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  • Has anyone used the powder form of Quietex?

    I have a mare that I will be working for the next couple of months who is very insecure and nervous. She has been at our place for a week, and while she is calming down a LITTLE bit, she isn't nearly as calm as I know her to be. I used to ride her at a different facility for almost a year, and while she is generally a bit nervous to begin with... she is off the charts right now. We have already begun exercising her and working with her on the ground and building her trust back, but I am curious if Quietex will help take a little bit of the edge off. I don't want her "drugged," I just want her a little bit more calm. I bought a 30 day supply, and I am on the fence as to whether or not I want to administer. I have never used anything like this before. It isn't the paste form, it is the powder form that you put in their food everyday.

    Any input would be GREAT!!!!

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  • I just acquired a horse that is a "weaver" in her stall and in the paddock.?

    Unfortunately her weaving is not due to boredom, she is a very anxious mare. Everything WORRIES her. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with the calming supplements? The stable that I am keeping her is worried that the weaving might "spread" like the plague. I told them that I didn't think so... this was something she did out of anxiety and other healthy horses are not likely to take up this crazy habit. But I thought I would throw the quetion out there to you. So my questions is two fold...any success with calming supplements in general and for weaving? Does weaving spread? Thanks!

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  • I sold an item on Craigslist... it worked... nearly a month later she says it doesn't work...?

    We sold a used mobility scooter that was advertised as "like new condition" because we never used the scooter. We bought it for my Father in law before he passed away and he didn't get a chance to use it. It is clearly marked in the ad that we had the scooter for over two years and that it was driven by my members of the family to ensure that it worked. We never said no warranty or as is in the ad. (I kind of assumed that that was implied when buying on Craigslist). A month later she says it no longer works and that the unit was tampered with and she wants her money back because it isn't NEW. The RUB is that she talked with a discount scooter place that said they would sell her a brand new one for $100 less than our used scooter. So I think she is having a case of buyers remorse and wants to get her money back so that she can buy the new scooter. We offered to look at the scooter and try and fix it, but we are not taking it back. So now she is threatening small claims court. Anyone else been taken to small claims?

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  • We have a 1996 Plymouth Voyager, the windshield wipers only work when you depress the cleaning fluid button?

    The wipers have always been a little flaky. Sometimes they would just come on when the car was turned on. The car has been sitting for the last six months, and now the wipers don't work at all. They only work when you press the button for the cleaning fluid. I checked the fuses, swapped the relays, I don't hear the motor coming on and off... I have researched and heard that the ground may need to be checked or the multi function switch itself is broken or the big ticket item the Body Control Motor? Anyone had a similar issues? What was the fix? (I know... what fixed yours may or may not fix mine... just doing some research.)

    Thanks... and suggestions to buy a new car... just not helpful at this time. ;-)

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  • Anyone have a single axle horse trailer?

    I am looking for a light weight horse trailer to pull with my chevy Tahoe. It has 1/2 ton suspension, so it can haul a pretty good sized two horse trailer, but I have an opportunity to buy a single axle two horse. Has anyone hauled with one? Are they safe? What are the pros and cons?

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  • Does $13,000 seem resonable for an electric heat pump (complete system) installation in Washington State?

    We have a heat pump system in our house, but the heat pump is now leaking and so it is time to replace. We got an "off the cuff" estimate of $8,000 and thought THAT was outrageous. Then we had a reputable company come in and give us an estimate for a system that qualifies for the new tax credit, and we got an estimate of $13,000 AFTER a 10% discount from the company and the $1,500 credit? We live in Western Washington, I am just curious if anyone else has had one installed and how much it cost. The salesman told me that roughly 1/2 of the fee is for the installation. Bare in mind... we have a complete heat pump system already installed.


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  • I am thinking of becoming a surrogate mother for my sister and brother in law...?

    But I have a few questions.

    First, I just had a baby 4 months ago and I don't know how long you have to wait. I will be breastfeeding my son until he is a year old.

    Second, what are the steps involved? I know that she is going through IVF right now, and I know you have to have daily injections for up to 14 weeks, but what are the other procedures? I am not ovulating right now because of breastfeeding, does that make it more ideal?

    I have had two beautiful healthy little boys. I would love so much for them to have a child. They have been trying for 14 years, and I think the last miscarriage really has destroyed her. They will be great parents.

    Thanks... I would love to hear your experiences using a surrogate or as a surrogate.

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  • Taking an unscientific poll....?

    So I am set to be induced on Friday. I am 41 weeks pregnant, my cervix is soft but not yet dilated and at my last appointment I was 70% effaced. I was induced with my first pregnancy. At the time I was 3 cm dilated and I don't recall effaced. I was in labor for 21 hours with 1 hour of hard labor... pushing.

    For those that have been pregnant twice and induced twice, was the second time a lot quicker?

    I have a bunch of neurotic family members that are afraid they will miss the blessed event... and I have NO idea how long it will take. I assume it will be quicker, but how much quicker I have no idea.


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  • A glass of wine and a hot bath to induce labor?

