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  • How much does H&R Block charge to do your taxes? Will they just tell you how much you owe and tell you without filing? HELP!?

    My husband and I have an appointment with H&R Block tomorrow and I can not find anywhere how much they charge!! We don't want them to file our taxes we just want to see how much we are going to owe federal and state. PLEASE HELP!

    7 AnswersUnited States6 years ago
  • HELP! I just douched for the first time. Should I be worried?

    I just douched for the very first time. I don't plan on doing it all the time. Anyway after I douched I then read online to see if I did it right and all these people went on about how bad it is and how they got infections and how its dangerous. Should I be freaking out right now?! Am I going to get infected?!

    5 AnswersWomen's Health7 years ago
  • How do I use deep throat oral anesthetic spray?

    I bought this spray that numbs your throat to help with giving blow jobs but I don't know how far I should spray it in my throat. It is supposed to make me not gag so do I spray it really far?

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  • Why am I horny all the time?!?

    I am 20 years old and I think I have a problem. Everytime I am home by myself I am horny. Like I orgasm and stop then like 45 minutes later I want to masturbate again. I have been getting into porn when my husband is gone and sex stories. He and I have been married 2 years this August and we dont really have sex anymore because he never really wants it because he has become addicted to his games. But we did it twice this week and the day he was gone I masturbated 3 times to sex stories. Is something wrong with me? Why am I always so horny? Why can't I stop it? Am I a freak?! :(

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  • Wanting to confront my ex about something but I don't know how!?

    He is dating this really sweet girl and he has been talking to me about her and he and I trust each other enough to have each other's email passwords. Well, I looked today and turns out he has been talking to his ex. This ***** who has cheated on him 3 times! Telling her he loves her and always will. God it just pisses me off! He deserves so much better! However, I know he hates when I look in his email and I did it anyway because I had a funny feeling. He deserves someone who truly appriciates him. He was my first love and seeing him chase after this horrid girl makes me want to ring her neck because she just hurts him. Idk I want to tell him I read it but Im scared he will scream at me! What should I do?!!!

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  • Can I force someone to remove my name from a tattoo?

    So, here is the deal. My father has not talked to me in a month. He and my mom have been divorced about 1 year and 5 months so far. Since that time, he has dated some random girl, a girl that was only 7 years older than me, and now he is with some ex girlfriend from high school and is getting married to her next year. Since he has been with this woman, he has cussed me out twice, his girlfriend or fiance w/e has cussed me out 3 times. She has gone on and on about how horrible I am and that I am just like my horrid mother. She doesnt know **** about my mother nor what hell my mother has been through in the past 5 years. Anyway! My dad has done nothing but hurt me since the divorce. Stops talking to me for 3-5months at a time. Cusses me out. Lets his girlfriend cuss me out. Tell me how horrible I am. No one on his side of the family knows this because he plays it off like we talk all the time and I am still his favorite kid. So, s far as they are concerned I am still a daddy's girl and that is not true! I dont like him. He has done nothing but made me cry. He and his girlfriend were harrassing me so much on Facebook that I deleted my whole profile. Well, know come to find out he has tattooed my name on his arm. Is there a way I can force him to remove it? Like sue or something. I dont want to be associated with him and I just dont think he has any right to put that on his arm without asking me.

    12 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • Anyone in the mood to talk?

    Just want a friend to chat up with. :)

    1 AnswerFriends8 years ago
  • Gave my cat a flea bath but missed 1 flea. What do I do?!?

    My cat has fleas and I used Frontline but it didn't seem to be working. So, I gave her a bath with the flea and tick shampoo. Well, I missed 1 bug!! Only one. I am worried that it will start laying eggs and she will be back with fleas. Do I give her ANOTHER bath?!!!

    5 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • Opinions!! Is it wrong to hang out with a guy friend if you are married?!!?

    I have been married for about a year now. I love my husband more than anything and anyone in this entire world. I have a good friend who is finally back home and I haven't seen him since my wedding. I am supposed to hang out with him tomorrow at a parade and to watch some fireworks. My husband said he is glad I get to hang out with my friends. I never had any feelings for this guy he is more like a brother to me always has been and I am the same way with him. He doesn't like me that way. My in laws and my mom are giving me crap telling me I shouldn't be hanging out with other guys when I am married. I am a tom boy anyway. I have been hanging out with guys my entire life. In fact I don't think I have ever had one solid girlfriend ever! I just get along better with guys and now people are telling me I can't hang out with guy friends ever now that I am married. So, what should I do?! Is it really that wrong to hang out with my friend just because I am married?

    14 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Prepaid Phones for Canada. HELP!!!!?

    I am traveling to Canada in 4 days and I am freaking out. I can't call my husband because there seem to be no pre paid phones that work in Canada. Is there any pre paid phones I could buy in Canada that will let me call to the U.S?! I don't want to go 3 weeks with out talking to my husband. PLEASE if you have any information regarding prepaid cell phones that either let him call me or me call him that would be awesome. What do I do?!

    6 AnswersOther - Canada8 years ago
  • Net10 International Calling? HELP ME!?

    I bought an International Net10 Phone Card and the minutes are on my phone. However, the numbers that Net10 said would work don't work. I am so pissed! Does anyone know if I can call to the US from Canada with this phone or will it cut it off? This card was bought for nothing if what they said worked doesn't! I am stressed and I just paid $71 for these cell phone minutes! WHAT DO I DO?!!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • I am losing my self and I don't know what to do! HELP!?

