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  • solving linear equations help?

    i need help with these problems





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  • is back and better than beforE? is back and better than beforE?

    free ppv's , tv shows, wwe, tna, ecw and lots more including home videos and more .

    so please go to that site just click on the link and thank you

    question - who do you want to see batista face at mania since he he will not be in the world title match....i think a match with umaga will be great...your thoughts

    15 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

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  • is back and better than beforE?

    free ppv's , tv shows, wwe, tna, ecw and lots more including home videos and more .

    so please go to that site just click on the link and thank you

    question - who do you want to see batista face at mania since he he will not be in the world title match....i think a match with umaga will be great...your thoughts

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  • is back and better than before...?

    free ppv's , tv shows, wwe, tna, ecw and lots more including home videos and more .

    so please go to that site just click on the link and thank you

    question - who do you want to see batista face at mania since he he will not be in the world title match....i think a match with umaga will be great...your thoughts

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  • jericho is coming to cyber sunday?

    go to

    and there's a countdown and it will end tonight at 10:30 so i know he's coming

    remember the savior yourself video and the 222 videos

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  • yes yes finally kahli loses?

    batista is the new champ in what an incredible match yes

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  • wwe unforgiven cena or orton?



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  • is there any websites?

    is there any website that can upload a video thats an hour?

    i tried youtube it dont work and i tried dailymotion still dont work

    can you help?

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  • dvd ripper?

    does anyone know a dvd rippe program thats completely free and rips the full 100% of my dvd's?

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  • dvd ripper?

    anyone know where i can download a free dvd ripper?


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  • wwe look alikes?

    question is who hates the batista and kahli feud?

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  • wwe stuff from 2006?

    this is just some stuff i wanted to do for a long time

    you guys can put ur own

    who do you think is the wrestler of the year for 2006? i pick edge because no only did he win the wwe title twice but he proved he's main event material

    feud of the year? i might have to go with cena vs edge - it went on for 10 months and it was exciting and the title keeps changing

    match of the year for raw - johnny nitro vs jeff hardy ladder match for the intercontinental title

    match of the year for smackdown - for me i think it was bobby lashley vs king booker in the steel cage for the us title

    tag team of the year - paul london and brin kendrick

    ppv of the year - wrestlemania

    general of the year - teddy long

    diva of the year - trish stratus

    most improved wrestler - bobby lashley

    most popular wrestler - i think cena

    most hated wrestler - i think edge

    most hated diva - lita

    best newcomer - cm punk

    best gimmick - king booker

    best show - raw

    what about you?

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  • summerslam my thoughts - at least give cena another chance?

    Best Match: Orton vs. Cena. Worst Match: Batista vs. Khali

    I just got back from the show. I was sitting second row right in front of some rabid fans. Instead of offering the same comments on the matches , I will offer some interesting footnotes I took in from the show.

    -I was watching Michael Cole and JBL when the "Cena Sucks" chants started and whenever Orton got in his offense. They were literally shocked, not by the chants but on how much the majority of the crowd ripped into Cena. At one point I saw Cole shaking his head saying "unbelievable." I know Orton may seem like the better "wrestler," but for the life of me I cannot understand why they hate Cena so much. I give him credit; he takes it all in and does the job, I respect his work ethic and the way he sucks up those chants and b.s. big time. I even saw Lillian Garcia shake her head in disbelief as the people in back of me were chanting "Cena must die" and when Orton had a chin lock on Cena they were chanting "break his neck." It's a man thing to hate Cena for some reason because they all were doing it for there own ego. Security confiscated a sign saying "Cena must die" from those same bunch of guys.

    -Secondly I felt so freaken bad for Taz and Styles. Jeez, they call one match and sit there for the rest of the night staring into space. Styles really looked unhappy to me. It was really sad.

