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  • Violated parole for crime from childhood: back to YA or to prison?

    I recently found out my ex-fiance tested positive for methamphetamines and was reincarcerated.

    He was originally adjudicated for attempted murder when he was 17, and put in California Youth Authority. He was released at 21 and put on parole until the age of 25. He violated it at age 23.

    Now, we're having a really hard time finding his instituion,a nd it was suggested that perhaps he went back to the same youth program he was on parole from?

    So if you're no longer a minor and violate parole from a youth you go to regular prison or a special program?

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  • In the finale of Ugly Betty what song are Betty, Mark and Amanda dancing to at the going away party?

    I hear lyrics about "the city lights were fireflies from here to the edge of town", it's fast-paced. I can't find any accurate results through Google. It's when Amanda runs up and goes "I looove this soong!!"

    Male singer, sounds a bit like Vampire Weekend to me. Anyone know?

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  • In the finale of Ugly Betty, what song are Betty, Amanda and Mark dancing to at her going away party?

    I hear lyrics about "the city lights were fireflies from here to the edge of town", it's fast-paced. I can't find any accurate results through Google. Anyone know?

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  • What is this short film about homosexual brothers who commit suicide?

    In the short film, which I found online, two brothers develop an incestuous relationship. Their parents discover them, they run away and go to a hotel, where they commit suicide by handcuffing themselves underwater in the hotel pool.

    What is the name of this film, and where can I find it online?

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  • Why can't people download my music from MySpace?

    I put my single up on MySpace, and selected "Allow people to download this song".

    But with the new player, when I look at the site, there's no button to download it! No one has been able to.

    Did they remove that? And if so, why does it still ask me to select "Allow Downloads"?

    And if not, how can they download it?

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  • disneyland admission price?

    how much tomorrow?

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  • disneyland admission price?

    how much tomorrow?

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  • Paid in moneygram, no taxes withheld...trouble brewing?

    I work 24 hrs a week at $9 an hour doing charity fundraising. I am married to a military serviceman, and I believe claimed 0 allowances (no dependants, claimed as dependant by husband only) though I may have entered 1 for my spouse. Either way, a maximum of 1.

    I worked at this company in '05, and we received a standard looking paycheck that did have taxes withheld, and listed what was taken in SS, state, etc.

    Now, we are being paid in Longs moneygrams, and there is no tax withheld.

    Is this legal? Are they just expecting me to total and save my own taxes to pay next April, or is this as fishy as it smells to me? My roommate's paycheck was the same; moneygram, no taxes.

    This is my first paycheck from them, could I potentially find myself in trouble with the IRS? And if there is a rat, what should I do about it?

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  • How do I start therapy at Kaiser?

    Do I just call the Psychology department and schedule an appointment? I don't know who I'd be scheduling it with. How do I choose which therapist I see, if I can? Is there some place I can get some sort of introduction to the different staff thee and see who I click with?

    I have Kaiser insurance, and I know I can start any day I want to and it's covered and all that...I just have no idea where to start. I don't want to pour my heart out to a name drawn out of a hat.

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  • If a jerk buys you chocolates...?

    If a jerk buys you chocolates to win back your good favor and make you forgive him, and you don' you still get to eat the chocolates?

    They're Godiva.

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  • The Time Traveler's Wife: Abridged or unabridged, which is better?

    I love audiobooks, and I have a credit to spend on I'm looking at The Time Traveler's Wife for my next book...but they have two versions, abridged and unabridged. The unabridged is a whopping 5 hours longer!

    However, one complaint I've heard with the story is that it gets a bit boring with details. So I don't know whether to get the longer one, risking not liking it for boredom, or to get the abridged and possibly miss out and a better version.

    Has anyone listened/read either or both, and which would you recommend?

    Also, can you recommend any other good Audiobooks?

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  • Does anyoen with social anxiety/paranoia have ideas to help me calm down now?

    my husband just called and told me there's a big party at some restaurant tongiht to celebrate his favorite NCO's leaving.....i have to be ready in about 4 hours ot leave, i have no clean clothes i need a shower i look a mess i just gained five pounds this past week from binging....and i have to go impress his superiors and his friends. i know i sounds stupid, and i should know i dont have to but...god, im sitting here crying and hyperbentilating...I have very bad social paranoia, and it's freaking me out....what;s worse it it;sat a RESTAURANT. they willl want me ot eat and I can't eat in forn of them especially not an itian restaurant, all the food is so messy and i look like a pig. m,y typing is horrible right now, i know, i'm really osrry, just.....does anyone else who can sympathize have any tips or ways to calm down now? I KNOW i shouldn't be so stressed but this is terrible.

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  • Why do even devout Christians not follow the Bible, only parts they like?

    To begin with, this is not some Athiest trying to piss off religious people. It's a genuine question that I would like an answer to. I'm very interested in theology and am always looking for good, intelligent opinions on the issues seen concerning the bible.

    Now then.

    Leveticus quotes that homosexuality is an abomination, and many religious people are quick to throw this around. But it also states that shaving is a sin, as is eating pork, wearing polyester, and having a vegetable garden.

    It also says that God commands mildewy clothing to be burned and adulterers to be stoned and cut off from their people. The breaking of some of these results in death or excommunication.

    But of course, these sins are commited daily across the board.

    I wonder, is there something I missed that states these are no longer sins? Or are they just sins people have decided to commit anyways, not following the word of God?

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  • My husband wants children, but he hates them!?

    Well, not hates...but doesn't much like.

    We are a very young couple, he now is only 20. We don't plan on having kids for some years yet, but we are talking about it, and the question has come up whether I want to have them at all.

    You see, he doesn't like children. At our reception, I tried to introduce him to my beautiful little "nephew" Christian, who's 1. He literally backed up and said, "Uh....okay. It's a kid." He refused to touch him like the baby was the plague!

    However, he claims it's because he doesn't like kids who aren't his. But he doesn't have any, so to me this just says he doesn't like kids. I feel he wants children more as a trophy, or for the sake of having some perfect family, than he does because he wants to be a father. When I told him I didn't want to have children with him until he grew to like them and want to raise the, he gets super pissed.

    Am I overreacting here? Do many guys act this way, but still be good fathers?

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  • Do you think Elf sperm tastes the same as Human sperm?

    P.S. Nate loves Elf sperm.

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  • If evolution is such a crock, how do you explain Ethnicities?

    This is for believers of the Adam and Eve theory.

    4 AnswersZoology1 decade ago