    I am 19 and married. Yes, I know it is young but I love him. It's just that he has changed SO much over the years. Now he is angry all the time. Always screaming and cussing and games and me. He is on his computer playing LoL 24/7 and when he isn't he is on the XBox. I feel lost because what was once happiness is turning into anger. We only have sex once a week because he always has an excuse not to do it. I know he isn't cheating because he is home all the time and I am usually there. I hate what our relationship has become and I just don't feel happy. I was talking to my ex/first love and he said he missed me and was talking about the old times. It gave me joy for the first time in a long time. I am not a cheater and I love my husband I am just afraid that he doesn't love me back or that he is pushing me away. We haven't even been married 1 year and we already only have sex 1 time a week. Is that natural? He is always angry and I have a hard time being turned on by him. Every time we spend time together we always end up in a fight eventually. We never go anywhere and I feel trapped! I fell in love with some one completely opposite of who he is today and I don't know what I should do. I am scared because I have all these bad thoughts and I want to cry. I am sleeping in another room tonight because he screamed and cursed at me again tonight just for jokingly sitting on his blanket and he freaked out. I can't deal with this for the rest of my life. I am always sad and wanting to go back to when he was the way he used to be. I don't know what to do. Please. Advice?!

    5 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships8 years ago
  • I think I am a Nymphomaniac. I don't know what to do. HELP!?

    My husband and I only have sex one time a week and that is IF I am lucky. We used to do it all the time. I am 19 and he is 21. I am going insane! I hate the idea of porn and reading dirty stories but every now and then I slip up and read one. I will get off and then be horny again like 20 minutes later. Please help! I don't know what to do. Am I wrong for wanting to read those stories or watch videos even though I am against them? Should I be mad at my husband for only giving me sex one time a week even though we used to do it all the time? PLEASE HELP ME!

    15 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • I have a legal question about some papers. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?

    My ex husband hasn't paid ANY child support and unfortunately he still gets him half the summer. Well, the plan says that transportation costs are included in the child support, but that section has $0 under it. It also says he is responsible for setting up transportation. So who pays for the flights? And for one way or both? I just want to know my rights and his rights. PLEASE HELP!!! this is VERY important!

    3 AnswersLaw & Legal8 years ago
  • Flying To Canada. How does this work?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!?

    I am flying from Michigan to Toronto Airport to Edmonton in Canada. Please help. I have no idea how this works. I know I check my bags in Michigan and someone I talked to told me I have to pick up my bags in Toronto for Immigration and Customs but do I have to pay to check my bags AGAIN?! Also, my layover is only like an hour and a half will I have enough time to do all that?! Please Help!!!

    9 AnswersOther - Canada8 years ago
  • I am flying to Canada from Michigan. What do I need to bring?!?

    Hi. I am flying to see my sister in law in Canada. I have never flown there before and I have no idea what to bring! Do I just bring my passport? And I have a layover in Toronto. If I check my bags will they be in Edmonton when I land or do I have to pick them up in Toronto and then check them again for my flight to Edmonton? I have NO idea what I am doing. Please help!

    3 AnswersPacking & Preparation8 years ago
  • Is this going to be a problem? I feel like my in laws are using us and holding us back?

    Hi. My name is Krystiana and I am starting to get worried. My husband and I are living with his parents because we are saving to get our first place. I am 19 and he is 21. Well, just this year we have to pay off the last $5,000 of our truck loan AND get my husband's hip surgery which then after all of that we can start to try to get our own place. Well, we already pay the $120 a month for cat litter and food, part of the electric bill, half the insurance, we buy our own food, AND we pay our own bills on top of it. Well, lately it just seems like they are sucking all the money out of us. Their cat is sick right now and we paid for the vet check up and the emina today which is expensive! Now they want us to buy some super expensive pill that may or may not work to get rid of the tumor in their cat's leg. Also, their car is busted so they have been using our car and our truck EVERY DAY. Plus, they aren't even trying to fix their car. Then they run our vehicle's down to empty and expect US to pay for the gas. When they put gas in it they only put like $10 in the tank. Gas prices are $4.14 here!! That is only like 2 and a half gallons of gas! >:( Also, his mom is going to be gone for two weeks and of course we are being asked to help with the mortgage and the propane gas tank thing and more of the electric. His dad is too lazy to go get a job and just sits on his *** all the time whining about not having enough money and asking us for help. It just feels like they are taking all our hard earned money and we are trying SO hard to get financially set so we can move out. Everytime we get close something goes wrong with them and instead of asking their other 2 kids for help they always ask us. Please I need some advice. I don't know what to do and this is really really stressing me out because we were almost at $4,000 towards our truck and now we are down to $3,000 because of helping them. Please Help. :'(!

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • PLEASE HELP My husband only has sex with me once a week! :(?

    My husband and I have been married for about 5 months. Before we got married we were having sex all the time. Then after living with each other for a while it slowly started to decrease and now he only has sex with me once a week. he doesn't like roleplay anymore which is fine but I would like to make love to my husband more than once a week. He is just never in the mood. Is there something wrong with me? Why doesn't he want me as much anymore? :'( PLEASE HELP!

    16 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • How long do you have a debit card before it needs to be renewed?! PLEASE I NEED HELP NOW!?

    My husband got a new debit card and he isn't here and I have to buy my flight ticket now before the seats are taken! However I don't have his new card so I don't know what the expiration date it! I know that it just expired on the 1st of this month so would the new expiration date be in 2 years? Or 3 years? PLEASE HELP!

    6 AnswersPersonal Finance9 years ago
  • I am struggling with depression and idk what to do anymore.what do i do?

    I have been feeling like a failure the past couple of months nothing i do is right and i am scared of myself and i don't know what to do anymore. I want to hurt myself and I know that isn't the answer but it just takes the sadness away.I am afraid of saying anything because I don't want to get myself in trouble because my mouth has only gotten me into more and more lately.. What do I do? Am i a failure?

    1 AnswerFriends1 decade ago