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  • Bunn my cafe won’t make coffee?

    I’m using the coffee drawer for loose coffee it’s basically just making hot water there is a slight brown color but it’s not right it’s not leaking I don’t know what to do I don’t have this problems with kcups

    1 AnswerNon-Alcoholic Drinks8 months ago
  • Mata haris password in savannah?

    I’m not fancy enough to stay at the hotels that have concierges with the password. I’m looking for this weeks password to take a good friend from out of town. Thanks in advance 

    Atlanta9 months ago
  • Suggestions for Rome in a day tour company that pick up from cruise terminal?

    We are going with royal Caribbean cruise to the Mediterranean in October . I was wondering if it's better to go with the cruise line tour or book through an independent company, we looked at stefano tours , but we are open to some suggestions, we would like to see the colosseum , Trevi fountain, Vatican, pantheon,and maybe Spanish steps and eat somewhere. Thank you !

    3 AnswersCruise Travel4 years ago
  • Cruising with royal Caribbean should I book with them for a tour of Florence and Pisa,book with independent company, or self guided tour ?

    This is our first trip to Europe we are cruising in October. I would love to see the leaning tower and get to see as much as possible of these two places. We were looking for suggestions as to whether or not to book a tour thru royal Caribbean, an independent tour company or explore on our own. We would love to here suggestions for tour companies too. Thank you.

    4 AnswersOther - Italy4 years ago
  • I know Las Vegas is cheaper in August. I was wondering if all the shows and business are still open ?

    It's our first time in Vegas I want it to be busy enough to be fun but not packed . I was also wondering what hotel would be good on the strip for a reasonable pricetoo ? It doesn't matter if it's really fancy just something clean, nice and on the strip.

    7 AnswersLas Vegas5 years ago
  • Best way to book a flight to Europe?

    We are planning a cruise leaving from Trieste it, in 2017 we are planning on flying out of Atlanta. We have never flown and I m wondering what is the best and cheapest way to book a flight? I ve looked at kayak it has the cheapest price but a couple long layovers and a lot of connection, would it be better to fly in on one booked flight the. Find and book a flight within Europe to Trieste? Or just use airline web site? I m also concerned about baggage If I have 9 hrs in between flights do I have to pay baggage again?

    2 AnswersAir Travel5 years ago
  • Are check chains cruel?

    I have a 3mo pit mix. I have 2 other dogs who behave horrible so I wanted to make sure she was professionally trained. I met with the trainer at petco who had 8 yrs experience and used positive reinforcement. I decided to go with a trainer with 30 yrs experience and trains Schutzhund protection dogs, search and rescue and agility training as well as basic dog training. Anyway he has us use a choke chain to give corrections and such. I took my dog on a her leash and training collar to the same petco ,when my boyfriend corrected her the trainer there saw us and told us the negatives to the collar and kind of made me feel like I was abusing my dog. So i guess my question is one are the choke collars cruel, or are they ok when used under the guidance of a professional? Has anybody else had a trainer use them for training and what where your results?

    9 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • can a break be benificial?

    me and my boyfriend have been together 4 yrs. i have been having alot of issues with my self and relation ship. me and him have talked about marriage in the past and the way i understood it was that we were going to get married after i graduate college, or atleast he would ask. Well he recently stated that he doesnt want marriage, knowing thats something i want, when i said something he got really upset and said that he loved me, blah blah wants to be with me. well any long story short i am over whelmed between my own personal issues with weight gain low self esteem and this new development that i was thinking mabe a break would be good for us in that i can clear me head, get me back and find myself. i have no desire to be with anyone else or to date. we live together and have for 2 yrs. i dont know if i should just move out and go back to formal dating? sorry its long winded

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • best beaches to visit in isla Roatan, other points of interest?

    We are going to isla roatan and have booked a private tour with victor Bodden . I was wondering what beaches you would reccomend, i was thinking of something uncrowded , with good snorkeling , and mabe a beach bar. also i was wondering if you could reccomend some other places to visit that may be interesting.

    3 AnswersOther - Caribbean8 years ago
  • cruise question about cozumel and belize?

    Me and my boyfriend are taking a cruise with carnival legend in sept, we are stopping in cozumel and belize.i already booked the tulum mayan ruins in cozumel, but during my research alot of of people have said that belize city is dangerous and that you should book an excursion with the cruise, we are on a Limited budget and had no excursions planned for belize, so should i cancel my excursion in cozumel and do the mayan ruins in belize and just enjoy the beaches in cozumel?What sites would you recommend in belize and cozumel?Also this is our first cruise and first time out of the country.