    I am not saying that I am going to do this... but I have had several people tell me that this is what their doctor recommended. Right now I am past due, I went to the birth center because I have been having pretty intense contractions, and they sent me home because my cervix is STILL not dilated. They monitored me and the baby for an hour and during that time, not one contraction.

    We go get in the car to leave, and they start up again. So my mom is convinced that it is related to my stress level and that until I relax the baby will not drop down and will not engage. (When the nurse checked my cervix, the baby literally moved back UP.) So he is not helping, he is floating around in there and not putting a lot of pressure on the cervix to help it dilate.

    I seem to get the contractions most intensely when I am relaxing, laying down, etc. So my thought is if I can spend some extended period of time relaxed that he will relax, settle down into the birth canal, and help my body dilate.

    Any thoughts? BTW... this is my second pregnancy. My first I was induced and it was a 21 hour labor. I don't want to be induced again.

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  • How did your water break?

    I am 40 weeks preggo and the baby dropped but then he crawled back up high into my ribs. So until he drops down again, doc doesn't think I will make to much progress. At my last appt I was 70% effaced and just a finger tip dilated. At this point, my hope is that my water breaks. How did your water break? This is my second... first time I was induced so they broke my water.

    Were you doing anything... sleeping... recovering from a spicy meal? HELP! I am getting desperate! ;-)

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  • My fillies hocks are soft and this normal?


    My 1 1/2 year old Friesian filly's hocks are soft and spongie. They look slightly swollen, but she doesn't seem to be favoring or moving funny. They have been this way for a while. Is this normal? This is my first Friesian, I don't recall having this problem with my paint or QH fillies.

    Is this normal? Is it a sign we should have the vet out to check her out?


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  • I am looking for a good driving bit for my Welsh Pony...?

    We are just starting to train our Welsh pony to drive. We have been doing a lot of ground driving, practice shafts, and pulling a tire. So far I have been using a normal snaffle, but I need to find a good driving bit. My son rides her in a snaffle (although I think we might switch to a snaffle kimberwick for riding). What would be a good driving bit? She has always been worked in a snaffle, but when she puts her mind to it she can plow right through the snaffle. I would like to find a low or no port driving bit that will give me good control and not freak her out.

    What bits do you use with your ponies?

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  • Has anyone used Remission or Quiessence horse supplements?

    I have a high strung Arabian gelding that is somewhat on the "chunky" side, lets say he is a really really easy keeper! He is also high strung. He is the only Arab that I have or ever have had and I have attributed his behavior to his breed. The other day a friend was on a trail ride and one of her friends has been giving her horse Quiessence for weight control and being high strung. I am curious if any of you have used either of these products and what you thought. At .50 a day it really begins to add up. Especially when you add it to his .75 for glucosamine and other vitamins.


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  • Has anyone taken the anti-nausea pill?

    My doctor gave me a prescription for the anti-nausea pill. I took my first one and I am getting a headache. I still have the nausea and the headache. Anyone else have any experience with this pill?


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  • Just curious... did any of you ride while you were pregnant?

    I am 14 weeks pregnant with my second child. Both of my doctors have said it is absolutely OK if I ride while pregnant. I am an experienced horse person and I ride sane and steady horses in an arena only. I am not showing yet, and aside from horrible morning sickness and fatigue I feel fine. I am curious if any of you rode while pregnant and how long?

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  • What is the difference between the 2007 dressage test intro B and the 2008 test intro B?

    Obviously I am new to dressage. My horse has schooled and competed to level 2-3. But I want to do a dressage schooling show in October. I see that I can buy the tests for $25 online, but when I watch You Tube it looks like there is no difference between 2007 and 2008 tests. (At least for the Intro Level B test). Does anyone know? Thanks!

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  • What kind of halter should I get for my Friesian-Aztec cross?

    I want to take my yearling Friesian Filly to a schooling show this year. Typically they show them in white halters or bridles, but this is a mixed breed show. What kind of halter would you choose? She is jet black with NO white. Looks just like a purebred. Western Show... English Bridle...Plain Leather? Help! ;-)

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  • I am ten weeks pregnant and I swear I can feel the baby move... Is this possible?

    I can't remember the first time I felt my son move. But this has the same feeling... fluttering and light. I am not gassy or having indigestion. Can you feel it this early?

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  • Seven Weeks pregnant... and morning sickness is awful.?

    Hi, I am in my seventh week of pregnancy and my morning sickness is getting worse and worse. This is my second pregnancy, first one did not have any morning sickness. I have tried ginger, bread, crackers, etc... Nothing is working. Will exercise help?

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  • I just had my first ultrasound and the baby's HB is only 117?

    Based upon the calculations of the doctor I should be 7 weeks on the dot, I know this is incredibly inaccurate. The doctor said I am definately not at 7 weeks... I am somewhere in the sixth week. He didn't say anything, but I knew the heart beat should be around 130 to 150 BPM and it was only 117. I asked him if it was low, and he said yes but they aren't concerned unless it is under a 100. So I have an appt for next week.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I know everyone is different, but I hate the waiting! Thanks! ;-)

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