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  • The proposed Jobs Bill. How does it work?

    The right wing radio dummies say that tax money will be given to government workers to build roads etc. No kiddin'....and people believe this because they trust these people. In real life government contracts are issued to qualifying private companies and on the basis of these contracts private banks will issue credit so these private companies can hire workers, contract with suppliers and begin various infrastructure projects. The payrolls generated by these private contractors AND the private suppliers of material begin to generate effective demand...that is people have cash to buy stuff! All of this cash becomes salaries, profits, investment, savings and finally tax increment. ALL of these dollars originally lent by private banks, cash that is now dead capital, is spent seven to ten times generating economic activity throughout the entire economy. This is no different from the JOBS Bill that keeps our defense contractors alive. The big question is why is the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus party against this? Do they want this recession to continue or do they listen to way too much right wing radio?

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  • Illegal there really an answer?

    Anyone here illegally who can prove they've been here for seven years with no crimes on the books gets to be a resident but not a citizen. Nobody likes this idea, but as a practical matter it's the only one that's doable. Anyone with kids born here gets to stay as a resident but not a citizen. Anyone here for five years or less must go home or go to prison. Then of course we have to assign Coast Guard personnel to patrol the border in large numbers. (Coast Guardsmen come under Homeland Security, not the Dept. of Defense so this is legal eagle). We could transfer some of our guys from the Army to this duty..put 'em horseback as needed. Add some really bad mojo to employers who hire illegals and.....okay...many holes in this, BUT the price is right and let's be real..NOBODY is going to deport several million people. So...we cut the best deal we can and move on. Yes? No?

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  • According to indications the recession is over. For the trans national corporations, or the US worker?

    Apple has its goods manufactured in China where they pay the workers $1.50 an hour for a twelve hour day. They sell these slave wages goods in the US for the same price as if they were made in the US by union labor. Apple now has 100 billion dollars of CASH stacked up...and that's only one trans national that's rolling in dough...that's why they manage to buy each other out for cash. They pay almost no taxes either. Barack wants a jobs program to put Americans to work rebuilding US infrastructure using some of their cash money. The GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party says no dice. Short of that, how will the American wage earner ever crawl out of this hole? Corporations are fully invested already..production is at's just not here. They say they'll 'bring that money home' if they're not taxed. They're not taxed now, so why bother 'coming home'? What the $%^& is wrong here?

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  • If taxes are so high and regulations are so steep, how did corporations get so rich?

    The way the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus party talks, taxes, unions and regulations would have reduced these trans national institutions to mere shadows of what they are. Come on...if taxes and regulations and 'the unions' were such obstacles to massive profits how is they have billions to buy each other up, pay such monster salaries to the top executives and give away millions on top of millions to buy up as many congress critters and senators as they need? And, it's all legal! I see a disconnect here. Some well thought out explanations are one sentence cracks if you can help it!

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  • We learned in the election of '08 that the US hasn't built a refinery in 35 years. Now they want a pipeline?

    A pipeline all the way from Canada to the Gulf coast? Really? But, we don't have enough refineries to deal with a million extra barrels of crude a day because of those danged environmentalists. Or, could it be that someone...(certain right wing radio dummies) lied to their ditto head listeners about this issue? Could such a thing be? Then there's the issue of the exportation of all this refined crude pouring out of all those refineries 'we don't have'. Wasn't the plan to 'lower gas prices'? Now the plan is different. I wonder what those GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party guys will say about this in the next debate.

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  • US government response when the Chinese communist government nationalizes US corporate holdings in that China?

    Of course they may not do this, but that seems to be the pattern with communist governments. I remember when Cuba did it, and that Chavez guy is on the road to do the same thing. What actually would we do? What could we do? In particular what would the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus party do to save their corporate masters should they win big in the next election cycle? I'm sure we'll hear from the Obama haters, but let's concentrate on how the right wing will deal with this...and it will happen!

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  • What's up with Romney's tax returns? He says he'll release them if he's elected president.?

    Every candidate since Nixon has done that. I don't care if he's a rich as God....but I'd like to know how he made all those bucks. Even all of his rivals have asked for this.

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  • Given all the bad PR, and the passage of time, would Mitt still do what he did at Bain Capital?

    Back 'then' maybe nobody actually thought ahead when buy outs were an out of control business fad. Looking back on what was done, how it was done and the results, would Romney make life as difficult as he did for as many people as he did now, or would he work out a better deal for the affected workers? So far he's been defending what was a common business practice then..all legal eagle foe sure, but causing a whale of a lot of misery for a whale of a lot of people. If he would admit that kind of action while 'legal' was wrong on way too many levels I'd be inclined to cut him some slack. But so far he seems proud of what he did....he shouldn't be! Wadda' 'ya think?

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  • Iran is making enriched uranium in an underground facility. So?

