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  • What music would you/ did you play at your wedding?

    I don't have any plans for a wedding any time soon, but I know that (if my spouse wants it as well) I would love to have the ballad from Holst's Jupiter playing as I walk down the aisle! 

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  • Is it normal to occasionally have intrusive thoughts?

    I tried googling it but all of the web md pages told me it was OCD and while I suppose that could be true it seems more likely it's not that bad? I don't want to assume the worst. These thoughts come out of nowhere and can be weird, sometimes disturbing and just very unpleasant. It's not frequent. Do any of you experience intrusive thoughts and is it a legitimate mental disorder or normal? Thanks

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  • Would you pay $65 to get a 2 minute video chat with a celebrity?

    I just came across this opportunity and I want to know if it's a scam or worth it. The celebrity is someone I'm a big fan of, but it feels odd to pay 70 bucks just to have a 2 minute chat with someone. Your input?

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  • What will replace religion?

    It's been predicted that in about 180-250 years religion in first world/ developed countries will be almost completely eradicated. 

    Today, many rely on it for fulfillment as well as comfort.

    Will the majority just accept the bleak reality suggested by science as fact or resort to some other tactic to cope? 

    My input: Other tactics possibly being spirituality or science- inspired religions (like Scientology) 

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  • DEBATE: Do you believe in God?

    For this debate, let's rely on what we know to be true (no emotions).

    I was raised Catholic and struggled deeply with it for most of my adolescence. I couldn't form a bond with God and any bond I formed I could easily explain by the elaborate delusions our minds can conjure. It really does seem that the bible was used as a way to explain what we didn't have the science to prove back in the day. For example take Isaiah 24:1 and Mathew 4:8 (The Earth is flat) or

    Samuel 2:8 (The Earth rests on pillars) or

    Joshua 10:13 (The sun goes around the Earth)

    Most believe everything the Bible says to be the literal truth. I don't see how they can defend that viewpoint looking at these facts. Being raised Catholic, I was taught that the bible writers wrote everything God directly told them to write. Surely an all-powerful, all-intelligent being could observe that The Earth orbits the sun? It truly seems that Christianity (and all religions for that matter) were created not only as a way to explain the ways of the natural world, but to maintain control and to be a coping mechanism for death. The threat of burning for all of eternity keeps people in line. Believing death is not the end surely gives people more purpose and causes them to not fear death.

    That's all I have. I'm not trying to force my viewpoint on you, but only to explain it and I ask that you explain your viewpoint down below.

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  • Do you believe life has no meaning?

    I'm not looking for a debate, just a poll. Personally, after years of struggling to fit in with religion, I've decided it's just not for me. I need facts and evidence, and religion simply doesn't have that. Religion works as a way to give people meaning/ purpose and I've always been jealous of that, to a degree. I don't think life has any meaning. I think it's insignificant, short and fleeting, and should be cherished, not spent terrified of the absurd thought of life after death and what lies there.

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  • POLL: What's your dream car?

    I've always been a fan of the '57 Thunderbird

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