    -Triple H's parents were in the audience and Triple H blew a kiss to them after the match. He was really moved. I was at the first return also at MSG the last time Hunter was injured and there's no comparison that the original at MSG was MUCH louder than this one. In fact, when Austin's music hit the place was deafening .The floor actually shook. It's funny that Austin doesn't even need to actually wrestle, but when that glass breaks in his entrance music, damn, it does something to everyone. But I am very glad to see Triple H finally back, but Austin's ovation was much louder.

    -Jim Ross works as hard and definetley sweats as much as the wrestlers do.

    -Best moments for me and I say that because the wrestling wasn't anything to write home about

    (1) Austin's Entrance

    (2) Triple H return

    (3) Steven Regal's dance to cryme Tyme - I think I peed in my pants. He is hilarious and they should continue to use him in that capacity.

    (4)Rey Mysterios Return

    (5) John Cena holding up a sign that said " IF CENA WINS, WE RIOT" in the middle of the ring. Then challenging the whole arena to riot and come to the ring. Like I said, I give the guy credit.

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  • eddie guerrero?

    what do you think was eddie's greatest match?

    also check out this funny video of him

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • guess the wrestler?

    AJPW Triple Crown World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

    AJPW Unified World Tag Team Championship (8 times) - with Terry Gordy (5), Gary Albright (1), and Johnny Ace (1)

    IWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Ryo Miyake

    NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

    NWA United States Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Kevin Sullivan

    NWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Terry Gordy1

    NWA World Tag Team Championship (Mid-Atlantic version) (1 time) - with Mike Rotunda

    WCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Terry Gordy (1)

    PWI Most Improved Wrestler of the Year award in 1985.

    PWI ranked him # 8 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the year in the PWI 500 in 1991

    PWI Tag Team of the Year award in 1992 - with Terry Gordy.

    PWI ranked him # 78 of the 500 best singles wrestlers during the "PWI


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  • possible spoiler?

    As previously reported the current plan is for Ken Kennedy to be revealed as Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son. If something would happen and the storyline would end up bombing, WWE has a contingency plan to fall back on. The plan would be to say that Kennedy "forged" the papers and lab results and is a con artist trying to get into a billionaire family.

    The entire McMahon family will be involved in the angle with Stephanie getting involved sometime around October or November. This will then involve Triple H as he will come in and make the save revealing himself as Vince's son-in-law therefore setting the stage for the RAW main event at WrestleMania with him as a babyface vs. Kennedy, likely for the title with the entire McMahon family somehow involved.

    USA Network's Bonnie Hammer loves the idea of the angle and wants another big three-hour special in October like WWE did last year with the Homecoming show. This will most likely be the show that reveals Kennedy as McMahon's son. Hints will be dropped on RAW each week until that edition.

    Shane was told that he won't be needed in the ring until around the time of Royal Rumble. He will probably be Kennedy's first family victim.

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  • wrestlemania?

    this is a trivia

    who was in the only hell in a cell match at wrestlemania?

    by the way if you want to see pay per views and wwe tv shows for free and other cool stuff go here

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  • undertaker - special matches?





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  • smackdown spilers?

    dont read if you dont want to know wats gonna happen

    DARK MATCH #1: Rosey vs. Johnny Jeter

    Rosey (as in the other guy from 3 Minute Warning and Gregory Helms ex-tag team partner) entered first, however they did not announce him as Rosey but as some other gimmick – possibly Mattie Smalls; I can’t say for sure as the announcer was drowned out by the ridiculously loud entrance music all night long, and this was the first of several times we had trouble making out what he was saying. Jeter, who has gone through the horror that was the Spirit Squad and thankfully lived to tell the tale, was announced as hailing from Columbia so of course he gets the cheap pop. Pretty good match with some nice counters displayed by both; Jeter went over around 7 minutes in via the Jeter Kick.

    DARK MATCH #2: Dave Taylor & Paul Birchill vs. The Daltons (Jesse & Festus)

    The Daltons were way over with this crowd! Truth be told, they made a good showing for themselves by displaying their athleticism and some comedy as well. They got the duke after about 8 minutes, so expect to see them on SmackDOWN! shortly. Dave Taylor got busted open at one point in the match, but it wasn’t too bad; good to see Burchill being used again as well.