    12 AnswersCruise Travel8 years ago
  • help trying to decide if i need to call an er vet?

    i have a 4 year old male daschund. today when i came home he was lethargic and walking very slowly. he is usually very active hopping to greet me. i felt his abdomen and it seemed tight i immedetly took him out side he pooped and peed like normal. i kept feeling his abdomen he doesnt yelp but he is definantly gaurding itit seems most tender right next to the rib cage line . i listened to his stomach with my nursing stethascope and i could hear bowel sounds and his heart rate was normal. he wont eat any treats or food. i am taking him to the vet in the am as all are closed today. i cant tell if im freaking out and over reacting or if i need to call an emergency vet.oh yeah and he has been trying to eat grass for for the last 2 weeks but he does that off and on, and he is in an inside dog too. i am going to take hime to the vet in the am im just trying to decide if i need to take him to an er vet .

    6 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • opnion on all color tattoo no black outline?

    i dont have any tattoos yet i am getting one in a couple months its going to a a butterfly with red poppies. i am extremely picky and it has taken me three years to get a design i like. heres the thing i absolutely do not like black outline and shading with color tats. i want the flowers to have no outline or red outline, and any tattoo i get in the future to not have black outline or shading. i was just wondering how these tattoos hold up i dont want something thats going to look like a blob in 10 years.

    Tattoos9 years ago
  • fun things to do in pigeon forge for adults?

    me and my boyfriend are taking a trip to pigeon forge/galtinberg area, we are going ziplining, but i was wondering what other fun stuff their is to do for adults, like attractions and shows. some stuff just looked too kid oriented. thanks!

    1 AnswerPacking & Preparation9 years ago
  • does anyone have any experience with texas tiny pigs?

    i want to have a pet pig.i was looking into juliani pigs but cant find a breeder in alabama. i found texas tiny pig, but on their site it says the pigs need a "special" diet i was wondering if anyone has bought a pig and had it for over 2-4 yrs and had it stay small. basically i dont want to pay 1200 dollars for a pig thats not genetically small, but is being starved to be small

    1 AnswerOther - Pets9 years ago
  • should i get rid of it ?

    i have a brown rat that i have had for almost a year i got her from petco. despite me working with her she is still mean, she bites me she beats up bites and scratches my naked rat ,and recently i got two babie rats about 7wks old i had them out in a nuetral area along with my naked rat who was grooming them, the hite baby was on my lap on the floor so i decided to let the brown rat out, she charged over and grabbed the white rat and attcked it, she mortaly wounded it and before i could snatch her up she bit the other on the face i dislike this animal so much but feel kind of guilty about taking it back to petco because it will be snake food, thinking about letting it go in the woods far from homes and such.

    8 AnswersRodents10 years ago
  • 4 yr old daschund poops and pees in crate?

    myboyfreinds daschund poops and pees in i his crate anytime we leave the house. it doesnt matter how long we are gone or how many time he poops and pees out side. he is so stressed in the crate he rubbs the skin off his nose trying to get out.. i dont know what to do to make him not my boyfreinds mom house where the dog use to live the dog does fine, hes been living with us for a year . he started out just pooping but now he pees and poops, cries and howls when we leave .

    2 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • can this mouse be helped or should i have it put down?

    a co woker found a mouse at work. it is an adult wild mouse,. when we found it it was just laying on the ground the only way you could tell it was a live is by blinking. when i picked it up with card baord it would roll...almost like how crocodiles death roll and thats all it can do. i took it home i figured it would probably pass away in the night, this morning he's still alive so i was wondering if their is anything i can do for him, he's still in the same condition only able to roll.

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • help in taming a rat !?

    i recently bought 2 rats from petco they are young adults they are both skittish and freeze everytime i walk in the room i have been trying to hand feed them i was just wondering what the best method to tame and handle them would be? thank you!

    5 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • my goldfish is dying please help me?

    i got a goldfish about 3 weeks a go it was in a tropical tank setting at about 80 degrees b/c thats what the pet store had it in later i bought another 10 gallon cold water tank just for my small fancy gold fish with cold water. i let him adjust in the bag for about an hour and a half. since then he 's sat on the bottom in the corner he swims when disturbed but doesn't eat, and really looks pitiful i tested my water my ammonia levels are at zero and every thing else is fine. also i 2 other small gold fish in there and there fine. and i put some aquarium salt in there and he's still doing bad, also he has small almost black looking discolored spots on his body. please help?

    7 AnswersFish1 decade ago