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  • Would There be a good ROI from investing a loan?

    I'm looking at the ROI in investing a loan in one year vs. saving the payments and investing each month. While it is risky I'm interested in what the numbers might look like.

    Loan is $4,000 at 4.95% taken out Jan 1st. If divide the annual interest by 365 and compound monthly I get around $34 in interest just for the first year.

    ( 4.95% / 365 ) x # days in month x principle is what I used

    So cost of the loan is $34.00 if I can pay if off in a year.

    On January 5th, I invest the loan across four mutual funds.

    Fund A - $18/sh - $1,000

    Fund B - $25/sh - $1,000

    Fund C - $15/sh - $1,000

    Fund D - $22/sh - $1,000

    Total cost of placing orders = ($35.80)

    All funds return at least a .30/share dividend each quarter and reinvested.

    On December 15th, all funds have risen at least 2 points each.

    Funds will not be sold.

    Does this seem like a practical assumption that there would be a decent ROI that would cover the expenses of the loan and placing market orders?

    I'm looking for some solid numbers and reasoning.


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  • What are the Pros/Cons on Debt Investing?

    I'm looking at different investment products and strategies. I recently read a few articles on debt investing and want to know the practicality of a debt investment instead of an equity investment. Pros/Cons/Sources. Thanks!

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  • Will the law ever change where staffing agencies can't hire people as independent contractors?

    Most staffing agencies obtain contracts with various companies to provide personnel on a short-term basis. These staffing companies hire individuals as independent contractors. The problem is that these individuals may have no intention of indicating a sole proprietor status. They are also paid the same, possibly a bit more, as an company-employed person performing the same work. Yet because they are an independent contractor they must pay self-employment tax.

    I would like to see the law change to force staffing agencies to have to pay that tax. If an individual does not inherently declare their actions to create a private company, then they should be considered a person employed by the staffing agency.

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  • All income on 1099 used for expenses.?

    In 2010 my real estate broker paid my real estate fees amounting to $1,500. I received a 1099-Misc with this amount listed under nonemployee income. Could I expense all of this on schedule C?

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  • If every person in the United States donated $1 to a pool...?

    If every person in the United States donated $1/day to a pool and when the pool acrrued $10,000,000 ten U.S. citizens were given $1,000,000 each until every U.S. citizen was given $1,000,000...

    1. How long would it take for each U.S. citizen to recieve $1,000,000 tax free.

    2. With each U.S. citizen being a millionaire how would that effect jobs in the economy?

    3. With each U.S. citizen being a millionaire, how would that effect prices in the economy?

    4. If you recieved $1,000,000 from such a program would you quit your job?

    4 AnswersEconomics10 years ago
  • Diabetic dog in renal failure?

    My dog has had diabetes for a number of years and was recently diagnosed with renal failure. Could someone provide information on any experience they have with a similar situation in addition to diet, supplements, and any cautions. I'm being a bit cautious with fish oil, flax seed oil, bilberry (for his cateracts), Vitamin E, Q10 even though I've read some good articles. I did read bilberry can lower blood sugar so I want to also be careful in that area since he is on insulin.

    Additional information:

    The dog food previously used was Hills W/D and but now additionally Hills K/D and Purina NF have been added to his list of foods.

    I'm also supplementing him with Azodyl.

    He is on fluid therapy twice a week.

    15 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • PA's Home Surveillence Camera Laws?

    Where can I find info on PA's home surveillence camera laws for exterior cameras? Are notices required? What if the camera catches part of a public street?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • 1970's TV Show?

    Looking for a show that was a spin off of B.J. and the Bear that took place in Georgia. I am looking for who sang the version of Geogia Blues for the spin off show. Bob Rafkin sang it for B.J. and the Bear but now for the spin off show. Year was probably 1978, 1979.

    2 AnswersComedy1 decade ago
  • Are people merely energy fields?

    What is your opinion on natural or unnatural factors that determine the conscious presence we have in our individual bodies? What do you feel determines which pair of eyes you will look through? Is it possible that we are merely energy fields that migrate from host to host as we die?

    1 AnswerPhysics1 decade ago
  • Why do some people post rude and demanding details?

    For example, "I want this..." and "Don't tell me to...". I can't believe these people. I ought to start charging them for my expertise. Or they state not to tell them to go to a manufacturer's website when sometimes that's the only resource they can use to resolve their issue. Are they mental? Stupid? Or just plain idiots?

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  • Why are "1"s and "0"s used in computers?

    The binary number system is used throughout the computing industry. But what is the origin of why the binary system is used in computing? Why not just use base 10. Here's a clue "TTL".

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  • Mathematically prove Santa exists...?

    Come up with a mathematical interpretation on the existance of Santa Claus.

    23 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Why do people think that a virus is responsible for all computer problems?

    About 90% of computer problems posted on Yahoo Answers have at least one answer involving a computer virus as the suggested cause. About 10% involve questions that suggest the problem being correlated to a virus.

    What is wrong with these amatuers? I've been in support for six years and have not seen a virus cause a computer not to boot or shutdown or data loss. In this day and age, intruders write code to get personal information i.e. malware (spyware) and adware. Destroying the computer is pointless.

    One person posted a question stating they formatted their hard drive and had problems booting. Wouldn't you know it, the first answer was, "it's a virus". If I had dollar for evey computer idiot out there.....

    6 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • I've come to notice people cause traffic problems. I've listed my rules for bad driving, what are yours?

    (1.)You must pull out in front of the last car of a line of traffic, even though there is no one else behind that car.

    (2.)After the light turns green you must wait 5 seconds before going

    (3.)In rush hour you must stop in the worst possible place and let someone off or pick someone up

    (4.)Even though there is 500+ feet of parking room on a street you must double park while waiting for someone

    (5.)In dense traffic conditions, under no circumstances should you allow someone to merge into your lane, even though the traffic ahead of you is congested

    (6.)If you are the lead car in a line of traffic you must drive as slow as possible

    (7.)When coming to a yield sign you are not permitted to turn your head to see if any cross traffic exists you must come

    (8.) You must bow to the driver that is a total moron

    10 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Should small business owners be the main character in their own TV commercials or use a professional?

    Often I see TV commercials for small businesses where the owner is the main character in the commercial. The majority of the time I find these types of commercials are horrible. One specific commercial for a local upscale restaurant features the owner. Throughout the entire comercial you do not know if the business is a restaurant, a funeral home, or a super market. All the owner does is give the name of the business and wants you to stop by and shake his hand. A few years back I saw a TV commerical for a local contractor. The owner begged and pleaded for the public to hire him. Now the ACE Harward commericals seen in Pennsylvania are done by the owner and I think are done very well.

    4 AnswersOther - Advertising & Marketing1 decade ago
  • When will people discover to post details with questions?

    When will people posting questions on Yahoo answers realize that posting a question without any details is pretty much useless.

    11 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Married with Children Trivia?

    Episode where the Bundys' went to the Beach, how much money did Steve Roads tape to the Bundy's front door for the car he hit?

    5 AnswersTrivia1 decade ago