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  • I need a Tribus on pocket frogs for ipad - will send a glass chroma in return.?

    This is for iPAD. If you are on the plus network my name is pwincessfwog. I have several chroma varieties and a couple of glass chromas too.

    Send me a tribus and I'll send you what you want... I have a really pretty glass chroma puncti.

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  • I need math help please! Algebra review:?

    factor 3x^2-5x-2

    solve the system of equations



    solve for r: 2/3=1/2r/r+4

    find the equation of the line passing through the points (1,4) and (-2,6). Express your answer in slope intercept form.

    simplify 7x^3(2x^2)^2/10x^5

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  • Does cloudy wine have more carbs than clear wine?

    I have a few bottles of red wine which appear very hazy/cloudy, with fine debris at the bottom of the glass. We drank some and it tastes ok, but I was wondering if all these tiny particles will cause the wine to be higher in carbs (which I'm trying to keep low in my diet).

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  • Need help with synthetic substitution?

    evaluate: f(y)=5y^3-3y^2-8y+6 when y=6

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  • Please identify this fish in my aquarium.?

    It was sold to me with a group of rosy barbs. When I got them home I noticed one of them had long flowing fins. Same markings as the barbs but definitely not one of them. Now they pick at this fish from time to time and she spends all her time hiding in the corner. If I knew what she was I could track down some friends for her. I'm sorry, I haven't figured out how to attach a photo - just picture a rosy barb with long flowing fins.

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  • Stocking suggestions for a 55 gallon freshwater tank?

    It is well established, been running for 8 years but right now it only has one cory and one rasbora.

    I would like one or two big flashy fish and then some colorful schooling fish. Suggestions?

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