    If all of this is 'underground' why not blow up the front and back door?. Seal up the facility and then who cares what's inside. If they dig themselves out...blow it up again. Then blow up the roads and whatever leading in and out of the facility. My point is that we don't have to get down to the guts of this thing. Even better, used unmarked missiles....and deny that they're ours. Basically we can

    $%^& with these guys all we want. Of course I'd rather that we got entirely out of the middle east and not buy anything from these crazy bastards. For the cost of these two wars we could be energy independent by now and still have money in the bank. Ironically the banks we bailed out instead of just staring new banks with the money we gave them. I know I'll catch hell for this, but I think I'm on to something. A little positive feed back would be nice!

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  • How can you decide which super-pac to vote for? The one with the most attack ads, or the one with the best?

    All the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus party candidates say the words, but exactly who writes the words? I haven't heard a single word about putting the 95% of us who work for wages first. Back when the 'working class' was getting good wages and benefits American corporations were making huge amounts of money as well. Union workers turned out millions of high quality units at fair prices...everyone in the world wanted our 'stuff'. Win-win. Now we have trans national corporations that already own, control, operate or influence 'our' government....and it seems like the both the front runners and the back runners want to increase all that with at best the promise of a few crumbs for the American wage earner. I don't believe that will happen. Do you?

  • Can the Department of Defense 'go broke'?

    If 'Social Security' can 'go broke' according to all of the current GOP/Tea candidates, it stands to reason that the Dept. of Defense could go broke as well. Of course that makes no sense as it all. Actually it depends on what we want to spend our money on. I believe that with a little thought we could figure out how to have a decent size defense AND Social Security without breaking the bank. Do we really NEED an 800 billion dollar defense budget? Is it actually justified, or is more the efforts of the military lobby that keeps this alive at such a massive cost?

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  • The corporations and the 'rich' are never going to pay more taxes. Why not just tax ourselves?

    The 95% of us that work for wages are going to have to save our country if it's to be saved at all. Why not add a couple of pennies per purchase as a sales tax dedicated to DIRECTLY paying off our national debt. If we don't nobody else will. The 5% that already own 90% of everything worth owning, controlling or influencing don't intend to pitch in no matter what. Shame on them! It's not even worth asking anymore. A couple of pennies per's a start!

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  • What about a 'new' Republican party?

    Since the GOP got in bed with the Tea/Fox/Jesus freaks this party has gone into free fall. The former party of Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford is now the party of the John Birch Society, Linden LaRoche, a flock of TV preachers, flat earthers, the science ignorant, trans national corporations, war heads, crazy persons and political lunatics. No kiddin'! Why not let those guys have their own party and just start a real Republican party? I still like Ike. Nixon, before he went all nuts was fairly progressive and who didn't like Jerry Ford? None of those guys though it required a far right government to insure liberty and justice for all and a degree of prosperity for the 95% of us who work for wages. The democrats are now about where the Eisenhower republicans used to be, so I'm sticking with them, but it would be nice to have some competition from a serious political party.

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  • Can the Dept. of Energy, Education, Social Security, Medicare, the Federal Reserve really be disolved?

    All of the GOP/Tea party candidates have said they intend to do this...but can it really be done? I suspect the law suits would pile up for a generation wasting evey ones time. and when the 'conservatives' are voted out all of those things would be voted back in anyway. Wadda' 'ya a practical way?

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  • Massive amounts of methane gas has been seeping through large holes in artic ice. How bad is this?

    Will the deniers deny this is happening, or will they say it doesn't matter?

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  • The economy for the trans national corporations couldn't be better. For wage earners, not so hot. Why?

    Right after WW2 when labor unions were strong, American corporations made the best stuff in the world AND made huge profits. Taxes were high, but everyday our social and physical infrastructure got better. We built heavy equipment, trucks, cars, washing machines, refrigerators, houses and tall buildings. China built re-education camps. Now the unions are busted, taxes are rock bottom and we don't make anything. We trade our industrial base for 'Everyday Low Prices' that aren't even that low and the Made in China 'stuff' is pure crappola! The GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party doesn't seem to have a problem with this and they for sure don't want Barack to do anything about it either. Is this the end of the Republic? A massive bloated military that can't defeat two 3rd world countries based on a worn out industrial base and populated by poor people just doesn't seem like the way to go. Evidently there are lots of people who don't really care, or simply don't understand the situation.

  • Did any of the GOP candidates do well into their 40 and fifties and then lose it all and have to start over?

    While some of them started out poor, that's not the same as losing your job in your fifties along with your home and health insurance and having to start all over. Have any of them faced an expensive illness for a family member without health insurance? A lot of people are facing that today, but none of the folks up on that stage seemed knowledgeable or even sympathetic to this reality. Should they have given a statement about their feelings about that and what help, if any, should be extended by 'government' at what ever level would be appropriate?

  • I watched the last Republican debate: Except for size and shape, is there any real difference between them?

    Remove regulations, cut taxes and turn most everything over to the states....then take over the states to prevent any regulations or protections for their citizens that might disadvantage any corporations or advantage any hourly wage earner. That seems to be the thrust of ALL of their policies.

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  • When politicians say they want to privatize Social Security do they consider the survivor benefits part of it?

    Part of Social Security concerns both survivor benefits for spouses and minor children. Would a 'private' account include this protection, or would the low paid hourly worker be expected to buy this kind of insurance on his or her own nickle?

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