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  • Are Indian news channel reporters getting commission from political parties?

    Should we trust Indian news TV channels or not

    There are now many times we found them getting sponsored by political leaders. All news channel have their own political lords.

    Should we watch doordharshan news as we lost hope on private media which is sold and full of spice and nothing

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism9 months ago
  • Why is Google so lame and greedy?

    This Google Android is full of crap and worse. My experience with windows is far better. Please tell me if I am wrong give me informative answers of these following statement

    1. Why is play store only installing apps not downloading simultaneously at same time. I mean it's waste of time what's the meaning of fast processors and 8 gigs of ram when you can't install and download at same time. In windows it's possible

    2. Why we need to restart smartphone for its or version upgrade I mean it can be done in background. In windows it's possible

    3. Why is multitasking so much confusing in Google you can't do much multitasking in smartphone even with dual screen you need special app or other Rog phones to play games otherwise it's lame to think multitasking

    4. Why is Google so cheap, Google started Google treble project now there are no upgrade still today my friend has iPhone 7 and still he gets the latest OS updates it's so stupid that we have to buy smartphone every few years for new version updates.

    1 AnswerGoogle9 months ago
  • Why is dissociative identity disorder so bizzare?

    I read some it. It's because of trauma in early childhood. At early age of 6 to eight I don't think any child know what is sex so how are alter formed. When they themselves don't know the meaning even our speech and thinking gets better after 12 years age how are they able to understand right and wrong. There are many children living in war and so much abused but don't suffer DID which tells us that again we didn't had that knowledge of sex it came later as we understood it. So the question is how is it formed or is it just a false statement

    1 AnswerPsychology10 months ago
  • Why GTA IV lags on my intel uh 630?

    I know it's old game but it's better because of its physics GTA v is fun but reality is GTA IV nobody can deny. I am using core i3 4 GB ram intel uhd 630 but it lags on medium settings

    Recommended setting on system setting says you can check out at

    I want to know Nvidia 8600 gt is old graphic card even benchmark test say intel uhd 630 is true beast and outperform Nvidia 8600 GT.

    I have quad core i3


    4 GB ram

    2 GB recommend

    Intel uhd 630

    Nvidia 8600 GT recommend


    See I got above specifications over recommend specs so my game should be lag free then why is it lagging

    I got latest patch did command line but still lags

    How was GTA IV able to run smoothly on those older system and giving lags in above specs system.

  • Which is better real octa core cpu or quad core with hyperthreading?

    I am asking which is better a octa core 8 real cores or a quad core with hyperthreading.

    Tech nerds say hyperthreading is better but I believe real octa core without hyperthreading is better than quad core with hyperthreading.

    Please tell me if I am right or wrong.

    And also tell me do I need hyperthreading If I already have octa core cpu.

    6 AnswersOther - Hardware12 months ago
  • Ethical question right or wrong give me answer?

    Let's take an example. Suppose there is a big MNC company with multiple emplo working together, let's say in one section or branch of that company 10 people work together. 

    Suppose a senior person takes drugs which is approved and asks others to supply him, is it correct to supply drugs to senior or not.

    Remember it's a all a ethics questions only example

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics12 months ago
  • Why developers are not porting pc games for android?

    I mean there are only some pc ported games for Android like GTA San Andreas rockstar gave most pc ported games other are like NFS but they are just something else not pc ported type. We have to use pspp player to play pc games but many don't work and we need a additional controller for playing game which is difficult, games like pubg are also there.

    My question is why there are thousands of old era games which can run smoothly on Android smartphone even GTA IV too. But there are none. There are not much pc ports are there. Can anyone tell developers to give pc port games, any developer giving free pc ported games, once all old era pc games are ported we will be carrying Xbox in hands. And yes steam service is there but needs high connection and what if offline any chance

    2 AnswersPC12 months ago
  • How is windows pirated different from original?

    Windows original and pirated difference is only product key, I believe cracks include bulk product keys used for mass schools and offices purchased by companies. So they are original in that sense. If the cracked is pirated then windows should should show pirated not original and it also give automatic updates.

    So the question is what's the difference in original and pirated when Microsoft themselves can't difference between two things. 

    4 AnswersSoftware12 months ago
  • Is Google fuchsia is genesis, the upcoming future in reality?

    Is Google fuchsia the next genesis of real life like in terminator genesis. Opposite to skynet, fuchsia will help the humankind. The Google fuchsia has many features of skynet for example direct connection with laptop, pc, smartphone and car too, Google already got self driving car and it's project like real life machine animals are helping American military to go in extreme terrains. Is Google the ultimate genesis, world will not end but get better, what do you think

    Google12 months ago