    SmackDOWN! Results

    This show will air Friday, August 24, 2007.

    JBL and Michael Cole make their way to the ring, the opening video is shown and everyone gets a little deafer from the pyrotechnics. Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman are out first, still trying to figure out whom Vince’s bastard son is. Kane’s pyro goes off and damn near gives me a heart attack – he’s on his way to the ring to tell Vince he thinks he’s his son and to also demand a match with Finlay. Finlay and Batista is our main event for the evening, so McMahon adds Kane vs. Finlay to the SummerSlam card.

    Chris Masters then arrives on the scene and now he thinks he’s Vince’s kid, showing Vince a photograph of the two of them together when Masters was 15. Vince made the comment that Chris had a scrawny neck back then, which prompted someone near me to yell, “BECAUSE HE WASN’T ON STEROIDS THEN!” So now Masters wants to get Kane in the Master Lock Challenge to prove he’s Vince’s spawn, but Kane eventually chokeslams Masters and bails. Finally, Chuck Palumbo appears at ringside on his bike and Vince decides to make a match.

    MATCH #1: Chris Masters vs. Chuck Palumbo

    Personally, I think the “Masterpiece” gimmick is about as dead in the water as could be, and Palumbo’s biker get-up isn’t doing anything for me either. He’s looks like the “American Badass” version of Undertaker, only not nearly as warmly received by the crowd. He got little to no pop, even when he defeated Masters with some kind of crucifix powerbomb variant.

    MATCH #2: Funaki vs. Chavo Guererro

    Funaki is one of those guys who’s had a spot in WWE for what seems like forever, and even though some people would have a problem with becoming known as an “enhancement talent” the truth of the matter is that workers like him are a go-to resource that are to be commended.

    Not much to say about this match, though. Chavo comes to the ring with a mannequin head that has a Rey Mysterio mask on it, then does his best Al Snow impression. Chavo would be disqualified after failing to obey the ref’s orders, and he then put the Mysterio mask onto Funaki and tried to take out his knee just as he did Mysterio’s oh so many months ago.

    Mysterio did not make an appearance, much to the chagrin of a couple hundred little kids. I guess when WWE says he and Triple H are returning at SummerSlam, they mean then and never before.

    MATCH #3: Jamie Noble vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

    I’d like to see these two have a match that went 20 minutes or more; they’re both more than capable of having fantastic matches, it’s just that more often than not they’re relegated to 5 minute bouts like this. It was good for what it was worth, though, and Noble went over but seemed to be more concerned with whether or not Hornswoggle was under the ring.

    MATCH #4 – WWE Tag Team Championship: Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry (c) vs. Shannon Moore & Eugene

    I keep trying to tell people that Shannon Moore is a good wrestler. Very few of them believe me, and I think it’s primarily due to stuff like this. Eugene got one of the bigger pops of the night, even though I was under the impression audiences had begun to turn on him a bit as of late. No real question what happened here; Deuce & Domino retain.


    Yes, you read that right…

    Before this took place, there was a backstage segment (not much backstage stuff tonight, by the way, and Vickie Guererro was nowhere to be found) where MVP put himself over to Teddy Long saying he could beat all the current SD! brand champions. Teddy then one-upped him by saying he guessed MVP thinks he could take the tag team championships by himself, but MVP backpedals then says he’ll tag with the next person to walk in Teddy’s office to take on Deuce & Domino. In walks Matt Hardy, and Teddy makes the match for next week on SD! – MVP & Matt Hardy vs. Deuce & Domino.

    To start the basketball challenge, MVP again put himself over with how great he is at basketball, saying he’s friends with Shaq and D-Wade of the Miami Heat, only to miss an easy layup. Matt Hardy makes his entrance and starts the challenge by throwing the ball directly into MVP’s face. While he’s recovering Deuce and Domino attack and beat down the pair of them, the idea being to create some sort of chemistry between Hardy & MVP working as a team.

