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  • Is anybody interested in joining an nba sim league?

    What you do here is you take an nba team and you try and make trades and signings to lead your team to the championship. Its like fantasy basketball but a lot better. The league is very active also, so it will be a lot of fun if you join. When you join, you will start out in a sort of d-league with customized rosters, and if you do well you can move up to the real league ( If you need any help signing up, I'm pretty sure you can send me some kind of message by clicking on my profile, or you should be able to figure it oout. In the d-league I am the Miami Heat, and in the higher league I am the Hornets. Ask away if you have any questions.

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  • New Orleans Saints Re-Draft?

    I am in an nfl sim league and have two questions.

    First, the league is simmed through a yahoo dynasty league, so do u just start like 2 defensive ends or 1 right DE and 1 left DE?

    Second answer should be based off of first

    we are redoing the nfl draft, and I am debating between drafting Derrick Morgan and Brandon Graham, so who should i take

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  • Samsung Eternity Main Menu?

    I just got a samsung eternity, and i was wondering if it was possible to put more apps on the main page, like mail or media net, or if you can only put the apps that come on the side bar. thanks

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  • Questions about Verizon?

    I have 3 questions about the Verizon cell phone provider.

    1. Does Verizon have any good touch screen phones with free internet?

    2. Does the Blackberry Storm have free internet?

    3. If you switch providers, is their any way to keep your number?

    And just a general question, Is free internet on a cell phone called wi-fi or 3g? I am always confused about this.

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  • Pokemon Shiny Gold (easy best answer)?

    I am playing pokemon shiny gold on no$gba. Whenever i go to fly though, it will only give me two or three options for where I can fly. I can't fly to the city of the 8th gym or indigo plateau at all. If somebody knows how to fix this or can even tell me what is going wrong, I will give them best answer.

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  • SVR 09 Tag Team Finishers?

    In Svr 09, I created a tag team. How do I give them a tag team finisher. Just for those of you who are curious, my tag team is John Morrison and Festus.

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  • Evgeni Mankoff or Alex Ovechkin?

    I pick 2nd in my league, and I know the person who is going first is getting Crosby.

    Who should I get first

    Mankoff or Ovechkin

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  • Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremony Songs?

    I am having my Bar Mitzvah soon, and I am having trouble thinking of songs for the candle lighting ceremony.

    give 1 to 3 song ideas for each

    Mom and dad

    Aunt, uncle, and cousins

    dads family


    extended family

    friends of mom

    great aunt

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  • Hard Riddle?

    Two competing jockeys rode aimlessly for a long time. They spoke to a wise man, but he did not say much. Then they began riding at full gallop to the finish. What were they doing and what did the wise man say?

    they were riding horses

    the race had started when they were riding aimlessly

    the race was not fixed

    jockeys could have gone to finish before wise men had spoke to them

    no other jockeys

    the wise man did not tell them where to go

    time period is irrelevant

    what is the answer????

    found this on debate site

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  • Night of Champions Spoiler / Top Contributor?

    I am wrestlings newest top contibutor


    I also read smackdown and ecw spoilers for next week and two weeks from now

    here are the matches that are happening at Night of champions I found out in spoilers

    tell me who you think will win

    Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Miz and Morrison

    Unfortunately, I think Miz and Morrison will retain

    Matt vs. Chavo

    I think Matt will retain also

    Batista beat Khali in a match so he could fight at night of champions (if he lost he would have to leave wwe)

    Batista vs. Edge

    Edge will probably retain

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  • Predictions?

    there is a great website to make wrestling predictions, and you don't need any personal information other than your e-mail address

    here is the link

    WQ: Who is fighting Morrison and the Miz for the titles Tuesday?

    WQ2: Who agrees that that Michelle Mccool will be the first divas champion?

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  • And The winner of the wwe tournament is?

