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  • Best Guy Friend Jealous of the New Bf....?

    Me and my guy best friend are basically inseperable. We do everything together. I tell him everything. Recently, I just got a bf, and all of a sudden, my best friend doesn't call anymore, doesn't visit, he doesn't even talk to me at school anymore. I didn't understand at first, until one of my other guy friends told me that he has had the biggest crush on me forever. He loves me apparently. My bf and I have been going out now for about a month and a half, and my best friend and I are still very distant. I try and talk to him, but he just ignores everything I say, and refuses to get into deep discussion. Apparently he makes comments to my other friends about me and my bf like.."oh great..they are together ...AGAIN!" I really do not know what to do. He is my best friend, and I don't know if I can continue with our friendship like this. Everyone says, "Yeah.He'll get over it..". Well, its been almost 2 months, and he hasn't.

    Help ?! What should I do ?!

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  • So there's this guy ... (how many times have you read THIS sort of stuff now ??)?

    So there is this guy and i REALLLYY like him .I know for a fact he used to like me , and me and him flirted non-stop .Nothing happened then though,because I was caught up around some other guy problem.A month later,and me and him were still flirting like crazy though , my other guy problem over.All of a sudden , I hear that he likes this other girl who we hang out with . He still flirted with me , but i thought it would be best for me to stop flirting and stuff , and try and forget him . Well ... that turned into him always being around because he thought there was something wrong with me . So today , me and him were SOO flirty together , and i couldn't help it . and i was starting to think that he maybe liked me again :) ... everytime he saw me in the hall he would sneak up behind me and grab my waist and turn me around to face him , just to talk to him . later that day , i get a text from a good friend saying he is planning on asking out someone on V-day..she tells me who,its not me!

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  • What kind of heat protection spray for straightening my hair?

    I straighten my hair ALL the time, because if i don't my hair looks horrible. also, after i sleep on it while straight, it flips out, making it look not so good again, so i end up straightening it again. I'm going into grade 9, and i really don't want my hair to dye by the end of highschool, hopefully never!! But I need some good heat protection spray for my hair. I have an expensive Rusk straightener.

    I have the 2 and 1/2 ceramic str8 hair straightener.

    Do you have any suggestions for what kind of shampoo, conditioner and heat spray to use to make my hair nice, soft, and smooth?

    (Price isn't a HUGE concern, just not REALLY expensive...)


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  • There is this guy that likes me, but my best friend likes him?

    So ya. He really likes me, and i have liked him for a LONG time too. And just recently I have found out he likes me too, but then I also found out that one of my best friends like him too. And I told her I wouldn't go out with him because I'm not like that. But she told me that if I didn't go out with him she would feel bad, but i said too bad. Now, she is acting like she hates me, and I'm pretty sure that it's because that this guy likes me. And it's not just her, she has dragged ALL of my friends into it, and 1/2 of them hate me right now too, making up excuses to be mad at me. But the thing is, I know exactly how she feels, cuz I have suffered all year of HIM liking all my other friends. So, I wouldnt say yes to going out with him, cuz I know how it feels. But she is just being rude and all this stuff, she has got everyone else mad at me too, I havn't been invited with them anywhere for a LONG time. What should I do??..

    p.s. I REALLY like this guy.

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  • My french teacher is the worst!She disrespects everybody!!!What to do?

    Today she told my brother that my mom was disrespectful, rude, obnoxious,and a backstabber. My mom, trust me, is absolutly none of those things!!!! We have had problems with her before. One time in class I freaked out, and had a meltdown, and then I wasn't aloud to go to french anymore, because I had a note. Well, after that got sorted out, I had to go back to french, which they switched to our classroom. She is horrible, she said she wasn't here to teach us french..well, what the heck is she getting paid for??? She tells us about her sexual life, which, being in gr.8, we really don't wanna hear why she left her husband. She has threatened to chop off kid's heads, and the office doesn't do anything. I'm am one of the most trustworthy kid in the school, and they still aren't doing too much to help us out. My mom says if the office doesn't do anything, she is taking it to the board office. But what else can we do to get this teacher fired in less than 14 days????

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  • I think my friend might have an eating disorder...what should I do?

    My friend is super pretty..she has blond hair, she is the perfect size and shape, she's the only one in our "circle of friends" with a boyfriend, and at dances she(and occasionally me) get asked to slow dance...and she thinks she is WAYYY overweight. I really don't remember the last time she brought a lunch to school. We tell her to eat, and she says she has already ate too much. We tell her that she doesn't need to worry about her weight, and she says she wants to diet..We have talked and she just doesn't understand that not only is she bringing down her self-confidence, but ours too, cuz she is WAYY skinnier than us, and she is calling herself a hippo and all this crap. We really don't know what to do, we have seriously tried alot.HELP!

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  • How should I do my hair for graduation?(pics will help!!!)?

    My dress is black and it goes to my knees and flips out a bit, and around the top it looks strapless, but it has spaghetti straps.around the top, it is light pink, with a pink bow and a sparkly thing in the middle. what hair style should I use?(I'm getting it done at a salon)HELP!!

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