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  • Insurance check issued to me and a body shop?

    I have a check that my insurance sent to me for an accident I was in, the amount is 1500 , and it says to the payee of my name and the body shop I left my car at ,so the adjuster can check it out while I was at work, I didn't sign anything with the body shop stating I was going to get my repairs there.. I'm financing my car with a finance company, i only owe 4,000$ ,and I could fix my car myself I have exoerience with body work, and I could send the pictures to my insurance as soon as I fix my car which willbe done fast. Can anyone help me with this, I want to cash my check to myself and buy the parts myself..I live in California and I have full coverage with deductibles of 500 which they deducted already from the check,

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  • Can my auto insurance change the name of my check?

    So down to the bottom, my insurance send me a check to me, with my name and to the body shop I left my car at for the adjuster to inspect it, the amount is 1500$ , I want to fix my car myself since I'm experienced at mechanical body work, and have a friend that can paint my car for cheap, will the insurance company change the name on the check just to me ? , or am I stuck with it ? And need a signature from the body shop to cash it out? And if I do fix the car myself and tell the insurance company will they lower the amount on the check ? , please help

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  • Insurance check issued to me and body shop?

    I got into an accident not too long ago, and I have full coverage, it was a hit & run , other driver fled the scene, I contacted my insurance company to report my loss, they said they'll send an adjuster to inspect the vehicle, I said fine, they said it has to be on Wednesday, I work Wednesday so I left my car at a body shop so the adjuster can see it, my body shop did not repair the vehicle in any shape or form, I just left it there to get an inspection. I received a check from my insurance for the amount of 1200$ , I could fix my car on my own due to my vehicle only needing a bumper, can I deposit my check even though it says to the payee of my name and the name of my body shop??

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  • im thinking of painting my 2003 Mustang Gt?

    1st off i have black wheels with a chrome lip. and are going to stay like that.

    I have dark tints. my car is currently Ruby red.

    what color would you guys pick.

    Black , White , Or Red and why?? please help thanks.

    ive been looking at these 3 colors since the morning.. damn Crayola.. thanks!

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  • How can i make my 2003 mustang gt ride smooth?

    I have a 2003 Ford Mustang Gt. I want to make my car ride smooth . my car is stock right now.

    I have 18x9 all around in wheels and 285/35/18 tires in the rear and 265/35/18 in the front.

    anything will help thanks.!

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  • Will a 94-98 engine fit in a 99-04 mustang?

    hello (yahoo community) ,

    will any engine such as gt/cobra/v6 fit in a mustang 2000 v6?

    my engine gave out, and i need to replace it, but my friend has a 96 mustang cobra that is parted out except the engine , does it fit? or do i have to get a 2000 engine like the same one i have?

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  • 94-98 = 99-04 mustang interior help?

    hello guys i have a mustang 2000 v6 automatic,

    i need help on this , i truly do, my interior for my mustang is really ripped and its very damaged, i bought the car like this and its very uncomfortable to see or to feel when im in my car.

    i have been going to the junk yard to find parts for the interior for my car, and no luck, i only see mustangs from the year 94-98 , now i need help in this because i was seeing the interior from this year and it looks the same as my mustang,

    so do you guys think the interior from a 94-98 will fit a 99-04 ???

    please i need help, and im talking about everything in the interior, seats dash, door panels carpet etc.

    thanks alot

    alfredo :)

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  • Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?

    hello guys, i really need help because a lot of people are telling me that the problem my mustang 2000 has its the timing chain, i believe thats the reason my car will not start, everything else works fine, i have sparks everywhere in my car, and the battery is brand new and so are the spark plugs..

    now i need to know whats the difference between a timing chain and the timing belt? and will my car turn on after i change or adjust the part??,

    which one is the problem, and how much would it cost to get the part new or used, doesnt matter,

    also my car is automatic and it has 153,xxx miles in it, my engine will turn but wont start, and ive changed the oil as well, can anyone please help me

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  • I need help with my Ford Mustang 2000 v6?

    hello i have a ford mustang 2000 v6 3.8L , when i bought the car everything was fine, the only thing that it needed was spark plugs, motor mounts , exhaust leak and thats about it.

    yesterday i tried to turn it on and it wouldnt turn on, and it wouldnt turn on, my mechanic said that i needed new spark plugs and i bought them and we installed them and my car wont turn on, itll knock and the engine will turn but no start up.

    i have fuel in it, my battery is good.

    please help me out in advice of what i need to start my car thanks!

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  • Ford Mustang Upgrades?

    Hello guys! :)

    i have recenly bought a bbk cold air intake , flowmaster super 44's and headers for my mustang 2000 v6

    my questions to you guys are.

    are these upgrades going to waste more gas?

    are they going to ruin the car (as the engine/transmission) in a couple of months?

    what will i get out of my mustang for the upgrades, such as, is it going to be faster?

    and is it legal in the state of california to have these upgrades to your vehicle?

    sorry for all the questions i just need to be sure before i install these upgrades :) thanks everyone!

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  • What is the name of the mexican fighter in the Heavyweight division of the UFC?

    I was recently seeing the UFC on Spike and i noticed that there was a mexican fighter in the heavyweight division, he was really good at fighting, he threw punches like a lightweight and had very nice takedowns, his last fight was with a russian guy and he was bald and lost to the mexican fighter.

    anyone can give the name and ill put it as the best answer :)

    thanks a lot


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  • Are smoked headlights/taillights legal in california?

    i have recently bought smoked headlights and taillights as well for my mustang 2000 v6, i was wondering if its legal or illegal in california for this to be on a car.

    1 AnswerNissan1 decade ago
  • I recently bought a glock pistoL.?

    I recently bought a glock pistol and i was wondering how much are the gun permits and is the exam for the permit easy?, or do u just pay to get the permit and thats it?

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