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    Why are we letting the media pit us against each other?

    Any shooting where there are 4 or more victims is considered a mass shooting.. anybody of any color can be crazy, unstable, and hateful enough to do such a thing.. stop letting the media divide us.

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 year ago
  • Would you be weirded out?

    Ok so i was doing my night runs that i do 3 times wk.. usually run at 9:30 pm but i was busy doing school work.. so i ran at 11:30 at night.. i live in a safe upper middle class neighborhood so i dnt really feel that nervous running at night (also carry a knife just in case.. slight contradiction ik) ..but heading back from my run i notice my neighbor whos down the road from my house walk out his house.. and its almost midnight.. and so i wave.. he looks weirded out but waves.. and then this silver mustang pulls up and drops off this box and speeds off.. 0.o did i witness a drug deal or something? I mean who knows.. it could have been food... lol

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • Should i have kids?

    Like i want children.. i even tried to have one 2 yrs ago but it was ectopic.. but the older i get.. the more i dnt really know if i want one.. like udk if its guna be born with problems.. udk if it will need help for the rest of its life.. what if i raise it the best i can and it still ends up bad? Im 26 so i still have a few yrs.. but idk.. maybe after my bachelors is complete in 2 yrs..

    6 AnswersParenting1 year ago
  • Can a marraige work if the husbands family hates his wife?

    His family always need money and live above their means when they cant afford it.. and they keep asking my husband for money.. so he gives it to them and lies tp me about it.. so i went off on them.. his favoritism for his family is driving a wedge in our marriage..

    10 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 year ago