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  • Could it be the ecu? ?

    For starters i have changed the relay, water pump thermostat on my 2002 honda civic and it still runs hot! The car has 2 keys that both work to unlock the door and start the car (meaning i can use either key they both work for th locks and the ignition) idk why as i brought the car from someone. Could the ecu be bad in the car and cause overheating and car losing speed once over heated. Im so confused right now i have had the car 6 months have yet to drive it a full week yet. My bf brought the car for me without having it checked out first. The lady he brought it from said only the water pump needed to be changed

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  • What is wrong with my 2002 honda civic?

    I have a 2002 honda civic that is giving me some unknown issues at the moment. Let me start by saying, the fuel pump has alread been replaced. The car will be running fine and then out of no where it starts running hot and unable to go past 20mph. Once letting it sit it will go back to normal but it does this everyday. I noticed that it happens if i plug a charger in to thr cigarette lighter but it could just be in my mind on that. Does anyone know why? 

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