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  • How do I get myself to a crisis center or mental hospital?

    I am home alone, I am 16, but I can't drive. I need to get to a crisis center or mental hospital soon. I have no idea how I should get there though. Please help.

    4 AnswersMental Health6 years ago
  • I need to go back to the mental hospital, help?

    I really need to go back to a mental hospital. I am hearing voices, and still want to kill myself and cut myself. I am scared to tell my mom though because she thinks I am fine. I am 16 and home schooled so I can't talk to a school counselor or anything like that. How do I get back to a mental hospital, please help me.

    5 AnswersMental Health6 years ago
  • What should I do about the voices in my head?

    I hear voices. I am 16 and female. The first one drove me to try to kill myself. I never told anyone about it while I was in the mental hospital because it had stopped. When I got home it started again. I can talk with the voices, this one calls himself Akather. He sometimes tells me to hurt myself, but can be fun to talk with. A week ago, a second voice started, he calls himself Gray. Gray has not yet told me to hurt myself and is very different from Akather, he is much more comforting and nice, but he can be very gloomy. They are both male because they have told me that they are and they sound male. When I hear them it is not like someone next to me is talking, it is more like they are in my head. They aren't always perfectly easy to hear, but I understand them well enough. Most of the time things are fine, but Akather keeps wanting me to cut or kill myself and Gray is telling me not to.

    When I was 11, I was in a car crash where a motorcyclist came through the front windshield of our van, I was in the front seat. He suffered a collapsed lung and died right there in the street. I repressed the memory of the crash however, I know that it was very bloody and I have a blood phobia because of it, I get panic attacks when I see blood. While in the mental hospital for attempting to kill myself I was told I have PTSD and survivors guilt from the crash.

    What do I need to do? Do I tell my parents? I don't want to go back to the mental hospital but I think I need to.

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  • Where can I meet therians?

    I'm a German Shepherd therian. I would love to meet more therians either in person or better online. Are there any other therians out there who can point me in the right direction?

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • Dog therian who doesn't eat meat?

    I'm almost sure that I am a melanistic German Shepherd therian, however, I am a vegetarian. Is this normal? Does this mean I am not a dog therian, or does it not mean anything at all.

    1 AnswerOther - Cultures & Groups7 years ago
  • I think I'm a therian?

    So, I've asked this question several months ago, but now I have been looking into it a little bit more and am more convinced. I think I am a German Shepherd. The temperament fits me perfectly, down to the last detail. I've also been looking at how other therians act and noticed something that I have done in the past. A lot of them wear collars. For several years when I was younger I wore a collar. I loved wearing one and it just felt right. I only stopped wearing it because I was tired of the questions that I got from it. I also love to wear a tail. I don't wear it any more because people at my college think I am a furry do to the fact that a furry who used to go here wore a tail. When I was young, I would always pretend to be a dog. I was crawling everywhere and would wear socks on my hands to act as paws. I was, and still am, obsessed with dogs and wolves and foxes. I looked first to German Shepherds because I was very interested in them as of late, and it turned out that it just fits. I have know for a long time that I see the world differently than most people and I don't fit with most, it's hard to make friends. I am weird and different. My thought process is also different than most people and I don't understand why people to lots of different things. My thought process is more like a dog. Are there any therians out there who have had a similar experience? Or, are there people who think that they have a better reason for why I am this way? Thanks.

    3 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups7 years ago
  • Anime like blue exorcist?

    I really loved how Rin was the son of Satan and didn't find out until he was 15. Is there any other anime where the main character is either the son of a demon or has something evil in him that makes everyone afraid of him?

    5 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Anime with a similar design to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood?

    I really loved both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and just finished watching FMAB. The design of the anime is really important to me, just as much as the story. I have watched Darker than Black, Fairy Tail, D-Gray Man, Legend of the Legendary Heros, Ghost Hunt, Chrome Shelled Regions, and a few others. I loved the stories, characters, and design of both the worlds and the characters of all these anime. I'm looking for another anime with a similar design/ story line of any of these anime. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Anime where character loses memory?

    Is there an anime where the main character loses his memory? Please no anime where the main character is a girl, just ones where the main character is a guy. Thanks.

    5 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Legend of guardians who protect humanity?

    I'm trying to do some research into a legend that I heard about but I don't know where to start. Here is what I do know about it. In our world there are people called guardians. They protect the normal people of our world. I'm not sure what kind of powers they have but I know that they have some sort of control over dreams. I know more about the other people of power but I don't know what they are called. The guardians job is to make sure that these other people don't turn evil. They have healing powers and can hear peoples thoughts and memories. They aren't all evil, but they can turn evil and when they do it is the guardians job to defend the regular people. Does any one know of a legend like this or where I can find more information on it?

