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  • Got a new AMD Athlon 64 X2 64-bit computer, can't play *some* cd's I burned using 32-bit computer?

    My old computer was a Dell Dimension 4100 desktop with Windows ME. New computer is Athlon AMD X2 4600 dual-core running Windows XP 64-bit edition. I can run dvd's burned on old computer using Nero and some cd's but not others (when I put it into either dvd drive on new computer it says corrupted data or unreadable, but when I put it in old computer it can read them).

    How can I transfer the data from these "unreadable" cd's to the new computer without having to transfer them all back to the old computer and re-burn onto new dvd's or cd's using Nero? (When I burned the cd's I closed the sessions - not multi-session dics - they are CD-R's).

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