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  • What credit account is affected by Merchandise Inventory debit entries?

    I am working on an 8-column journal and I've made an adjustment to the merchandise inventory account. However, I don't know what credit account to change or create in order to make the adjustments column balance. help?

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  • How do I calm down? (Extra words because my question is too short [not 20 char.])?

    I have a lot of energy in me right now for some reason and I need to study for exams.

    I've taken 20mg of ritalin so I can stay focused on my studying, but all I feel like doing is jumping up and running laps or something haha.

    How do I get rid of all this excess energy?

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  • iPod screen damaged from water.?

    Yesterday, I was walking home from school and it was absolutely POURING rain. I took my iPod out of my pocket and put it in my backpack so it wouldn't get wet.

    Well, apparently that didn't work because I took it out of my bag and it was wet along with all my books etc.

    I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't (so happy it didn't because it probably would have shorted. I wasn't thinking). I wrapped it up in paper towel, and left it sitting upside down for a while, then I put it in a tupperware full of rice to absorb the moisture.

    24+ hours later, the iPod works fine, charges fine, plays fine and everything, but you can see marks from water inside the screen. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET RID OF THE MARKS?

    I can live with them there, I'm soo happy it still works, but it's really annoying and I'd love it if there was a way to get rid of it.


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  • Famous "Music" themed artwork?

    I'm doing an art project for school.

    We have to collect samples of four different pieces of artwork, draw them, and then do a write up on the artist and the time period they were from.

    The problem is, I only have 3 pieces of artwork. I need help finding another.




    John Frederick Peto

    I need a piece of art that is EASY to draw, that follows a "music" theme, and that is NOT done by one of the artists listed above.

    Any help would be awesome.

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  • Double checking. Help?

    I recently "failed" a test.

    I merely accepted I did bad and continued working to try to make up for it.

    However looking back at the test now that I'm studying for exams, I'm noticing that I should have got some questions right!

    The quick was marked electronically. We just filled in a multiple choice sheet and it was fed into a system that marks how you do. I think my teacher may have put the wrong sheet in (There were four sections of the test, therefore, 4 sheets"

    Can you double check I got these right before I take this up with my teacher?

    1) Q: Net migration is:

    A: immigration rate - emigration rate

    2) Q: If the natural increase rate is 6 and the net migration rate is 5 what is the population growth rate

    A: 11/1000

    3) Q: Demographers identify three important stages in each persons life. They are..

    A: Children, Working adult, Older Adult

    4) Q: Indian act 1876

    A: Stated treaties negotiated must respect land ownership rights of natives and give natives fair payment for land

    5) (Correct. Possibly fluke if marked wrong)

    6) Q: Population can be described as ______ meaning few people living over a large area (low population density)

    A: Sparse

    7) Q: Factors affecting land use patterns in a city would be:

    A: Lnd values, Zoning, and technology.

    8) Q: Vacant land is land that is used:

    A: Unused and awaiting a new use

    9) Q: By studying a vertical aerial photograph it is possible to draw a land use map

    A: True

    10) Q: Studying Canadas population and settlement patterns is useful because:

    A: You can discover how Canadas population is changing and what these changes mean for Canadians

    I'll only do that one section but If I got any correct, then I'll know she messed up and marked it wrong in which case I'll hand the whole test back to her.

    I'll probably have gotten some wrong, but if any of my answers were correct (which I'm almost 100% certain a ton of them are) TELL ME.

    MUCH thanks.


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  • Teach myself of take Snowboarding lessons?

    I've heard mixed opinions. Is it easier to learn to snowboard by just renting one and going on the hills? Or is it better to get a lesson?

    Vote down there V V V

    Easy 10 points just for your opinion.

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  • How do I check the file size of a text file and assign the size to a variable in a batch file?

    I am making a batch file to preform a task for me, but I need to know something before I can finish

    I need to know how to:

    1. Find the file size of a text file

    2. Assign said file size to variable "n"

    3. Re-check the file size of the text file

    4. Compare the current file size to "n"

    5. A) If the file size is different (greater than OR less than) "n", then "Type" the text file to the screen and assign new file size to variable "n".

    B) If the file size is the same, repeat from step 3.

    Please help, this step is vital to completion and I am totally lost.

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  • How would you describe Trance music?

    How would you describe the musical genre "Trance" ?

    It is a sub-genre of electronica

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  • How do I delay a loop in a batch file using DoS?

    I have this:

    @echo off

    title READER - NetworkChat v1.0 BETA Created by Jakob C*******



    type N:\server1.txt

    GOTO A

    I would like to make a delay of 1 second between "type N:\server1.txt" and "GOTO A" because with a normal infinite loop, the screen is jumpy and difficult to read.

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