    By a score of 4-1


    also question

    What is happening on ecw tonight

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  • the true finals to the wwe tournament?

    hbk vs. the undertaker

    last 2 in rumble 07

    first he** in a cell match

    hbk eliminated taker in rumble 08

    casket match

    so much anger

    5 matches

    1st is regular

    2nd is over the top rope

    3rd is casket

    4th is 60 minute iron man

    5th is he** in a cell

    i pick taker to win them all

    each match will be in a seperate category (the match type)

    The person who wins the most categories is your winner

    if you only say 1 person then it goes for every match

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  • WWE Tournament FINAL ROUND... or is it?

    Triple H vs. HBK Three stages of He**

    I am going to say that Triple H wins in this rematch

    Write back in one person you think got out unfairly and you want to fight the winner of this match

    It will be one of these 2 people's specialty matches

    HBK - ladder match

    HHH - Hardcore Match

    Here is the List

    John Cena

    Jeff Hardy

    Matt Hardy





    Big Show

    Rey Mysterio

    Randy Orton



    CM Punk

    The Great Khali

    Kofi Kingston


    And I choose the UNDERTAKER to write back in

    How could he lose to Matt Hardy

    because not enough of YOU voted

    we need more votes

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  • WWE tournament round 4?

    eliminated: Matt Hardy, John Cena (Thank You), Jeff Hardy, and Batista

    HBK vs. Kane Casket Match

    Kane wins

    Triple H vs. Kofi no holds barred

    Triple H wins

    these are only one vote each

    answer now

    to decide best wrestler in wwe

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  • WWE tournament round 3 - more votes!!!?

    eliminated: undertaker, y2j, edge, big show, rey mysterio, festus, jbl

    do you see what happens when enough people don't vote

    every match will be special this time

    Matt Hardy deserves he** for beating the undertaker, and michaels is awesome in 60 minute iron man matches


    Matt Hardy vs. HBK he** in a cell 60 minute iron man match

    HBK wins

    Kane vs. Cena is harder to decide

    I never liked Cena, so I will do a match for Kane

    Kane vs. Cena Inferno match

    Kane wins

    Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy will be a good match

    They are awesome with weapons


    Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy hardcore match

    Triple H wins

    Batista vs. Kofi is the hardest to decide

    Kofi is a high flyer, and Batista is pretty good in cages


    Batista vs. Kofi Steel Cage match

    Kofi wins

    remember, these are only my opinions

    you're votes count also

    vote now

    decide the best wrestler in the wwe

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  • WWE Tournament Round 2?

    In the case of a tie, who I said is the winner

    Eliminated: Mike Knox, Mark Henry, John Morrison, Elijah Burke, Tommy Dreamer, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Vladimir Kozlov, The Miz, Finlay, Randy Orton, CM Punk, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, The Great Khali, and Chavo Guerrero

    Undertaker vs. matt hardy = undertaker

    HBK vs. Y2J = HBK

    Kane vs. Edge = Kane

    John Cena vs. Big Show = Big Show

    Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio = Triple H

    Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy = Jeff Hardy

    Batista vs. Festus = Batista

    Kofi Kingston vs. JBL = Kofi Kingston

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  • wwe tournament round 1?

    each day i will make the next round

    my votes will count

    here are the matches and my predictions (which WILL count)

    Undertaker vs. mike knox = undertaker

    Mark henry vs. matt hardy = matt

    Shawn Michaels vs. john Morrison = michaels

    Chris Jericho vs. Elijah burke = jericho

    Kane vs. tommy dreamer = kane

    Edge. Vs. carlito = edge

    John cena vs. Shelton Benjamin = cena

    Big show vs. Vladimir kozlov = big show

    Triple h vs. the miz = triple h

    Finlay vs. rey mysterio = mysterio

    Randy orton vs. umaga = umaga

    Jeff hardy vs. cm punk = jeff

    Batista vs. mvp = batista

    Festus vs. mr. kennedy = festus

    The great khali vs. kofi Kingston = kofi

    Jbl vs. chavo guerrero = jbl

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  • Finland code?

    If you wanted to call Helsinki in finland, what digits would you dial before the number

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  • smackdown vs. raw 2008?

    How do you win a last man standing match in smackdown vs. raw 2008. I know that in the wwe to win you have to make them not get up by 10 count, but they do not count in game. Help!

    4 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago