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  • HArry Potter Gryffindor Family Fanfic ?

    There is a fanfic I read a few years back, i don't really know the summary or the name. It is similar to Loins Unity. Remus is an alpha, adopting one of Harry friends that got bittern r by a werewolf, i think it was Lavender. Peter was found out In harry the second year and Sirus was formed. Semi good Severus. Bashing Albus, Molly. Semi Ron and Ginny bashing. 

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  • Is their a level of telenolgy intelligents?

    Level O- GrandPa/GrandMa

    level 1- DAD

    Level 2- Teenagers

    Level 3- Young adults

    Level Four- Pro

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  • Does the Hairstyles matters in Attack on Titan?

    In the cadet corps, All of the cadets had different hairstyles. Jean and Marco had undercuts while the other boys have short hair. Connie was the only male with complete bald hair. The girls hair didn't really matter. They did make the comment that long hair could get caught into the gear. I was wondering did the cadets have to cut their hair every week like regular military? 

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  • Attack on Titan Schooling and jobs?

    I know that have schools in the series as Erwin's dad was a history teacher, but I wonder what they learn And ages. Do you think they go to school until the age of twelve when they can join the training corps. What about the kids that does join do they continue with school or go to the farms?

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  • If Class 1a was Viligebty what would the be known as.?

    Izuku- Green Rabbit,

    Katsuki- Wolf, NetroBlast.

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  • Can you get Pregnant in a time loop (fictional )?

    If you are stuck in time loop,  can you get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. Would the baby loop with you?

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  • Attack on titan, before wall Maria fall did the citizens need like a permit to go out there district.?

    In the first episode, Mikasa and Eren are in Maria, out of their district to collect firewood. It seems like a normal chore, two ten years old would do every week or so. Do they need a permit to leave their district or is the gate always open.

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  • What is outside the walls in attack on Titans.?

    I was wondering what was outside the walls, but still on Pariside island. It is like a desert or grassland. There must be trees for the scouts to use their occuiment. 

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  • Who does scouts in an attack on Titans make money?

    Is the food free for the scouts or do they have funds. MPs had money, they even tried to bribe the one kid.

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  • If Hitoshi Shinsou gave class 1A nickname what would they be?

    I always headcanon Hitoshi to be the nickname type, similar to Bakugou. I was wondering what he would call Bakugou, something like firecracker.

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  • If Hitoshi Shinsou gave class 1A nickname what would they be?

    I always headcanon Hitoshi to be the nickname type, similar to Bakugou. I was wondering what he would call Bakugou, something like firecracker.

    Horoscopes2 months ago
  • Is my mother making me hate my niece.?

    I am 15, my niece is ten. I have always been different from people in my age group,, having a mental delay, making me think around two years younger.  I started noticing things changing right when My DN was born my oldest brother practically ignore me, My mother started baby-seating her, spending most of her time with my DN.

    It wasn't until I was about 8 when I started to have resentment for my DN. I didn't understand why my DN kept on liking the things I liked. I didn't want to have the same likes three-year-old old, but that didn't really bother that, I could play together as I don't have many friends. What bothers my eight-year-old jealousy self, was my DN got all kinds of toys I liked, while I only got one or a toy, and some cheap barbies. Most of the time when My DN was at the house I wasn't allowed to play with her stuff, unless she allowed me.  I learn to deal with it, she is only at our house for the weekend. 

    A few years pasted, My DN started kindergarten. She realized I was different from other kids, She even called me Retarded multiple times.  At first my mother scolds her, not wanting to hear me, sobbed about being different and not having friends. 

    Now, at sixteen I think my mother is making me hate my niece even more. It all she talks about, DN and my older brother. My DN has only been here for three hours and I feel so attacked. She has been belittling me, and making fun of the way I say Pregnancy. 

     My mother never believes me when it comes to my DN. 

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  • What is you favorite Movie?

    For example I love Soul Surfers, Harry Potter, and Mama. 

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  • My hero Academia Fanfic Friendships.?

    I am currently working on a fanfic for My hero Academia the description doesn't really matter for what I am going to ask.  But Izuku was kidnapped when he was fours year old, escaping at seven.  By the age of ten his life was back to 'normal' Katsuki was his Bodyguard, He had an older brother and even knew the Todoroki's. (Rei having share custody of shoto leaving near the Bakugou).

    My question is what kind of friendship would the group have in highschool. Like is it okay for the BakuSquad and Dekusquad, even TodoSquad to still exists. 

    Class IA will

     be way closer, giving the backeround character  time to shine, but if they have separate friends would 

    It changes them.Should I make Katsuki and Izuku friendship slowly turn into a rivalry as Katsuki realized Izuku no longer needs protecting.  

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