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  • Incident at Walmart - offered a $50 giftcard as a gesture of good faith - should I accept or seek more?

    Recently in Walmart I bought a bottle of chocolate milk. I opened it and started drinking it on my way home. After the second sip there was a potent taste and smell of bleach all around the rim of the bottle. Looking at the bottle I could see the liquid dripping off the rim. I put the lid back on the bottle and when I got home I called Walmart to let them know what had happened. For about 48hrs after this, I had a burning on the tip of my tongue and the back of my throat where the bleach had touched I also had bad stomach pains. Knowing I hadn't ingested alot I did not see a doctor. I received a call on Monday from Walmart's investigation firm. Although they say it's not their issue, they want to give me a $50 for my troubles. First I need to sign a waiver saying i wont sue. It's been about 3 weeks since the incident I havent sent the forms back yet but I get calls several times a day asking me to send back the form so they can close the file. is this a buy off? Should I seek more?

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  • How to care for a newborn mouse?

    I found a newborn mouse this morning while leaving the grocery store. Rather than leave it with a sealed fate of being squashed by a careless foot or tortured to death by ignorant highschoolers, I picked him up and took him home (I looked high and low for a mouse nest or sign of other mice nearby but didn't find any).

    I know the reality is he will probably die, but I figured a quiet death not by foot or torture would be a little nicer for him. I estimate he is about 3-4 days old. If I can help him try and survive, I'd like to. Does anyone have some suggestions on increasing his chances of life?


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  • Paypal taking duplicate payments?

    I made a payment for something from Ebay the other day in the amount of $44. When I checked my account this morning I noticed that they had taken two payments of $44. I called my bank and they told me that several others had called about this this morning too, but I would have to contact Paypal because it was their glitch. I called Pay pal and was told that they could only see one payment withdrawal from their end and it must be my bank's problem. I called the bank again and was told by another customer service rep that many others had called about this too this morning, she informed me on what to do, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if this is something usual for Pay Pal?

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  • Wedding dance song for brother-sister dance?

    For my wedding, my brother will be giving me away as my dad is MIA. So, instead of a father-daughter dance we'll have a brother-sister dance I guess. Any ideas on a good song thats not a "love song" or a "father-daughter" song?


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  • Suspicious website - Should I inform the police?

    While searching information on Yahoo! today about X-rays I came across a website with detailed instructions on building bombs and how to kill cops and how to make liquid explosives. Should I report this information to my local police? Or leave it?

    20 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • Does the Pentax Optio M20 work with the Kodak charging station?

    Just bought a Pentax Optio M20 digital camera and read in the users manual that it can connect to the Kodak Easyshare Printer dock for easy printing. Does the same apply to the Kodak Easyshare charging station?

    3 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • What is the price for the 16-pack of Enfamil Lipil Singles in the US?

    We dont get these in Canada but there's some listed on ebay ( 3 x 16 sleeve boxes) for $10 US plus $18.50 US for shipping. How much do these singles boxes cost normally? (I'm buying them for a cruise next month instead of bringing heavy tins of formula)

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Irregular mentrual cycle caused by birth control?

    I have been taking Tri-Cyclen Lo since Nov 06 and have noticed that my periods have become heavier, longer and earlier each month. Anyone know any reasons why, or had this happen to them? Advice?

    4 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Does the general (the guy with no legs) die in the movie Forrest Gump??

    Does the guy with no legs in Forrest Gump die in the movie?

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  • why are tin cans ribbed??

    why do they have the ribbing around the can?

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  • Recommended cruises and cruise lines? All inclusive?

    I want to take a cruise sometime later this year but I have never been on one before. What cruise lines are recommended? reasonably priced? and possibly all inclusive?

    Best destinations??

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  • what is the best way to restore my credit fast? In Canada.?

    My fiance and I are looking to purchase a home. However we have a high debt ratio, and some slow payments in the past. We tried to get a loan to consolidate our debt, but because of our low credit scores, we were denied the loan. We have a high interest car loan (18%), student loans, and credit cards, which is why we really want to consolidate our debt before buying a home.

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  • Cheap Cleft Palate Teats?

    My 3 month old daughter has a submuccosal cleft palate and we feed her using a Medela Haberman Feeder. The teats are incredibly expensive. I have found them for about $14.99+, but I am wondering if anyone knows where to find them cheaper?

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