    2 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • I think I'm therian but not sure what kind?

    I stumbled upon therians and think I might be one, but I'm not sure how to narrow it down. I've known that my way of seeing the world was different than most people for a long time now. I think my therian type is probably a canine because when I was young, I would pretend to be a dog all the time. I would crawl all over the place and wear socks on my hands for paws long after most people would have stopped. I would turn anything into a tail and only stopped wearing a fake one because people thought that I was a furry. I have been feeling very close to wolves and foxes these past few months. The problem is, I don't know where to start. Should I just look at the behavior of wolves and foxes, or what?

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups7 years ago
  • Werewolves, are they real? I think I am one?

    Last full moon, I was at a party right. The last thing that I remember from that night was leaving early because I had a splitting headache. I got into my car and got home just as the moon was rising. Then, I don't remember anything. I woke up in this abandoned warehouse that is 20 miles from my house. I was covered in blood and my cloths were in shreds. I don't remember a thing. I do know that I was bitten by this huge wolf like dog last month at night, I think the moon was full that night, but the wound is gone now. What happened. Are werewolves real? Was that dog a werewolf? I'm really scared. What do I do?

    10 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • I think I'm a werewolf, what do I do?

    I've been freaking out the past few days since the full moon. I woke up in an abandoned warehouse with no clue how I got there. It was 20 miles from my house! I don't sleep walk, never have. I had blood on me but I'm not sure if it was someone else's or my own. Plus, I got bit by a large dog last week, but the wound is gone now. What the hell am I supposed to do! Do I just lock myself up on the night of the full moon? What if I hurt someone? I need advice and help. Any else a werewolf? What do I do?

    12 AnswersMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • Has anyone else found that a mindless task helps focus?

    I have been having a hard time focusing in class. I have a hard time keeping my hand still, I will draw in my notebooks which distracts me from class. However, I have begun to carry this largish coin called a challenge coin around with me. I will spin the coin between my fingers almost non stop. I have found that this mindless task actually helps me to focus and pay attention. My mind has stopped wandering too much and I'm less lazy. Has anyone else every had this happen and do you know why this is working? Thanks.

    1 AnswerMental Health7 years ago
  • Fingers won't stop moving?

    For a while now have had a hard time keeping my fingers still. I will take apart pens and put them back together. I will draw and doodle all over my note books and any paper in front of me. Recently I have grown attached to this largish coin called a challenge coin. I will take it every where and find it hard to stop spinning it between my fingers. I'm wondering if this is a problem and if I should do something about it.

    4 AnswersOther - General Health Care7 years ago
  • Fantasy movies with main character being a guy?

    I'm looking for some movies, preferably fantasy, where the main character is a guy in his teens or early 20's. Please no drama or thriller. Fantasy or action. Thanks.

    9 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Turn my laptop into a wifi hotspot for a 3ds?

    I have a 3ds, but I don't have wifi access. I have a windows 8 laptop and ethernet. How can I make my 3ds talk to the laptop so I can connect the 3ds to the internet?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking7 years ago
  • How to connect 2ds to wifi?

    I live on a college campus and getting off is not easy. I have a problem connecting my 2ds to the wifi here, namely it won't. I think this is because the wifi needs my user name and password to work, but I can't figure out how to tell the 2ds that.

    5 AnswersComputer Networking7 years ago
  • Can dyslexia develop latter?

    So, I think I might have dyslexia. I don't think I had a hard time learning to read, but my phonics sucks and I have had a strange vision thing that I have only just noticed. It is hard to focus on words because they are sort of moving, however, they say that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. I also can't spell, I invert letters and numbers, have my whole life, and my handwriting sinks. I was never diagnosed with dyslexia but I was home schooled and my mom was a hard teacher. I think I have a high IQ, but, I love to read, but only things that interest me. I hate reading text books or manuals or other stuff like that. So, what do you think?

    1 AnswerSpecial Education7 years ago
  • Why do I faint at the sight of blood?

    So, I sort of understand why I faint at the sight of blood, others and my own, but I want to know more. More importantly, I would like to know how to control it. I really just want to know how to make it end quickly. You see, when I see enough blood, I get dizzy and if I'm standing up I will pass out. Also, I feel really scared. This fear will last up to half an hour after I see the blood even if I don't pass out. It is this lasting fear that I hate the most because I know that there is nothing to fear. It has been getting worse though. I have started to feel faint when I see blood on the TV even if it is fake. Help me.

    1 AnswerOther - Health7 years ago