation. The brother told his po he was dirty for drugs. Problem is the cops were never called. How is this possible? Can she fight this in court? Can she say it never happened. Will the courts press charges if she didn't call the cops? What if her brother was really pissed off at the guy & did this cause he didn't like him. Can someone call the cops on me and say I hit them to & I really didn't.

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  • My bf is going to miss his court date coming up. He will have a warrant. Can the landlord let them in if the tenant's don't open the door?

    I'm not going to be home when the cops come. I know for a fact his mom and him won't open the door when they come? Can the cops break the door down?

    Its a misdemeanor warrant for shop lifting.

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