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i love food, as long as its good, fancy doesn't matter. golf whenever i can, 2 hole in ones, i listen to many audio books a week. i used to read palms, but now i am scared of what i see. if you saw the future it could very well be a self fulling prophecy.

  • my right toe hurts from my sox?

    The sox seems to hurt under my right toe pad. I am a diabetic and recently any kind of shoes with any kind of sox they hurt my right toe pad. I use dr. scholls inserts and it helps a little but its like the princess that could sleep because there was one pea in the mattress, does someone have a solution aside from not wearing sox.

  • I feel cob webs in my face and something crawling on me and my face?

    I feel like pieces of a cob web is stuck to my face. I feel small something crawling on my neck and head. but if I cover myself I don't feel anything. these sensations hit me when I come back from golf or working in my yard,

    2 AnswersOther - Health6 years ago
  • we want to go from prague airport to downtown hotel?

    If I was travelling alone I could walk, bus make 10 transfers but I am travelling with children and wife which makes it hard for me to rough it. I checked out a shuttle service for 4-8 passengers for about $30 one way, is it for the car all each passenger. it is with a driver and exclusively for us. This question is also true for Budapest we will be doing the same thing. any ideas, we are 5 with travelling suitcases and carryons. Any ideas, no punching out taxi drivers.

    3 AnswersOther - Europe6 years ago
  • alfonso mucha prints in prague?

    Hi We will be in Prague and wanted to get some Alfonso Mucha prints and things. What else can I get like crystals where would be the best place. Do they sell gift astronomical clock like a size of a coo coo Clock and not a grandfather clock. thanks

    1 AnswerOther - Europe6 years ago
  • how far is Four Points by Sheraton in Brussels from city center?

    We want to see the Major things and do some eye shopping taste some chocolates have coffee and pastries and some nice French Foods. We are looking at NH Grand Place. I am not good at coordinating public transportation and getting to and fro from the International airport. Any other suggestions as to Hotel, we are traveling with 2 Grandkids five in all. and lazy walkers.

    1 AnswerBelgium6 years ago
  • We are trying to plan a trip to Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw?

    What would be the easiest route to travel, where should we land and from where should we take off for home, Florida. We plan 2 days in Vienna, Mozart Café is the only must there. We are more food oriented, Some said food in Prague was not so good. any ideas would be great.

    2 AnswersOther - Europe6 years ago
  • what glue to glue golf shoe soles?

    My Ecco golf shoes unglued so everytime I walk my shoes are talking or flapping. Whats the best glue to glue the plastic like soles to the shoes? I was told shoe goo but can't find it anywhere.

    3 AnswersGolf7 years ago
  • Can't find affordable Health Insurance for my wie?

    I have been talking to Medicare Medicaid Market Place and can't find health insurance that I can afford for my Wife. She is 65 and a US citizen. I can find Health Insurance for her if I pay over $700 month and who can afford than, help pls

    7 AnswersInsurance7 years ago
  • How do I download a SD card to my ipod?

    I have a SD card full of music but so far I can only play it on my computer. and would like to transfer it to a more mobile device.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players7 years ago
  • I feel invisible things crawling over me and in my hair?

    I am in bed watching tv and doing my computer and I feel things crawling in my hair or on my skin. They are like flies bumping off you. I have never found or caught one. Some say spores other say mites, they don't bite just bothersome

    4 AnswersOther - Diseases7 years ago
  • What is the meaning of the Iranian President?

    Blessed Jewish Holidays. Is it sincere or must the world be ready for war

    6 AnswersIsrael7 years ago
  • Inter racial relationships and marriages?

    I am interested to know how much the cultural difference makes. Especially Black and White relations.

    Is there food differences, social relations and Integration with each family like acceptance.

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • my smoke detector is chirping?

    So I twisted the lid off and found that the battery is inside a pull lever lid that I am supposed to push to have the thing pop open or something and I pushed and pushed and now afraid to push any more and break the level. Is there some sort of secret that only the Masons know or something. On youtube

    most have simple side things you pull and presto it opens you replace the battery. my lid won't open.

    The instructions says push the pull up level to open to replace battery.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • We are taking the cruise from lavrio greece?

    So now it is not Pireaus but Lavrio that we are to catch our Cruise. What does that mean from from Athens. So paying 80 euros is ok. is it as complicated as they say. Please give me a simple what to do, idea thanks

    3 AnswersGreece7 years ago
  • We have 2 days in Athens, is it worth while to take a whole day to go to Delphi?

    I loved the Oracle of Delphi is it worth half of my time in Athens and can I get good eating in Delphi. Can you recommend 2 goods restaurants in Athens. Thanks

    3 AnswersGreece7 years ago
  • We will be in Venice Italy and have various questions?

    We arrive Marco Polo Airport at about 4pm we have 2 days to do the following.

    1. go to Basillica San Antonio

    2. Sight seeing Venice

    3. Find a hotel that's convenient to go to Padua do the sight seeing, do the sight seeing and buy gifts in Venice and get to the Airport very very early in the morning.

    I have been to Venice but on those Bus Tours so I have no idea whats up. Train Stations Vapparetto stations and they all look alike to me. Do I cross a bridge fro the mainland to the hotels on the islands

    what hotels are well centered for all these activities so I don't waste time getting lost. You guys are a great help but this is the cruncher. Help please

    1 AnswerVenice7 years ago
  • we have a 6:30am flight from Marco Polo Airport?

    Hi we want to stay in Venice, Italy, but we have a 6:30 am flight out of Marco Polo Airport. Can we get to the Airport in time. How to get there and how long does it take. We sure don't want to miss the connecting flight home. We have 2 days of which we need to visit Padua and then roam around Venice and then catch that early flight out of Marco Polo

    3 AnswersVenice7 years ago
  • we have a 6:30am flight from Marco Polo Airport?

    Hi we want to stay in Venice, Italy, but we have a 6:30 am flight out of Marco Polo Airport. Can we get to the Airport in time. How to get there and how long does it take. We sure don't want to miss the connecting flight home.

    3 AnswersGreece7 years ago