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Have lived and worked in Japan for 20 years.

  • Outside lights have electrical current leak, will this DIY check work?

     About 8 years ago I got about 15 plastic lanterns and a photocell light timer from the hardware store to put out in my back yard. I put in small 5 watt, led bulbs in the lanterns and then ran wires up to the timer which had 6 outlets. I confess,I used some really thin wire ( bell cord)  for all the lights.Yeah...probably not a good idea. None of the wires are underground. They all run along fence posts etc.  So last week I had a guy out who was doing a free safety check for electricity and he tells me after shutting off all the breakers that there is a "current leak". After 20 minutes of me running around plugging/unplugging things we soon discover that the "leak" is coming from the cable to the light timer. Its not much...but its constant. Like 2 watts or less? So because I'm the idiot who wired up all the lights, I have to find out whats leaking. The timer? one of the Lights has exposed wires? the plastic on the wires may have come off somewhere?  Some friends gave me the following suggestions....but I dont know if they will really work or not? 

    1. Pull the breaker and then plug only the timer in. From the wall outlet, separate the wires to the timer and use a clamp meter and test for current flow. Slowly plug in each light and see if there is any draw.

    2. Go to the hardware store and get a single breaker. Leave breaker in the house on but run a plug from the outlet to the single breaker, then to the timer. Shut off that breaker and test for current flow as in step 1.

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  • How to attach something to Corrugated metal and not leave gaps behind it?

    I recently built a shed and put up corrugated metal walls. The type of metal I'm using has no flat surfaces. Lots of "hills and valleys" if you know what I mean. I want to attach an outside light and a few other things the outside but in doing so there will be lots of "gaps" behind it. Perfect for bugs/dirt etc. I could put in tons of silicone sealant..but it seems such a waste. Is there a company/product/piece of wood or plastic that I can mount to the light and then have it fit perfectly into the wavy pattern of the metal?

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  • Where do I find info about an antique Columbia record player?

    I bought an173 COLUMBIA 333 radio & STEREO PHONIC vacuum tube record player from a flea market..but I can find almost nothing about it....except a few photos. I'd love to find a manual or something about the electronics/tubes inside.Yes, it does work.

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  • Buying a decent air compressor for light sand blasting. Are these specs ok?

    I'm interested in getting my first sand blaster...but have no idea where to start. I know that CFM and PSI are important. I am doing things like removing rust from small cast iron pieces and paint from aluminum. I cant go big budget. One I am looking at is about 4.38 CFM at about 110 PSI. Is that enough for simple stuff? Are there other numbers I should pay attention to? I can really only afford to get a compressor that runs off standard, wall outlet electricity.

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  • What size air compressor is best for a basic sand blaster and cabinet?

    I'm looking into buying a sand blaster for the first time (rust removal off old iron tools) and I was interested in getting one of those big, red sandblasting cabinets. The cabinet instructions say you need a minimum of 5 horse power to run it. Can you use a smaller compressor? 5 seems a bit much. I was looking more like a 15 gallon with about a 60psi rating.

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  • Is the Japanese "Elder Scrolls Obivion" for PS3 in English?

    Quite a few of my Japanese PS3 games seem to have English on them. How about Oblivion? Anyone have the game?

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