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R.I.P MJ<3 bonjourrr. im usually always answering in the celebrities, tv and movies sections. +love. texting. cell phone. music. ipod. candy. high-caffeinated drinks. sugar. computer. friends. family. long conversations. hanging out. lil wayne. t.i. t-pain. hot, summer days. track. guard. staying up late. obsessing over tv shows. kris allen. adam lambert. taylor lautner. jacob black. chace crawford. daren kagasoff. jonas brothers. saying big words. wearing other peoples' hoodies. shopping. hollister. delia*s. american eagle. aeropostale. forever21. charlette russe. wet seal. hot guysss. smiling:) -liars. cheaters. backstabbers. fakes. douches. skanks. untrustworthy people. haters. boredom. i've been told im the nicest person ever. i don't discriminate anyone. so unless liar, cheater, etc.., i'll be your best friend:) oh yes, i love the house of night series, gossip girl series, and twilight saga. so if you like any of those and me as a contact and ill add you back. :)