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  • Do you believe in Hell?

    I am a Christian, and I know and believe what the Bible says about Hell (and Heaven) but I am interested in doing a survey, so would be grateful if people on YA would answer the following questions (briefly, one word or a sentence or two for each):

    1. How would you describe your religious belief? (eg Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, agnostic, atheist)

    2. Do you believe in the existence of Hell? (If yes, please answer the following questions too):

    3. What do you believe Hell is like?

    4. What do you believe is the purpose of Hell?

    5. Who do you think are going to Hell or have already gone there?

    6. Do you think that YOU are going to Hell?

    7. Whether yes or no, why do you think that?

    Thank you for participating.

    I do not intend to get into any discussion or arguments; as I said, I already know what I believe. This is purely an interesting survey as a follow up to a book I am currently reading.

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  • Period lasting over 2 weeks (Women only, please)?

    I had a period which started 42 days after the previous one. That lasted about 8-9 days ie a couple of days longer than usual, but then 16 days later I had another one. That has currently gone on for 17 days & is not finished yet. I know I'm probably pre-menopausal (I'm 51) but should I be worried? Should I be going to the doctor's, and if so, what will the doctor likely do about it?

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  • Can you complete the following British TV adverts quiz?

    For people of a certain age. Please use your memories, not internet search engines!

    Fill in the blanks:

    1. A finger of ___________is just enough to _______________

    2. 'And according to Mummy, I'm going to be ______________________ (Bonus: What was the product being advertised?)

    3. And today is Harry___________________________ Bonus: What was the product being advertised?)

    4. 'Dear Mrs. Jones, If you do not give your son__________________ he will run away from home. Signed, A___________________________'. What's a ______________________, ______________? ______________!

    5.'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. ..I'm gonna save this _______!' Bonus: What was the product being advertised?)

    6. 'Do the _______________________ and put the freshness back!'

    7. They came in search of paradise... who did?_______________________

    8. What has a hazelnut in every bite?_____________

    9. Will you risk it for ______________________?

    10.Come and talk, talk to the _______________, come and talk to the ________________ Bank.

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  • Spellling of plurals - those aged 16 and over, please?

    I would like to try a little survey. Please can you state the following:

    1. Your age.

    2. Male or female

    3. What GCSE grade you achieved in English, or if you have not taken this yet, the grade you are expected to achieve.

    4. Please spell the plurals of the following words:















    Thank you. I look forward to the answers.

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  • Have I got Coeliac Disease?

    I have had frequent blood tests over the last 4-5 years, as I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, one symptom of which was loose stools/diahorrhea. It was also discovered that I had a low neutrophil count. Since having radioactive iodine treatment, my thyroid became underactive, and I was then prescribed Levthyroxine, which I have to take every day for the rest of my life. There were various blood tests done to find the cause of the neutropenia, and in the end I was told its most likely cause was 'autoimmune'. Nothing else was done - except for regular Full Blood Counts taken, some of which showed I was also anaemic. I was/am still suffering from loose stools/diahorrhea - average twice a day.

    I saw a different GP in Dec, who ordered a blood test for Coeliac Disease, thinking that could explain the symptoms & also the neutropenia & anaemia. The test proved positive, and she referred me to the hospital for an endoscopy, where biopsies would be taken of my small intestine. I continued on a gluten diet as usual - and I am still eating gluten.

    I had the endoscopy three weeks ago, and I have a follow-up appointment next month at the hospital, but I have been to the GPs today (my usual doctor) who has received a copy of the endoscopy report. The biopsies were normal, indicating that I do NOT have Coeliac Disease.

    Could I still have Coeliac Disease anyway? If not, what is it likely to be? My GP didn't seem to know, and said to talk to the consultant at the hospital.

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