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  • Stick & poke tattoo touch up?

    I did a small stick and poke on my finger (it’s about an inch tall & wide) and a lot of it has peeled off... i did it about 9 days ago & I  was wondering if I’m able to re-poke it today? It’s still kind of peeling 

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    what is the upkeep like with white blonde bleached hair?

    if I were to bleach my hair a white blonde at home, what would the keep up be like? would I need to consistently re dye it or tone it in any way (excluding root re growth)? I bleached and dyed my hair light ash brown a while ago, but the keep up is so annoying because the dye washed out after about a month and becomes a really ugly brassy color. I want to bleach my hair a color where the only touching up I’ll have to do is just lightening my roots once they grow back in. (Picture example of the color I want)

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