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  • JWs: Any good experiences of living with a wife/husband who doesn't share your beliefs?

    I was raised in a JW family but was never baptized. For some reasons too long and unclear to explain here, I decided to quit a few years ago. However I am currently on my way back and really enjoy my decision.

    In the meantime I got married with a girl I am deeply in love with. However she doesn't share my beliefs. She is not doing any opposition and has not really any problem with it, though it sure isn't exactly what she wishes. It might not be the best thing for a couple not to share religious beliefs, however it is not that bad for now. It might become more of a problem when we will have kids but I am not too worried about this for now.

    So, I would really enjoy reading good experiences some of you have had living with a non-JW wife or husband, whether they have eventually got interested or not. I am sure I am not alone in this situation and many of you have encouraging experiences to share!

    Thank you! :)

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