    At this point, I have to take a moment to admire WWE’s production. The crew set up and then tore down MVP’s entrance tunnel thingie in 45 seconds, possibly less. Granted, it’s an inflatable piece, but still – to raise something its size and then have it be totally gone that quickly is impressive.

    MATCH #5: Brad Allen vs. Mark Henry

    Brad Allen is better known to some of us familiar with the Carolinas independent wrestling scene as Brad Attitude, who regularly works for Carolina Wrestling Association ( When I saw him, I knew he was in for a squash, but little did I know that he’d be getting fed to Mark Henry. Attitude was announced as being a Columbia native and I don’t think he got in any offense at all, but such is the nature of the squash.

    After the match, Henry talks about how he’s not scared of druids or other spooky stuff like that, then the lights go out and the bell tolls. A new Undertaker promo video airs on the Titan screens while Henry stands in the middle of the ring washed in purple light. The video was an amalgam of different horror film-esque splash scenes and it ended with several druids out in a desert digging up a box which is revealed to contain several coral snakes and a large, metallic “Undertaker” symbol. The people around me went nuts at the sight of this thing, thinking Taker might actually appear, but of course he didn’t. Henry eventually left the ring and that was that.

    DIVAS BIKINI CONTEST: Michelle McCool vs. Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Kristal

    Michelle McCool (who came to the ring wearing a Ryan Succop USC Gamecocks football jersey) looks awesomely hot, as does Torrie and Victoria. Never have been too big on Kristal, but hey – different strokes for different folks, right?

    Michael Cole hosts this contest with the winner, of course, being decided upon by crowd reaction. All four of the ladies show their stuff and then Cole does the unthinkable…

    He brings down Mae Young.

    Mae Young is 84 years old – she should be in a comfortable chair somewhere enjoying her grandchildren’s company, not threatening to take her clothes off on national television! Grandma boobies are not a boob variety for which I think I’ll ever be able to develop a taste. Cole declared her the winner, even though I think the crowd got louder for her because we were all retching like we’d just come down with a sudden and horrible case of food poisoning.

    MATCH #6: Batista vs. Finlay

    Batista’s pyro is pure torture, especially when you’re sitting as close to those cannons as I was. The other negative thing about it is that it creates a lot of fumes – so many that there was a cloud of smoke that slowly made its way up to the rafters, pretty much ruining visibility for people in the cheap seats and making it really difficult for people like myself who were trying to get some decent pictures of the matches.

    I had hopes that when it was announced Finlay would be his opponent that Batista would be forced to step up his workrate a bit. No such luck, though, as Batista continues to have some of the lightest matches imaginable. I can definitely see why WWE’s booking strategy as of late has become to protect their talent as much as possible, but good Lord if it hasn’t made for some lack-luster television.

    A few minutes in, The Great Khali and his handler made their way to ringside but didn’t get involved in the match until several minutes later when Khali went after Batista only to have Batista fight him off. I kept thinking to myself, “Okay, Batista’s going to be the face in peril and Ric Flair’s going to run in for the save!”, because Flair hadn’t been involved in the show up until that point. As it would turn out, Flair wasn’t involved in the show at all – not a match, not a promo, nothing, even though he was on the local NBC affiliate the past two days hyping this show.

    Batista commenced to beating down Finlay and Khali, and appeared to have drawn blood from the scalp of Khali. Referees went to separate "The Animal" from his prey, but I totally marked out for Irwin R. Scheister and Dean Malenko who were also trying to get in on the fun.

    That was the end of SmackDOWN!. Once Batista, Finlay, and Khali were off an announcement was made that our main event of the evening would be a World title match with Batista taking on Khali. More than likely this was a run-through for their match this weekend at SummerSlam, but I can’t tell you for sure how it went because I left after the Elijah Burke vs. Balls Mahoney match during the ECW broadcast. I’d seen enough, needless to say. A fairly uneventful taping and not one that would have at all made me want to pay $40 for the pay-per-view this Sunday.

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  • watch wwe raw?




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